There are things I've never told you. This is one:

The day you walked into my classroom at ADFA, you changed my life forever.

You were a whirlwind, a breath of fresh air; the only storm to ever test my sea legs.

You claimed my heart, and it never let you go.

You were my world; I wanted nothing else. That has never changed.

But you made me question the future, my future.

The Navy had always been my only focus. Until you. Then you became my priority. Something was suddenly more important than the Navy. You.

That scared me. I lost my nerve and ran; a mistake I will forever regret.

But, I cannot complain.

It may have taken over a decade, but I'm ready for that commitment. With our daughter on the way, I can finally pledge my love to you as we are rightfully joined in matrimony.

Author's Note: '150 Words' was a fanfic game I used to play in a fandom far, far away, a long, long time ago. The game exists in many forms, but the fewer the words, the harder the task. I take no credit for the game. I just thought I would dust off my decade-old skills and see what would emerge!