"Rose, get a move on. I don't want to be waiting all day because you are daydreaming about this famous Quidditch player or another. I need you focused during practice." Declaimed Albus as he grabbed his broom and marched out of the changing rooms.

"Oh, yes because I am the one who needs to focus after almost getting knocked off your broom by a Bludger last practice. And why because you were thinking about Lena Ross." Rose murmured to herself.

"You know Rosie talking to yourself is never a good sign, especially when it is about your own cousin."

"Oh shove off, Malfoy. I'm not in the mood for you today. Just get your bum on your broom and focus on yourself." Rose stated.

"Not in the mood for me? Oh how that hurt Rosie, how you could utter such a thing to someone who has been your friend since you started at this school." Scorpius said with a fake look of hurt on his face, he picked up his broom as they heard Albus bellow for them to get outside that second. Scorpius looked up smirking at her and as he swaggered pass her whispered "And everyone knows you are always in the mood for me."

Rose just about hit him over the head with her broom but he was too quick. Scorpius Malfoy had a tendency to think all girls wanted him, according to her mother Scorpius had gotten that trait from his father, Draco, and probably even his grand-père, Lucius. Rose, unlike some of her classmates, didn't think that Malfoy was Merlin's gift to witches. She had known him for too long and seen too many sides to him to feel that way. Scorpius knew this but said those things to get under her skin and get others talking. You would not believe how many guys didn't ask her out because either they thought she was Malfoy's girl or her cousins wouldn't like them wanting her.

The cold air whipped her hair around as she stepped outside onto the pitch, she was ready to play and work through some tension. She wished right now that she could be a Beater, that way she think of all the things she was stressed about and act like they were the Bludger and hit them away as far as she could. Unfortunately, her plan wouldn't work out because Rose was a Chaser and the ball she needed to worry about was the Quaffle. Along with herself as a Chaser, there was Malfoy and Marco Zabini. Then as for the positions of Beater, there was Elliot Goyle and Graham Flint. Lucas Nott had the Keeper's spot and rounding out the team was their captain and the pain in her back side, her cousin Albus Potter. Albus, of course, was a Seeker like his father before him and was quite spectacular at finding the Snitch. He once won the match for them only minutes into the game.

As Rose mounted her broom and rose into the air, slowly she started to relax. She had no problems that threaten to shatter her world as she knew it. But still, Rose was a worrier by nature and a perfectionist. Although, she wasn't sure if she could call herself a perfectionist because that implied at some point she had achieved perfection. Rose viewed herself more as a disappointionist who constantly tries and fails to reach perfection. As much as she wanted to be accept by others for the person she was, she felt as though that would never happen. So the alternative was being perfect, except perfection is different in everyone's eyes. One of her current worries is not making her parents happy, more so her father. Rose's mother, Hermione, was a more accepting and understanding person than her father, Ron, who could be rather closed minded and judgment at times.

Rose fell into form with Malfoy and Zabini, they started as always just passing the Quaffle to one another and flying at different heights. They had to repeat this seemly simple task because once in a game Zabini drop the Quaffle and Albus had never forgot it. Now since Rose wasn't of a simple mind, she tended to multitask her thoughts, so as she was thinking of her parents, she started to wonder about how it worked out that she was a clumsy mess on her feet but on a broomstick she could be quite agile.

As she tried getting Quaffle pass Nott, she could hear Albus yelling about she needed to weave more to the left because that was the unblocked hoop. She whipped her head around to look at him, her face redden with anger.

"Potter, if you think you can play this position better then let's see it. But till that day you look the Snitch and leave the Quaffle to me."

Rose really loved her cousin but she was tense. She had a ton on her mind and needed Quidditch as an escape. She never liked to brag about herself but she had scored the most points of any of Slytherin chasers, although Scorpius did have a close second. They were going to be facing Hufflepuff in a few days and they were not the most aggressive players so beating them wasn't a concern of hers.

As the sky began to darken Albus called everyone down to the ground and gave one of his days until the match talks. "Do not do anything stupid and get yourself into trouble." and "Don't get yourself hurt in anyway." both of these statements made Rose giggle because if anyone would do one of those things, it would be the boy who just said them.

Rose walked quickly into the changing rooms and into the stalls for the loo, she only changed her clothes in here. She had never and would never shower in this place, she was the only girl on the team. And see didn't want to see any of the guys naked and more so she didn't want them seeing her.

