Elizabeth was dreaming. She was back on board the Prometheus sitting at the desk in her quarters studying the computer images of the drawings Charlie and her found in the caves. She felt strong hands on her shoulders, rubbing the tension out of her muscles and tendons. "Oh Charlie, you know the way to my heart." She closed her eyes and gave a moan of satisfaction. She smiled and touched his hands. Something was wrong. The strong, smooth hands that she was all to o familiar with were wet and rough. She opened her eyes and looked at his left hand. The hand was burnt. Charred skin with pus and blood leaked out of the appendage soaking her night gown. She stood up suddenly and turned around in shock. It was Charlie or what was left of him. His naked, burned body stood before her. His eyes were gone, replaced by dark holes leaking liquids onto the deck. Charlie lipless grinned mouth opened and he raised his burnt arm pointing to her, "You were wrong Elizabeth. More than you know. I can feel it inside me trying to get out." His words were guttural and scratchy. His body began to shake as he dropped to his knees. His chest began to rise up and down as if he was being punched from the inside out. Charlie's chest burst open and a horror rose from within. Wet with blood and gore with small razor sharp teeth. It turned to face her and let out a shriek. Elizabeth opened her mouth as if to scream, but nothing came out. She woke up screaming with David at her side shaking her. "Ms. Shaw, wake up, you're having a nightmare". She sat straight up in her makeshift bed. Her clothes and skin soaked from sweat. "Are you ok?" David asked releasing her. "Yes, yes. I'm fine. What a horrible dream. How long was I asleep?" she asked, still breathing heavily. "Not long. It has come to my attention that the ship is slowing down. We must be close to our destination." He helped her to her feet and she braced herself holding onto David's arm. "Did you check the star chart?" she asked. "Not yet, I was on my way when I heard you screaming. It must have been some nightmare." He wiped some sweat above her brow with a cloth. "It was the worst yet. Charlie was there again, but this time, this time something happened to him." Even though the memory of the nightmare was fading, she was still chilled to the bone about it. David handed her the cloth and walked to the center of the room. He manipulated the controls and the three dimensional star map surrounded him. "It looks like we are at our destination. Or close by it." David said as Elizabeth walked up next to him. "We are here, and the planet is here. The ships automatic drive slowed us down here as soon as we entered this system. Once the ship slowed down, it began sending off a signal directed to the planet. It seems as if it's an automatic signal built into the programming of the ship. I have no way of preventing it." David hit a few controls on the panel and zoomed into the ship on the display. "We are actually almost in orbit around the planet. Wait a minute. There seems to be a signal resonating from the planet's surface towards this ship." David hit more controls on the panel, but to no avail was unable to get them to work. "It seems that we are no longer in control of this vessel. It looks like something else has control." The ship shuddered and the map turned off. "Yes, it looks like we lost complete control. Well, Ms. Shaw, it looks like you are going to have the answers you seek sooner than you think. The planet is guiding the ship in. All we can do is sit back and wait." Unable to see due to the ship not having any windows Elizabeth felt trapped. She sat down on the platforms deck with her legs hanging over the edge. Well, she thought, this is it. She hasn't felt this anxious since the Prometheus touched down on LV-223. She was prepared to die, but not without getting some answers first.

The silence started to unnerve Elizabeth since the ship shut down. David packed up their belongings and she followed him to the ships entrance deep in thought. What if they killed her soon as the hatch opened? What if they didn't kill her, but experimented on her? So many thoughts that it sent shivers down her spine and caused her wound to itch. It was healing like it should, but just thinking about the monstrosity that she had pulled out of her wanted to make her gag. They stood before the hatch and waited. They waited ten minutes before Elizabeth couldn't wait anymore. "Let's open it up David. Doesn't seem like we are getting a welcome party." She said. She put on the helmet and stood back as David hit the hatch controls. The door slide open.

It was dark outside of the ship. Two moons gleamed in the sky above. Their shimmering lights beaming down on the planet's surface giving them an almost daylight view of their surroundings. It took Elizabeth's breath away. It was a city. "David, what do you think?" she asked. David looked around in astonishment. "It is fascinating. I did a scan and the planet is breathable for you. I am picking up multiple life signs, but faint. The city seems bio-organic like the ship." He pushed a few more buttons on his suit. "Elizabeth, something doesn't seem right. The life signatures should be a lot stronger for a metropolis of this size. It seems abandoned." They left the ship and headed for the first structure. The planet's surface was rocky so they had to watch their footing where they stepped. "For a home planet of our creators, it sure doesn't look like paradise." Elizabeth said. "No fauna, no water, nothing but rocks." David ran his hand over the surface of the structure. "Look at this Elizabeth, this building has something that looks like its growing over top of it." He snapped a piece of the growth of the wall and held it in his hands. "It's like some kind of organic material. A resin of some sorts not belonging to the building." It crumbles into dust in David's hand. "He looked at the other structures of the city. "It's on a few more of the buildings. It seems to seep out of them." He said pointing to the other city buildings. Elizabeth looked around at what David was referring too. "Your right, that stuff looks like it doesn't belong. Maybe it's like moss or something." David pulled another piece off the building. "It looks dead, whatever it is. Like it's been on here for awhile." He pulled a small tube from his bag and took a few more pieces of the resin and placed it in the container. "I would like to analyze this when we go back to the ship. Let's continue." They walked on through the dead city glancing at the behemoth structures. "This is unbelievable. There should be someone here. How else could the ship land at this point?" she asked. "It is quite possible that the landing was automated Elizabeth. These Engineers could possibly be extinct and there power source is still functioning. If we could find a control center, I could possibly link to it and collate for some answers." David said. "Look at that structure over there. It looks like the bay that held the ship back on LV-223. But there are seven of them. All opened except one.