Chapter 2

It's been over 2 weeks since the arrest of the Kill Man Brothers and things have been crazy here at HQ. Leon has not stopped talking to the Secretary of Defense and President. Masumi, Chris, and I are all worried that the U.S will go into DEF-COM 1.

Me and Masumi spend most of the week watching the news. People all over the world were asking their government if there was a world war was immanent. I wouldn't blame them, if things don't improve soon, there might be one.

How Masumi's eyes are tracked on the T.V makes me believe she thinks so too. I want to change the channel; it makes me uneasy seeing her in fear.

Before I am able to though, Leon and Chris walk in. "Get into gear you two, we've located another terrorist, Leon said. We both got up fast and the entire team went to the hologram room.

"What did you find," Masumi said.

"We picked up a familiar friend of ours," he said pushing a button. A picture shows up on the hologram making me, Chris, and Masumi stunned. The picture is of Victor Knox.

"Where is he?" Chris asked.

"It seems after our little meeting weeks ago, Victor Knox is hiding somewhere the Dominican Republic. We are not doing any final conclusions, but much of the Senate believes that the Dominican Republic is purposely hiding Victor Knox in exchange for safety from his missiles," Leon said.

"Will that give us any problems?" I asked.

"The Dominican Republic government is not letting us allow any of us into their shores," Leon said.

"That gives us more of a reason to believe that he's there," said Masumi.

"I've talked to the President and…" Leon said.

"We're going there anyway," I interrupted.

"Suit up everyone, where going to the Dominican Republic," he said leaving the room. After we get suited up with our gear and are introduced to our submarine!

"When did we get a submarine?" I ask.

"Today," Leon casually said as he opens the submarine door. We all got on an in minutes are in the middle of the ocean.

"Um, how are we going to get there without getting detected by the government?" Masumi asked.

"The submarine has a cloaking device built into it; radars won't be able to find us. The similar device is built into your suits so maneuvering around the place without getting spotted won't be a problem," Leon said.

"Where are we headed any way? The Dominican Republic is a big place, he could be anywhere," Lee said.

"The hologram said that Victor is possibly somewhere in the Samaná Province. Victor's warheads might possibly be there as well," he said.

"Is it a find and capture mission," Chris asked.

"You can do all you want with Victor, as along as we apprehend every last missile he has," Leon said.

That's good; I'd love to be the one to shoot Victor in the head. That opportunity might come soon can see The Caribbean now.

We look through the window and see a battle ship hover over us with out notice. We reach the shores of Samaná Province in hours. I try to leave, but Leon blocks me from the door.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"The government knows who we are and there will be trouble if they catch us, we'll get out when it is night time," he said.

"And what happens if Victor Knox leaves Dominican Republic," I ask.

"In 2096, the American Kurt Donnels set 2 arson fires in the Dominican Republic. The fires burned down 40,000 homes and it cost 2,000,000 RD$. The Dominican Republic blames us for letting the man who has past arson charges leave the U.S," he said.

"So that's why they're letting Victor stay," Le said.

"Not for long. Tonight men…we're gonna kill a terrorist," he yelled.

"HOORAH!" we all yelled in unison.

After that, we waited for the sun to go down which took a few hours at most. Chris opened the doors and we saw nothing but an empty beach. The lamps barely light its surroundings.

The waves crash around with the sand. We all exit the submarine and we gather around Leon.

"We're going to split up; Masumi, you and Chris are going to the Sánchez municipality. Justin and Lee, you two will go to the Las Galeras District," he ordered.

"What about you sir?" Masumi asked.

"In your suit is a communicator. If you spot Victor or something suspicious contact me," he said holding a walky talky.

I looked around my suit and in my pocket was a small walky talky. We all separated and searched through the dark streets and ghettos of the Dominican Republic.

Me and Lee searched all around abandoned buildings. We found a few things that have connections to Victor, but just a little. I kneel down by a tree with Lee standing above me talking to Leon through the walky talky.

I try to retrace all our steps since we came here. All the stuff not just me and Lee found, Chris and Masumi captured 2 people that were involved in Victor's warhead attack.

They interrogated them, but got nowhere. Just before I was about to think we wouldn't find him a helicopter flies over us. The helicopter landed on a huge building.

"You think that might be Victor?" asked Lee.

"Worth a shot," I said.

We head down to the entrance to the building. The lights are on, but the door is locked.

"Any other way in," I asked.

Lee looked around and pointed at an air vent. It looks big enough to fit a human. Lee goes into his half jaguar and uses his claws to loosen the bolts on the air vent.

We enter and the stench quickly comes over us. The smell of something dead. We look through the vents and see crates full of dead animal carcasses.

I hold my self and so does Lee. We continue through the vents and hit a dead end. We begin to hear voices and we search and see though a vent.

"It is so nice to see you my friend," a familiar voice said.

"Remember our deal, I protect you, you protect us. Your warheads will not hit anywhere around The Dominican Republic," another man said.

"I know that man," Lee whispered. "He's the President of The Dominican Republic, Bernardo Cortés."

"I have here with me is a map of where I will fire my missiles to. There is Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, France, and last but not least the United States of America," Victor said putting a map on the table.

The President looks over the map and looks surprised. "Those aren't the only countries. Except for the Dominican Republic, you are planning on bombing 34% of the entire world," he said.

"You will continue to protect me from the U.S. Or do you want me to make it 35%," he threatened. I couldn't take it any longer. I looked back at Lee; he nodded at me to continue.

With all my force I break the vent and me and Lee land on our feet. We pull out our guns and the president runs out of the room; instead of running Victor just stands there.

"You found me, congratulations. The U.S population isn't full of dum shits then," he mocked.

"We're going to stop you, even if it means killing you," I threatened.

"Oh, but my friends. If you kill me, then you'll never find my warheads and when my companions find out that I am dead, they are ordered to set of the nukes. You have no choice, but to keep me alive," he laughed.

"Then we will just take you into custody," Lee said.

"I don't think I will let that happen," he said. He pulls out a gun and starts running to the door, shooting back at us in the process.

We dodge and chase him through the hallway. I shoot my gun and graze him on the shoulder. He keeps his balance and keeps running.

"Watch out, if he's serious then if we kill him the world is done for. The best thing to do is take him down without the guns," Lee said.

We soon reach the stairs as Victor races up them, with us on his trail. We reach the roof and see the helicopter Victor came here with. In the drivers seat is James Brollian. We try to shoot, but Victor is already in the helicopter and in mid air.

"Dam it, we almost had em," I yelled.

Lee's walky talky comes on and he answers it.

"Okay, we'll be there in a minute," Lee said hanging up the walky talky. "We need to go back to the submarine and group with the others."

We son got back to the submarine to see everyone waiting. Lee and I brought with us the map of where Victor is planning to send his missiles.

"Chris and Masumi might have found something that could help us find Victor Knox's warheads," Leon said.

"While we were searching for Victor Knox, we found someone that will tell us where Victor's missiles are," Chris said. "Come out of the submarine."

A middle aged woman wearing high heels and a bright red coat and sunglasses walks out. "Everyone…meet Victor Knox's wife," Masumi said.