Thoughts of the papers and projects she had due circled around in her head. She wished, for about the tenth time that day, that she could turn off her thoughts for a bit. Many people at Hogwarts did just that by drinking and Rose had made her own decision when she was younger that she was not going to drink and make an arse of herself. She found her own special way of dealing with this feeling and it happen to need someone else. Her person of choice though had been very busy during the night though with some slag or another. Not that she was jealous, every girl Malfoy touched just veil.

Malfoy had a brilliant plan in first year to go into the Forbidden Forest and Rose decided to go because her parents were already upset or disappointed with her for being sorted in Slytherin. So Scorpius, she and a few other Slytherins went into the forest around midnight. That was the first time in her life she felt totally at peace. Rose walked off and found a little spot where the moonlight shone down, she just laid there and stared at the stars. Being all alone was something Rose hardly ever got to be. Though just as she had thought that Scorpius came and laid with her, surprisingly she liked sharing that moment with him. Since then they had always been quite close, so close even that last summer when her father became too much to bear, she stayed with the Malfoys.

Quickly Rose snatched up her bag and shoved her Quidditch uniform away. She left the changing rooms wondering if she could convince Malfoy to go with her into the forest tonight. That or she would have to take someone else, but the choices were limited. Most people hated going near the forest at all and those who might go were the ones who would want to talk the entire bloody time. One thing Rose has always liked about Scorpius is that like her, he wanted time to just be. To just be here, not worrying, wondering, thinking and especially not talking, just to enjoy a moment to one's self where nothing else seemed to matter.

Rose crossed the grounds as quickly as she could, she thought that she could go see Hagrid but decided that she needed to at least finish her Potions essay tonight and work on the Muggle Studies one as well. She approached the castle and suddenly felt herself getting picked up by two large hands. This wasn't hard, Rose was a small girl and people tended to like to treat as if she was a doll. The hands lifted her high enough and before she knew it, she was over the shoulder of the owner of the hands. Who so happen to be just the person she had wanted to see. She just didn't want to be seeing his backside.

Giving him a smack on the bum, Rose started to try to persuade Malfoy to take a night off shagging girls and accompany his dear friend into the forest. "You really could learn to greet me like normal friends do each other."

"Oh Rose, when will you learn we aren't like normal friends now are we? Plus, it's so much more enjoyable for me to see you struggle when things like this happen." Scorpius says as Rose is wiggling to get free.

"Listen up Mister, I need you to do something for me and since we aren't like normal friends then you should have no problem agreeing." Rose said in a voice she hoped would be commanding but being upside down near the bum of the person you are trying to command doesn't always work.

"See Rosie, I was right telling you are a damsel in distress, always needing something. What is it this time?"

Rose huffed before starting on what she hoped was a good argument of why he should come with her into the forest but how she did not need him. Which wasn't really true, Scorpius was kind of Rose's best friend. Not that either one would admit to the fact, he was a Malfoy and she was a Weasley. They weren't suppose to get along but they did. When Rose needed somewhere to stay during the summer, the first place she thought of was Malfoy's house. She knew her parents wouldn't think to look there first thinking she would be at some family members' house. She learned from that when she was younger, family would turn her over but some of her friends' parents would let her stay. Plus, she really liked Malfoy Manor for many reasons. Scorpius parents weren't home all that often and Rose actually really liked Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. She loved the house as well with all the history and interesting books.

By the end of the argument, Scorpius agreed to take her but she was helping him with homework which she did all the time anyways but who cares. Unlike her mother, Rose didn't really mind helping people with their homework because normally she gained something from it. Also she got dropped by Malfoy, she stated it was rude and could have broken her neck. Malfoy laughed and said that would have only been a problem if she was a Muggle.

"What were you going to be doing tonight if I hadn't swayed you into breaking school rules?" Rose asked curious to who Malfoy's latest pursuit was.

"Who I would have been doing is none of your business. You know I don't like making you jealous, sweetheart." Malfoy commented, anyone would could see right now would see Malfoy's head was about three times too big.

"Oh, you bloody wanker. Get off it. Honestly, I was just curious." Remarked Rose.

"Oh, just curious because you aren't doing any shagging of your own? And don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about because you are the untouchable Hogwarts virgin, just like your mother before you. And it will stay that way, thanks to your brother and cousins." He insinuated raising his eyebrows at her as he spoke.

"What are you talking about? People do not think of me as untouchable or the Hogwarts virgin! And what are my brother and cousins telling people?" exclaimed Rose

"Yes, they do call you that, Princess. And they tell people if they touch you, they will be dying a rather slow painfully death."

"And boys believe that rubbish?" Rose inquired.

"Obviously, who have you dated for an extended period of time?" Malfoy asked.

"I hate my family!"