This is a definite AU, Yuugi hasn't even attended school yet, he is home-schooled by his mother. I have yet to see a Yu-Gi-Oh! fic like this one out there.

Summery: Mutou Yuugi has never been out side for most of his short life. His mother, a very over-protective woman, watches his every move and never allows him to leave the house. But, when he finally befriends a group of high-school students he discovers that freedom comes with a price.

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Jounochi, Anzu and Honda had walked by the same game shop everyday after school for as long as anyone of them could remember but none of them ever noticed the sorrowful violet eyes of the boy that lived there who watched them everyday.

"Mother, why can't I go to school like all of the other children?" Young Mutou Yuugi asked his only parent as he watched the laughing trio stroll by. He lived with his mother and grandfather in the upper floor of the game shop they all ran together. Unfortunately his grandfather was away for a majority of the time, hunting for artifacts in the sands of Egypt.

"I've explained it to you several times before Yuugi, we can't risk your health. The world is a deadly place." It was the same answer he always received, never different in all the years he had queried. It seemed to Yuugi that life had changed dramatically ever since his father had died of a deadly virus that his grandfather said came from poking around in the tombs of the departed pharaohs of an Egypt long past. And the fact that he had always been small for his age had never helped anything, his mother was convinced he would die of some deadly disease before he was sixteen. Yuugi sighed.

"But I want to go outside." His mother pulled him into a warm embrace.

"I know you do, but you've always been a fragile child, try to understand." It wasn't that the boy didn't want to understand, he loved his mother very much and always wanted to please her, but that still didn't stop the longing. The wish to feel the cool breeze play across his features, the smell of the fresh air, the cold patter of rain on his face. It had been so many years since he had seen the sun without looking through the clear glass of his bedroom window. He looked at his mother's back as she walked away with his dirty socks, just another day at the game shop.

"Now to work on my treasure." He whispered, almost unable to contain himself. It was not often he got to work on it, his mother watched him like a hawk, but the rare moments when he did were sure bliss. He gingerly took the gold-plated box out of its hiding place, the secret drawer under his desk, and carefully slid the fragile lid away from the shimmering pieces. The orange rays of the sun bounced off each piece sending a myriad of colors in each direction, even though this must have been the hundredth time it was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He picked up the first golden bit and held it in his fingers, enjoying the warmth it seemed to emanate.

It was a puzzle, one from ancient Egypt, the reason his mother could never see it. On the box was an inscription, embossed in the gold: Something you have seen, but cannot see. It was decorated in the ancient form of writing, the hieroglyphs spelling out deadly warnings, or so his grandfather, the one who had given him the puzzle, said. Another reason his mother could not know of it. He slowly took out another piece, snapping the two together with a soft kachink. Next to the box lay his Duel Monster cards, another gift from his grandfather and the best deck in the world as far as Yuugi was concerned.


It didn't matter so much that he wasn't allowed to play with the other kids that walked so merrily down his street, as long as he had his deck and his treasure.


The heart of the cards, his grandfather always told him to believe in the heart of the cards. Believe in the heart of the cards, it will help you win any duel, he said. And Yuugi did.


Yuugi hadn't played in a while but before his grandfather had left for his last big trip they had held a tournament, just the two of them, and Yuugi had won every single round, even the rematches, of which there had been at least four. Neither had wanted it to end but his grandfather had to catch his plane.

Kachink, snap, clunk.

He set the puzzle down, not wanting to leave it, but his mother was calling him down for dinner.

"Goodbye puzzle," he whispered fondly, "I'll finish you tonight, I promise." He placed the pieces back into their silent tomb and gently put it back in its drawer.

"Yuugi! Time for dinner!"

"I'm coming!" He ran down the stairs, forgetting his mother's constant warnings about running, and sure enough he tripped. His mother heard the thump his body made as it hit the wood floor and came running.

"Yuugi? Oh Yuugi, I told you not to run, are you all right?" She lifted him off the floor and cradled him in her lap.

"I'm fine mother, really." He said though his knee was bleeding from where he had caught it on the last step. It stung but not enough to cause him any tears.

"You're cut, that's far from fine." Insisting on carrying him to the bathroom she literally poured on the disinfectant, causing Yuugi more pain then the actual scratch, then liberally wrapped it in white gauze. When she was done Yuugi could barely bend his knee.

"Do you think you could take off a layer mother? I can't bend my leg." Stupid question.

"Of course not, it will prevent infection if it is kept clean and wrapped."

"But it's cutting off the cir-"

"That's enough arguing Yuugi, no chances, you know that. Now come on, your dinner's getting cold."

Dinner was the same as usual, perfectly proportioned with everything a growing boy would need. Breakfast and lunch were that way as well. All health food, and Yuugi hated every bit if it. The only reason he forced it down his throat was because it would worry his mother into a frenzy if he didn't. And it had been that way for thirteen years.

Finally his mother allowed him to shove his plate away, he was still hungry but not hungry enough to eat another helping of rabbit food.

"Time for your lessons."

"But mother, I've done them all already." She sighed in defeat. Yuugi was too smart for his own good, he had already finished all the tests two years ahead of where he supposed to be.

"You're right, go amuse yourself while I do the dishes. Safely." The last word was sharp and terse but Yuugi had already limped his way up to his room.

"I'm back!" He announced to the puzzle under the desk. "I'm back to finish you." The lid slid off and the few pieces left clattered onto the oak finish. "Soon now."


The rhythm of the golden bits clicking snuggly into place was music to Yuugi's ears, it wouldn't be long now, eight long years of waiting would finally be over!


"I wonder if mother will allow me to wear it when I finish?"


He paused, holding the warm weight of the chain in his hand, surveying what he had completed. "Probably not..." he murmured, noticing the sharp-edged quality. He took up another piece.


"Almost done!" He cried eagerly, picking up the final two pieces.

Kachink, kachak!

The last golden piece, a design of an eye raised on the soft metal, slipped into place.

"It's done!"

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