De Rand van mijn Hart

Giving Blair pleasure on Monday was enough play time to get Chuck comfortably through the next few days. Perhaps it was Blair's appointment that helped to distract his heart over his hormones for a little bit. He grew especially anxious when she wouldn't let him go up with her, determined to show him that the whole thing was for her and had little to nothing to do with him. This left him bored and particularly anxious. The newness of this experience made him face the fact that he had no idea what he was doing.

To be honest, he had felt some of this type of pressure from waiting on their blood tests before this. It wasn't the same as having bad results that could ruin their plans though. This? Blair's commitment, whether or not she tried to hide it behind her dream of Yale, made her resolution unquestionable with this one act. She wanted to be his.

It tugged on his heart and he began to wonder what she would need tonight. Time ticked by as Chuck waited in the limo, wracking his brain, trying to imagine what to do for Blair in this situation. He was so deep in thought, she very nearly startled him when she opened the door and slipped in next to him.

Taking her hand, he asked, "Tell me?"

She gave him a sweet, reassuring smile. They were already so much more than words. "I'm fine. I think laying in bed would be the most relaxing thing right now, besides the relief that it is all finally over."

Blair leaned her head on his shoulder and they spent the remainder of the journey home in a contented silence. An evening lying next to her; he could do that.

And so he did, staying with her until she was soundly asleep in her bed. It wasn't exactly easy, but he did it. Controlling his hormones had grown more challenging with her snuggled against him. By Friday afternoon it would all be over, but keeping his passion back until then was beginning to feel like a Herculean effort. He was less than brilliant of hiding the fact in the limo Thursday morning.

"You know…" He kissed down the column of her neck, "We could actually have sex today."

"Mm, you'd like that wouldn't you?" Blair purred.

"To feel you." Chuck pressed his body closer to hers.

"Well." Blair paused, letting the excitement rise. The car ended its short drive to school and Blair put her hand on the door. "If you think I'm ruining my perfect school record for sex, you can forget it."

She pushed the door open and stepped onto the sidewalk. He let out a small groan because it was true. He was horny enough by this point to forget this was Blair they were talking about. But then, that's why her statement rang even more true. Once they broke the seal, there would be nothing else for days. Just him and her and their pleasure. However, he had to make it there first. Taking a deep breath, seeking control, Chuck exited the limo.

School was good in that sense. It gave them space and time apart that they might not have been able to manage on their own. Being exiled together was confusing enough to most students, no one ever could decide how they felt about it long enough to do anything to the pair. Their marked status aside, Chuck and Blair together exuded power. Would anyone want to cross them now and risk playing dearly for it later? It seemed not.

In spite of his best efforts, Chuck's thoughts throughout the day always wandered back to Blair and his pleasure. He imagined her naked body over his, under his, pressed against him. He imagined how no surface of her penthouse would be safe during their glorious week of spring break. He was going to have to do something about his persistent hard-on to make it through the next twenty-four hours.

Back in the limo after school, he was needy once more. They were kissing, happy to be reunited at the end of the day. He tried a different request this time. "Let's go to Victrola."

"What's at Victrola?"

"We can distract ourselves tonight in the club, be in public so we stay decent. And maybe first…"


"I need something to get me through this next day. Some play time, some attention- something. Aren't you suffering a little, too?" He asked sweetly, though the devil can never truly hide his horns.

Blair let him hang there, in hopeful anticipation, as he tried to read her eyes, her expression. After a painfully long hesitation, she opened her mouth, "Okay. Let's go."

Chuck redirected Arthur and turned to pull Blair in closer, to seduce her into his pleasure. But instead she scooted down the bench seat, hands folding primly in her lap before she coolly met his gaze.

"No. You wait."

Her tone sent a small shiver through him. He relaxed back against the seat and tried to temper the excitement building inside. Chuck had wondered when Blair would begin to really take hold of these changes. It was difficult to hold back the pleased grin tugging at his mouth at seeing his Queen coming out to play in the bedroom.

Arriving at Victrola, she quietly followed him inside, up the private stairs to his secret room. As soon as they stood in front of his bed however, she rounded on him.

"Jacket. Off." At the command, she held out her hand while she stared at him.

He rolled the dark blue blazer from his shoulders. Before he relinquished it however, he paused.

"One thing. This might be useful."

Stepping to the wall, he adjusted the lights and flipped a switch. A screen slid back in the ceiling above his bed to reveal a large mirror hidden underneath. Blair had a small smile as she watched it appear, but then she stuck her hand out further, waiting for his jacket to be surrendered. The only hint of his hungry curiosity was how he licked his lips as her dainty fingers curled around the heavy blue fabric.

