He hit a few symbols on his biomechanical suit disengaging the auto lock down system of the ship. The hatch slid open and he stepped in slowly in case it was a trap. Knowing the ship couldn't fly without a pilot, he needed to find out what went on. Have they left the ship? He walked down the long passageway, checking corners just to be safe. When he arrived at the control chamber, the first thing he did was check the Deep Sleep pods. They were empty. He went past the pilot chair and went to the navigation panel. He sat in the seat and picked up the Chazar flute. Playing a few notes, the holographic map came up surrounding the chamber in a glowing, blue light. He manipulated the panel to run a trace of where the ships last point of origin was. The image traced the path from this planet to an outer rim sector planetoid. He had no recollection of that sector at all. He ran his hands once more over the controls and the holographic image disappeared. He wanted to find out who was piloting this ship, so he decided to access the ships image log. The playback was instantaneous. Grainy, holographic images started to play before him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. They looked like his kind, but were much smaller in size. There were two of them standing around in the control room. One activated the ship in the pilot chair and the other sat in the navigation chair. The image faded once the ship became activated and started to take off. These beings were of The Created. The similarity between his species and theirs was almost identical.

The Elders were in control of The Created. He knew very little of it. He did know that they were hand-picked by The Elders to be part of The Created ceremony on different worlds. It was a one way trip for them, but they and their kin received the highest honor among his people if they were chosen. That was all he knew. He was chosen as Protector, so his life focused on leading his people against the rebellion. After his people started getting killed by The Scourge, that all changed. His planet and people were decimated and he was left alone to launch the weapon to stop the monsters. If they were to get off world, trillions of The Created would become extinct.

He stopped thinking about it and focused on the images he just saw. So they are here. The one he saw speak his language is who he was interested in the most. He could find out what happened on that planet. He looked around the control room and noticed the interior design. It was a bomber. The same ship The Evil Ones used to launch The Scourge eggs onto the planet. He paused looking around the chamber and was deep in thought. Then his eyes got wide and he looked at his feet and the platform he stood on. The cargo hold was underneath. He ran with a purpose down a passageway to one of the ladder wells that descended deep into the ship to the cargo holds main entrance. He was starting to shake as he operated the panel to open the doors. A loud hum was heard and the doors began to slowly open. What he saw made his mouth drop. He blinked his eyes as if he was seeing things, and he wasn't. Before him, lay rows upon rows of eggs. There were thousands of them. The cargo hold was filled with The Scourge. He noticed the blue light that shimmered above the eggs. At least they were inside the containment barrier. He breathed a sigh of relief and was turning to leave when something caught his eye. In between one of the sections that were holding some of the eggs he saw a body. It was hard to see because of how dark it was down here, but it was lying prone between the eggs. He peered carefully over the edge to get a better look at the body and gasped at surprise. It was one of The Evil Ones of course, but what made him gasp was looking at the chest cavity. It was blown out. He was infected by the monstrosity. That's when he noticed one of the eggs next to the body was opened. He stared in horror at the scene in front of him. His thoughts dwelled on this scenario and how the same thing happened on a massive scale here. One by one his people were killed or taken by The Scourge. He remembered his kin as their mouths opened in agony as they birthed the beasts that would decimate his people. He was so deep in thought, he wasn't aware of the dark shadowy form uncurl from the wall behind him. It awoke from its hibernating slumber as soon as the giant cargo doors opened. The beast grabbed him behind the neck with such force; he dropped the cannon to the floor in shock. It turned him around and yanked his helmet off of his head. His eyes staring into the black, eyeless head, he began to kick and scream trying to get away. The creature slammed his body to the floor of the cargo hold so hard, he almost passed out. The creature knowing that it weakened its prey once again grabbed him behind the neck and carried him over to one of the eggs enclosed in the protective barrier. It forced his face down below the blue light causing a strange sound to emanate from the blue barrier. His face hovered inches from the egg as the creature secured him firmly and let out a slow hiss. By the time he started to come around from being knocked to the floor, the egg began to open. The pedals spread apart in one quick motion. Before he could scream, the creature sprung from the egg with a loud screech. And then there was darkness.