As Albus and Eloise started to walk in the direction of the Potions classroom, Rose and Scorpius hadn't moved an inch. Malfoy was smirking at getting Rose worked up and Rose was glaring at him.

She was trying to figure out whether it would be a good idea to try to smack him again now or wait till later. As she weighed the options in her head, Malfoy started laughing.

Rose snapped her head up to look at him, "And what do you think is so funny, huh?"

Malfoy didn't respond to her question, he just laughed harder. And he also was doing some of the embarrassing things people do when they laugh too hard. Such as pointing at whatever is funny, they hit their leg, and the best is when they are laughing so hard no sound comes out at all.

"You are acting like a nutter. Can we please just calm down to go get the books?" Rose asked cautiously.

Scorpius didn't laugh like this very often and when he did it was normally at Rose. And this time was no exception. Scorpius had always thought she was funny when she was mad but this time was one of the best.

He pulled himself together a bit and responded to her "I'm not acting like a nutter, I am just simply amused by you."

Rose had a look of confusion, "By me? I didn't do anything amusing, Malfoy."

"Oh yes, you did. You got angry. Which is great because you get really red, scrunch up your face and somehow get your hair to be a mess. And this time you had jump to hit me. Which just reminds me of how little and weak you are." Malfoy said smirking.

All of that was true but he was saying to get under her skin, as it would. Especially about her being small. Rose Weasley was one of, if not the, shortest girls in their class. That was probably why she was so feisty, just to show she was still one to mess with.

"Oh don't you dare! Not everyone can be gigantic like you. Sorry, I don't want to tower over everyone." Rose said anger in her voice.

"Kitten, you are such a girl. And a dramatic one at that, I might add. You do realize I'm not gigantic, most of the blokes in your family are this tall. Whereas you are the smallest of the women." Scorpius stated trying to suppress his laughter.

"Whatever! We have to go get the books. This is all your fault, if anyone asks." Declared Rose as she began stomping to the Common Room.

Scorpius trailed behind her so she couldn't see him smirking. She was easy to rile up, according to his father, Draco, in school her father, Ron, had been the same way. Just have to know what buttons to push to make them go.

Not that Scorpius did it with malice intent as his father had in the past. It was just amusing and Rose was cute when she was flustered. Plus, she always stalked off huffing and puffing so he got to look at her ass.

He was a teenage boy and yes, Rose was his good friend but that doesn't mean he was blind to the fact she was attractive. They were friends not family, he could look if he wanted.

Rose didn't turn around once, she couldn't believe he had the nerve. Well yes, she did believe it but still. She shouldn't let herself get vexed over it, that's what he liked but she couldn't help it. She was just emotional, sensitive and just a little bit over dramatic.

They reached the Common Room, darted inside and raced up the stairs. Rose grabbed her bag and robe as well as Eloise's. Rose didn't think about having to carry both of the robes since they were quite heavy along with the books.

When she reached the Common Room, Scorpius wasn't back down yet, he was probably taking his grand old time. She decided to wait a minute, as she waited she put on her robe to have less to carry.

Scorpius sauntered down the stairs, his robe already on and from what she could see he left Albus'. She was sure it was done purposely, boys loved to take the Mickey out of each other and pull pranks.

Now it didn't seem like a big deal, oh he left his robe big whoop. But Albus was a big baby about the cold, even more than Rose. She almost wanted to go get herself, just so she wouldn't have to listen him complain.

But they were running late so Albus could freeze, it wasn't worth her getting in trouble. She shot Malfoy a disapproving look.

"You do know in the end you will be annoyed more than him, right?"

Malfoy raised an eyebrow and asked, "How so?"

Rose didn't know if that was Malfoy being a smart ass or not. So she responded, "He will bitch and moan all of Potions about being cold. But in the end you will get chafed because of his whining."

"Hmm, well I guess I will just have to tune him out like I do you."