"Put that chair here." She pointed at his desk chair and indicated it should sit a few feet away from the bed. Too far, in his mind.

"Then you can sit and open your pants. But," That slender finger was now pointed at his face, "no touching. Not until you can hold back no longer."

Chuck was intrigued. "Anything else?"

Blair turned and walked towards his chest of drawers. "Toys?"

"All new, second drawer from the bottom." He didn't take his eyes off of her as he pulled the chair in position. Chuck had the forethought to remove his belt before taking his appointed seat and opening his trousers.

Blair's own jacket was joined by her heels, her blouse, and her bra, her back turned to him, taunting him, the entire time she stripped. She slid his jacket over her naked arms and shoulders before she tugged her panties down to join the pile of rejected clothing. He never caught sight of what she removed from the drawer.

Sitting on the end of the bed before him, the few seemingly small feet were a gulf between them. He could see the shadowed curve of her breast under his jacket and the knowledge that they were rubbing against the silky lining of his school jacket made his balls ache. Her skirt and white thigh-highs hiding the absence of her discarded underwear wasn't helping either.

"Sure you're up for this? Mess up and maybe we won't have sex after school tomorrow."


"As much as I want to be inside you, I'm still excited to play with my enthralling Queen."

"Let's see how long you last then." She watched him flex his hands where they rested on his knees, and raised one eyebrow in challenge at him in response.

Then, like flipping a switch, she sighed, smiling, and fluffed her curls before falling back in his bed. Her knees parted just enough to tease him, making him wish he could more, while stocking-clad calves dangled freely over the edge of the bed. Chuck tried to not think of how easy it would be for him to just…

Blair sighed again and he looked up at the mirror to see her looking at him. "There was a boy I knew once. He had this dark, sexy voice, and he would whisper dark things to me. Dirty things. Tell me how rare it is to touch."

Her hands started to slide over her stomach, "How my body is hidden away under layers of clothing, denied," his jacket fell open more as her hands cupped her breasts, "the warmth of skin touching skin."

Chuck had to focus on his breathing as he watched Blair in the mirror. Her hips pitched up a little as she tugged on her nipples. As if playing with herself in front of him wasn't bad enough, she was talking about the first time they had ever gotten truly sexual together. Deep breath in…

He heard her pant a little while she continued to play with her breasts. "He taught me how to feel. Like this. To be excited, to want to be touched." In the mirror, he drank in the reflection of her. Her curls fanned out, one of her hands still fondled one breasts while the other had sneaked up to drift her fingertips over her pink mouth.

"He taught me to kiss. He taught me to lick, to suck, to swallow." The tip of her tongue licked the length of her finger, pulling it into her mouth. Chuck shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his cock twitching with need.

Both hands were on her breasts again, kneading them with such sensuality. Thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipples, making her back arch off the bed. "He made me feel sexy. And," Chuck watched her hands abandon their attentions to begin traveling down towards her skirt, "he made me so wet."

Her legs shifted, her feet perching on the edge of his bed, her thighs spread wide, and her hands moved past her skirt to let her fingertips drift over her sex. Brushing over her folds, he could see how coated with want she was for him. What she said next is what cracked his restraint.

"He still does."

Leaning back, relaxing into the chair, Chuck surrendered to seeking a little of his own pleasure. Just some touching, something to release the throbbing ache. He rubbed away the bead of desire had gathered in response to her, fighting with the idea that he wanted to offer it to her.

"Soon," Blair's fingers tugged her folds open, allowing her middle finger to tease her pink depths, showing off how wet she was even more to him, "he'll be here."

Her finger sank inside and her voice grew shallow, "The warmth of skin to skin."

Putting that thought into his head made Chuck wrap his hand around his cock as he gritted his teeth, half growling her name.

He watched her give in even more, sinking a second finger inside, her hips and fingers beginning to rock together. The next minute or so passed like that, soft panting as they watched one another in the mirror. He loved watching how rough she got with herself, getting to see the lengths the thought him drove her to. Chuck was stroking himself, careful not to let it distract him from watching her.

Blair made a beautiful whimpering noise and he couldn't help but egg her on. "Mm, you're getting close. Aren't you going to come for me?"

"No," she gasped, shaking her head a briefly and slowing her pace. "This time, it's your turn."

