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Chapter One

Not once did Gwendolyn Powers think that she would be marrying a super soldier from World War II. Not to mention that he was frozen in ice for seventy years and had helped save the world several times.

But Gwen was happy with it. There was no one else that she would want to marry but Steve Rogers. And so she stood in the bedroom of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, staring at herself in the mirror. She knew that Steve was outside of this very room, probably trying not to shake from nervousness.

Gwen had spent nearly all day in this room. When she had arrived in Avengers Tower with Steve, they were separated almost instantly by Pepper who was storing the dress.

The couple had been living in Gwen's one-story home ever since they had gotten engaged. It had been Gwen's idea as Steve wasn't used to living with another person, let alone a woman. But she had finally convinced him that he could handle it and he moved out of his apartment in the tower. It took a while to get used to, but they worked well together in the end. Gwen was always there to cook the meals and he could always kill the spiders that made her scream like a baby.

The wedding plans all took place at the tower, though. Pepper, as well as Daisy Johnson, who had moved from San Francisco and into the tower, were more excited about it than Gwen was. They spent hours with her, talking all about how it should be in the tower and how beautiful it was going to be. They took her dress shopping and tried to get her to buy an expensive dress, but Gwen insisted on a plain, moderately priced dress. It was long sleeved, as not only did she fear the worst when it came to sleeveless and strapless dresses, but the late February chill helped make her decision.

It saddened Gwen as she went through all of this without her mother. Granted Gwen had accepted the fact she'd be doing this with friends, it still stung as she had always pictured her mother giving advice and crying.

This also brought up the remembrance that she no longer had a father. Therefore, Gwen was unsure of how she'd be walking down the aisle. Tony had offered to take that place as well as Bruce Banner, but she denied them as she had come up with a better idea.

Gwen was going to walk down the aisle alone.

She much preferred to believe that her father was there in spirit. She wanted no one but him to be the one to give her away. She was his little Gwen and she would always be his little Gwen.

Another barrier came when it got to bridesmaids. Gwen, of course, chosen Pepper as her Maid of Honor and Steve had chosen Tony to be his Best Man. Despite the differences Steve and Tony had, they actually had become pretty good friends during the wedding planning. Tony still teased the soldier mercilessly though.

Gwen had approached Daisy as a bridesmaid, but the young woman looked terrified of being in front of a crowd and Gwen relived her of this duty. Daisy claimed she was horribly sorry but forever grateful. And so, to actually have a bridesmaid, Gwen chose Barbara Morse. Actually, it was Barbara Barton now.

Clint and Barbara Barton had gone to the West Coast Avengers Tower boyfriend and girlfriend and came back husband and wife. They apologized for eloping and not involving anyone else, but it had been their choice.

Gwen had considered Natasha Romanoff as another bridesmaid, but the assassin had become very depressed upon Clint and Barbara's return. If anyone crossed her, or even looked at her funny, they would be on the floor in seconds. So Gwen tried to stay away from her knowing it was better than trying to make her talk. The redhead had actually become herself again during the months that Barbara was not present and Gwen assumed she'd return to that eventually.

"Gwendolyn!" came Pepper's voice from the other side of the door. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah," Gwen called back.

Pepper came inside wearing a black dress that went down to her knees. Gwen knew that Pepper wasn't a fan of incredibly fancy dresses.

"Hey, Pepper, are you in there?" asked Tony's voice.

"Can he come in?" asked Pepper.

"Yeah, sure," answered Gwen.

"Come in!"

Tony came in wearing a suit and tie, nothing unusual about it. Gwen was used to seeing him dressed up a lot. He smiled at her as he walked in and gave her a hug.

"You look beautiful," he said.

Gwen smiled. "You don't look so bad yourself."

"I feel like we've had this conversation before."

"Tony," said Pepper, "what did you to do to your tie?"

"I personalized it."

Pepper walked over to Tony to fix his tie which was crooked and oddly put together.

"It'd be easier to think if that one building wasn't so bright," he complained. "What is it, the waxter-"

"The Baxter Building, Tony," answered Pepper. "The Baxter Building."

"It's too bright. It should be illegal."

"It's just the top five floors."

"Well, I should talk to what's-his-face about it."

"His name is Reed Richards, Tony. And no, you're not talking to him."

"How do you know his name?"

"It was in the paper."

"Who reads the paper?"

"I do."

"Just wait until the Avengers Mansion is done being built. Then Daisy will stop nagging at me for the whole "A" on the Tower and letting people know this is our base."

Gwen smiled at the couple, enjoying their bickering. Once Pepper helped Tony, she tried kicking him out just as another guest came by. This time it was an old woman.

"May I speak with Gwendolyn?" asked the woman. Pepper nodded and opened the door to let the woman in. She approached Gwen with a smile.

"Hi," she continued. "My name is Peggy Carter."

"Oh!" exclaimed Gwen. "I'm glad you could make it. I know Steve was hoping you would."