Rose rolled her eyes, Malfoy was in one of his moods. He had more mood swings than any other bloke she knew. But that was Malfoy, she supposed she would just be get teased today.

Making their way out of the out of the passage back into the corridor. Rose knew they were cutting it close but they were so close to the classroom. Professor Slughorn would probably let them get off too, Scorpius and Rose were at the top of the class and in his Slug Club.

They reached the door and Scorpius yanked it wide open, he stood aside holding it for Rose to walk through. No one could deny Malfoy had impeccable manners and he made excellent use of them. If his grandmere and mother hear of anything less they would have a fit.

Rose had gotten quite close to both of them over the years. Narcissa had said on many different occasions that she wished she would realized what was important when Draco was a boy. That wasn't about blood and the fact they acted in such a way just made them look awful.

Thankfully Mr. Malfoy was quite different than how he was described in his school days.

He had been polite and even sociable to Rose whenever she saw him. He had the part of Malfoy Manor where her mother had been tortured completely redone.

Rose stepped into the classroom just as the bell rang, Malfoy walked right into trying to rush in.

"Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy I was beginning to wonder where you two were." Slughorn boomed across the classroom. "Take your seats, I just need to grab one thing I have seem to forgot from my office."

Across the room sat a gang of Gryffindors, one of which her cousin, Dominique. Who just so happen to be making surly comments about them being late.

"But of course he is going to let them get away with it. They are his favorites after all." She remarked loudly.

Rose shuffled over to the table where Albus and Eloise sat. Rose put her bag down and walked around to give Eloise her robe and bag. And she was walk to her sit Eloise gave her arm and gave her a hug. Malfoy followed behind and as he reached the table turned to the Dominique.

"We all know none of the teachers like you because you are a foul bitch. And you are a stupid bint as well which is why you are jealous of Rose." Malfoy stated the distain obvious in his voice.

Dominique and he had never got off well, she had a huge crush on Malfoy from the moment she saw him on the train. Rose knew of it and when Dominique was picking on her for being sorting into Slytherin, she told Malfoy. Scorpius embarrassed her about it, since she didn't like Rose or Malfoy.

Not that Dominique and Rose would get along well without the Malfoy thing. They were two completely different people, not sharing any similar thought or opinion. Rose contributed that to Dominique not having anything in that blonde head of hers.

"Me jealous of Rose? Ha, my parents aren't ashamed to have me as a daughter, I don't think Rose could say. " Dominique asserted with an evil smile on her face.

She had figured out that subject was a sore spot for Rose. So she took a knife, stabbed her there and twisted it just for good measure. Rose ignored what Dominique said, thinking of the night before and what Scorpius had talked to her about.

"Oh yea, I'm sure they wouldn't be at all. Who wouldn't be proud of a girl who attacks her own cousin?" Albus injected.

Dominique huffed and was preparing to say something in reply to Albus but Professor Slughorn came back to the classroom.

"Okay now that everyone is seated, I would like you all to hand forward your essays." Slughorn blared.

Rose pulled her essay out of her bag, and started to speed read the parchment one last time. As the table from the back handed their papers to the front, Malfoy flicked Rose when they were ready to be taken up.

Rose walked the scrolls of parchment from the left side of the classroom up to the professor's desk.

"Thank you for bringing them up, my dear." Slughorn said beaming at her.

Rose smiled at the Potions master, she really liked him as a teacher.

Slughorn leaned across the desk a bit to whisper, "Will you, Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter stay after class? I have something to discuss with you."

"Sure, Professor." Rose responded.

She wasn't worried about being in trouble, she might have been if he wanted to see just her and Scorpius. But he wanted to see Albus too, which meant he was probably having one of his parties and wanted to talk to them about it.

Rose made her way back to the table and lean over to Malfoy, he was talking to Albus. They were arguing that Malfoy should give Albus his robe and how Scorpius would pay for making him freeze. She began poked Malfoy in the arm until he was done talking.

"Yes sweetheart, whatever do you need?" He said in a cheeky tone.