"Not without you. Watching you shatter and cry out? After this wait…" No matter his feelings for Blair, he couldn't allow himself to admit aloud how easy it was for her right now to drive him over the edge. And he wanted to watch her break. It'd make his release insanely satisfying.

"Who's the demanding lover now?" She smirked at him in the mirror and he watched one hand sneak into the pocket of his jacket. Blair wouldn't let him see whatever she had retrieved. Even as the hand dropped between her legs, he heard it before he saw it. The hum of the tiny vibrator reached his ears before he caught a flash of pink, where she had nestled it against her clit to make her buck and cry out. Her back arched again, her head pressing into the bed as her mouth fell open to release the aural sound of the pleasure wracking her body, the trembling of her hips.

Chuck gave in now, letting his wrist jerk and twist at a persistent rhythm, the warm tightness of his palm a poor substitute. Her cries fed his moans in a delicious cycle. His eyes were restless, flicking up to the mirror to gaze at her face, then down to watch her feverishly push herself to orgasm, wishing he was feeling her hold him tight in her heat and sublime wetness.

She cried his name, long and full throated. Just the way he use to always tease her about being the way it should sound. It travelled down his spine, his body curling as he seized, muttering an incoherent stream of expletives as he came.

Eyes closed, he simply sat, catching his breath and enjoying his euphoric state. When Chuck finally peeked his eyes open, he found Blair in similar repose, her arms haphazardly lying across the bed, her fingers still curled around the little pink vibrator. Letting go of his happily exhausted cock, he witnessed the ridiculous mess she had made of him. A certain amount was expected, on his hand, his cock, a little on his stomach. But the long trail streaked down his pale yellow dress shirt and the several large spurts that had landed on his tie, such an absolutely perverse mess.

"Well," he chuckled a bit, "if you ever worry about being Chuck Bass's girlfriend, this should settle it for you."

"Hmm?" Blair took a moment to push herself up from the bed to see what he was talking about.

For Chuck, if what had just happened wasn't proof enough of her deviant, intense sexuality, the proud smile on her face most definitely was.

The energy in Victrola was as palpable as that between Chuck and Blair. Everyone was waiting for tomorrow and looking for a distraction to help get them there. Some were partying because groups were splitting up over break, while others were looking to spend Friday hung over to tune out the droning of their teachers until the clock read 3:10pm. The club was packed and noisy, the sound of the music shaking the air as hard as it shook the bodies dancing to it.

It was barely enough, even after their play session, to keep Chuck and Blair behaving. They watched the crowd and whispered in each other's ear, smiling at their secrets. Because they loved the torment, the challenge, hands wandered down to touch and tease, the subject of the attention doing their best to not make a face in response to the heavenly torture.

Chuck was the one to break. He didn't make a face, or cry out. No. He grabbed Blair and kissed her hard, wrapping his arms around her, tight and possessive. He made love to her with his mouth, letting the passion between them spill out somewhere. When they finally pulled apart, they were both out of breath and dizzy. Blair excused herself to freshen up and Chuck just smiled at her. He was happy to have ruffled her well-collected demeanor.

When her sexy silhouette was out of his sight, Chuck turned his gaze on his glass of scotch. Swirling the liquid around, he stared blankly as he waited for his girlfriend to come back to him, to light up his universe again.

"Chuck Bass."

Penelope arrogantly slid into his booth to sit next to him as he glared at her. Her smile was disconcerting and he tried to move to put space between them.

He felt someone coming to sit on the other side of him. He took his eyes off Penelope to look at where Blair had been sitting. But it wasn't Blair scooting up against him. It was Hazel. His stomach rolled as he tried to keep the distaste off of his face.

"You look so bored, Chuck! It's not right." Hazel gave him a syrupy sweet smile.

"We always knew there was a reason Blair didn't date," Penelope added. "She must be a horrid girlfriend."

"Besides not knowing what she's doing," Hazel leaned in closer to him. "I know what I'm doing, Chuck."

"Being a whore?" Chuck barbed.

Hazel tried to laugh it off. "You're so witty!"

Chuck fought not to audibly groan at her stupidity. He felt Penelope behind him, leaning towards his ear.

"You think Blair will stay with you? Miss Too-Good-For-Anyone. Serena dethroned her for being so arrogant and stuck up."

"She will," Chuck growled.

"Can you really be sure?" Hazel gave him a sad smile and shrugged her shoulders.

"Even if Blair stays with you, she's going to make you soft. Boring. Weak. You're Chuck Bass. What could you need from her?" Penelope paused, giving him time to theoretically consider her words as he looked from Hazel down to the scotch glass in his left hand. She purred, "Show us the real Chuck Bass again."