Peggy smiled again. "I couldn't miss his wedding, could I? And might I say, you look lovely."

"Thank you."

Gwen had insisted that Peggy be invited to the wedding, Steve agreeing right away. Most people probably would've thought it was weird, but Gwen saw nothing wrong with her fiancé's old friend to come and see it.

Other people in attendance included Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis, both having moved from New Mexico and into Avengers Tower. Erik Selvig came as well, though he was based in the West Coast Avengers Tower. Luke Cage was coming, having become good friends with Steve due to the fact they both went under experiments that made them what they were.

Rhodey came as well, seeing as Gwen had become closer to the guy seeing as when he wasn't at the West Coast Tower, he was in the East Coast one and sometimes needed a break from the bromance between Tony and Bruce with the new addition of Hank Pym, who also was attending without his ants.

Phil Coulson was also there. Gwen made Steve personally give the SHIELD agent an invitation instead of sending it. Gwen knew that even if he was fatally shot, Phil wouldn't miss the wedding of his idol. She also made she he would get a seat in the front, endlessly amused by his fanboying.

Not in attendance was Stephen Strange who was still working on his portal/teleportation device in the city of Atlantis. Tony had tried his best to get the guy to come out seeing as he hadn't had much social contact, but the doctor was stubborn and refused to move.

Fury had declined their invitation to the wedding, much to the pleasure of Gwen and Steve. He had said something along the lines of he didn't have time for pointless celebrations when there is danger in the world. It wasn't like he was missed. Agent Maria Hill also declined, but in a much nicer way than Fury.

Gwen and Steve hadn't bothered to invite Eros of Titan, knowing very well he belonged on his own planet. Besides, they knew he'd only come to flirt with all females.

Although they invited the Asgardians, none of them could attend. This included Thor, Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun and even Loki, much to Steve's dislike. Gwen hadn't seen Loki since the defeat of Thanos, but had actually seen Sif and the Warriors Three very often. One of the four would come to Earth once a week to check up on things, seeing as the Bifrost was now completely rebuilt and operational. The gatekeeper, whose name Gwen learned was Heimdall, changed what she liked to refer to as the "landing spot" from Puente Antiguo to an abandoned area in New York.

Once Gwen was all ready, Pepper led her out of the room and into the penthouse. There was a tapestry that separated the area in front of the area from where the wedding was taking place. Pepper and Tony both smiled before they followed Barbara and Clint.

A quarter of musicians started playing, the first violinist the loudest of them all. Gwen's heart was pounding as she stepped out from behind the tapestry. Everyone was standing and watching her as she walked forward. Her eyes traveled over the guests and decorations, Pepper, Barbara, Tony and Clint. And lastly, her eyes fell on Steve.

His blonde hair was the same as always, styled like he was back in the 1940s. But he was wearing a tux with a black tie and white button down shirt underneath. He had a white flower attached to the pocket on his chest. His hands were clasped together in front of him. He was looking down at his loafers, but looked up once Tony nudged him in the ribs.

Steve looked up and his blue eyes locked onto Gwen's green ones. His eyes widened for a second, his lips slightly parted as though his mind went blank. Then a large smile broke out across his face. Gwen returned it.

Before she knew it, Gwen was at what was considered the alter, but seeing as they weren't actually in a church, it was just a pastor and a bible.

Gwen handed her bouquet to Pepper who gave her a wink and then turned back to Steve.

"You look beautiful," he whispered.

"You look handsome," she answered, earning a even bigger smile.

"We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Steven Grant Rogers and Gwendolyn Sharon Powers..."

Gwen tuned out of what the pastor said. All she knew was that she was in the process of marrying Steve and that was all that mattered. She could've sworn Pepper sniffed behind her as if she was crying, but Gwen didn't have the opportunity to turn around to see. A couple times Tony made weird faces at her and she tried her best not to laugh.

Before she knew it, her and Steve were exchanging vows and rings.

"I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Steve didn't need to be told twice. He quickly wrapped his arms around Gwen's waist and pulled her close. She responded by linking her arms around his neck. Their lips crushed together, earning cheers and cat-whistles from the guests. By the time the two parted, they were breathless and smiling like idiots.

Steve put out his arm and Gwen took it, linking it with hers. He led her through the applauding crowd, making their way for the elevator where JARVIS would take them to where the reception was being held. But when the door opened, it revealed none other than Nick Fury.

"Fury?" asked Steve, his eyes just as wide as Gwen's.

Gwen felt incredibly fustrated. She knew that Fury would only show up for one of two reasons. One, he actually decided to come but ended up really late; or two, something was wrong. And in Gwen's mind, it better be really, really wrong.

"The honeymoon is now officially cancelled," he replied.

Gwen fought the urge to throw a tantrum. "But we're going to London! To see the Harry Potter Studio Tour!"

"Well, it's just gonna have to wait. We have a situation."