"Well darling, Slughorn wants to see us after class to talk." She knew Albus could hear her so she added, "And you too, you great lump."

Albus nodded at her, as Eloise sighed and rolled her eyes. She have never been invited to one of Slughorn's parties, Rose tried to tell her they were right boring. Eloise knew she said that to make feel better though.

Slughorn started again, "So now that you have researched Draught of the Living Death, it's time to make it. Get out your textbooks, and follow the instructions written on the black board."

He collected the essays and retreated back to his office to grade them. This left them unwatched, as sixth years the professor hoped they could be civil to each other and work properly. This didn't always happen.

"Look like we will be able to work in partners today. I was nervous to have to make this potion alone, it sounds complicated." Eloise proclaimed.

Rose pulled her textbook from her bag as the other did the same. She and Scorpius were on the same side of the table so they would be making the potions together.

"Why don't you boys go get the cauldrons, knives and such and we will go get the ingredients." Proposed Rose as she began to get up.

"Rose, do you want me to be stabbed? I thought you cared about me more than that." Scorpius said making his eyes large with fake fear.

Rose chuckled as she heard her cousin say he would deserve being stabbed.

She scanned the list, taking mental notes of what they needed. She and Eloise made their way to the supply cupboard.

"So you remember what we need to get, right?" Eloise asked turning to look at Rose.

Rose listed off the things they needed, and they started to collect them. They had been the first group to be ready so no one else was pushing past them to get their things.

With her arms full Rose was hoping not to fall getting back to the table. Now everyone was up shoving past and Rose had been known to somehow end up on the floor.

She was clumsy, end of story there, her father had been the same way. He didn't fall as much as she did but Rose attributed that to the fact he was much larger than she.

The table was right in front of her, she started organizing the ingredients as Malfoy had already laid all the equipment. Scorpius reached over and grabbed some of the sea salt. He measured it out and added to a breaker full of water.

"Do you want to cut the bean or shall I?" He asked sounding cocky, he knew the bean was hard to get juice out of so that meant she couldn't do.

"No, I'll do it. Get started chopping the Valerian roots." Rose stated.

She knew from Uncle Harry you should crush the bean not cut it. Albus had already started to do this so it seemed he had asked his father for advice as Rose had.

They worked quietly, most of the time in the Potions they would have time to talk in the end if they work well. Everyone at her table agree they wanted to get a good grade rather than gab.

Rose and Scorpius' potion was almost finished, they had just let it sit for two minutes. Now they just added a small piece of Valerian root and the potion turned a pale pink color.

Scorpius let out a sigh of relief, Rose relaxed her shoulders and pulled down her hair. She had put it into a bun so it would be out of the way. She ran her fingers through her hair and then walked to get a phial as well as a cork. She grabbed one for Eloise too.

She scourgifed her hands and filled the phial with their potions. Scorpius had just returned with a label and was writing their initials upon it.

Then Scorpius emptied the cauldron with a flick off his wand as well as cleaned it. He then returned to the shelf along with the other items.

Albus and Eloise just finishing it up, as Eloise was putting their potions in a phial she began talking.

"So, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be but it didn't take such a long time. Well, at least now we can chat." She said smiling widely at Rose.

Rose smiled back, thinking how lucky she was to have Eloise as her friend. Rose got along with the other Slytherin sixth year girls just fine but Eloise was who she had been closest with.

Others in the class were finishing up, and soon Professor Slughorn came back into the classroom.

"Almost all done I see, very well. I am excited to see how you all performed." He said grinning, "If you are finished please bring up your phials and make sure they are labeled."

Eloise said she would take up the phials, so that left Rose sitting listening to the boys speak of Quidditch again. Class wasn't over for a good while so she assumed Slughorn would make them write about making the potion now.

As just as Rose thought Slughorn then stated they needed to write six inches about making the potion, they could do now or for homework.

Rose pulled out some parchment and began to write.