Seemingly on cue, Hazel threw herself at him. The mousey little thing clamped her arms around his neck and had smushed her mouth to his. The effect was unimpressive at best, and more than anything, simply annoying. Of course this would happen to him when he had chosen to be monogamous. This attempt to undermine his relationship was stunningly stupid and needed to end right now. Because he knew. He knew what he and Blair have now is real. He knows that. Blair knows that. She'd never… Hazel tried to stick her tongue in his mouth.

As he dropped his glass, needing both hands to pry himself free from the Hazel and Penelope sandwich, he heard the sound of relief. Blair's voice boomed above the sounds of the club.

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Penelope moved back, from where she had been helping to keep Chuck pinned to Hazel's advantage. Hazel was not quite so fast to retreat and continued to sloppily try and kiss him as he worked to pull away. She was practically laying on top of him now. Persistent little wench.

He heard Hazel half-screaming before he could see what was happening. Blair knelt in the booth behind Hazel, holding the girl by the hair.

"I am unimpressed with your maneuvers."

Blair slid out of the booth, Hazel following by her hair. Holding Hazel and staring at Penelope, Blair declared, "Dethroned or not, I am still Blair Waldorf, and he is still Chuck Bass. If you think you're going to get away with this, think again."

His girlfriend let go of her captive and told the little failures to get out of her sight. With a queenly shake of her head, she watched the duo flee the scene of their failed attack. Blair tossed her curls with a satisfied smile, before sliding back into the booth to take her rightful place next to him.

Chuck purred in her ear, "God, if you thought I had a hard-on before? Watching you destroy them…"

Blair looked at him with a coy smile and he let go of his restraint once more, taking her face in his hands and kissing her soundly. Her smile was a little less coy when he let her go.

"By the way," his mind had caught up with his emotions, "how are you going to punish them?"

Placing her phone in his hand, she asked, "Tweet it now, or later?"

Chuck glanced at the photo of him pinned against Penelope with Hazel mauling him. "Let's wait until after break. Maybe— maybe— we'll leave the penthouse a few times for some time in public. Dinner, maybe some…lingerie shopping?" He allowed himself the distraction of staring at her breasts for a beat before finishing his thought, "We can tweet this before school starts and make them look even dumber."

"I like it," Blair gave him a teasing kiss, "if you can get me dressed long enough to leave."

Her hand had strayed into his lap once more, to test if his statement about his extreme arousal was true. He felt the muscle in his jaw twitch. So in revenge, Chuck leaned back and put his arm around Blair. His hand drifted down from her shoulder…until his fingertips found there way to brushing the underside of her breasts through her clothes. After a few minutes, Blair huffed at him before she turned into his arms and kissed him. If they were going to make a scene…

She stayed with him awhile longer before begging to go home. The anticipation was building and Chuck was happy to leave for his own bed, too. Sleep was an easy way to pass some of the next few hours. To put out of his mind that tomorrow night, he wouldn't be in his own bed— he wouldn't be alone.

Blair was beaming as she took Chuck's hands and twirled on the sidewalk the next morning. She was so happy, but she couldn't help but tease him a little as they walked to school. "Are you going to make it through the day okay?"

She gave him a sweet, concerned smile and gazed up at him.

"After living through what you put me through yesterday? School will be a breeze. Will you be able to go home and resist masturbating before I get there?" He returned her faux-sweetly concerned look.

"Charles Bass!" She mockingly scolded him. "I would never do such a thing as…as that. How dare you even mention it!"

Apparently he was allowed to watch it happen, however.

The short walk to school was nearly at an end and in a streak of cruelty, Chuck pushed Blair up against the brick wall. He whispered in her ear, "If I can't remind you of how I make you feel, I will at least remind you of how you make me feel."

He kissed her with a burning passion, lulling her into a moment of mental abandon. He coaxed one of her legs up around his waist and unabashedly ground his erection against her for a blissful moment. Then he dropped her leg and quickly stepped back, pulling a look of cool, disaffected emotion onto his face. Blair melted against the wall in her daze, but soon enough she peeked her eyes open at him, her queenly glare meeting his arrogant sexuality.


He returned to her, but only to drop a short sweet kiss on her lips. "See you at your penthouse after school." He let the anticipation hang in the air a moment. "I hope you did your yoga this morning."

And with that last little smarmy jibe, Chuck strolled into school.

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