Chapter 4: The Butler, Cooking

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After the girl had fallen asleep, I lay awake thinking. She'd shown me into a large room, far larger than hers. But I didn't make a comment. I didn't know why she stayed in that tiny room, but I was sure she had a reason. It would be rude to my Master for a mere butler to interfere. It's quite the puzzle though, isn't it? I grinned. I loved puzzles.

I looked around the room. It was quite barren, but the walls were colored in a dark red, and the floor was wood. It looked like a proper place for a demon. The bed was a queen, and the same color as the walls. This wasn't a servant's room. I'm not sure whether she assumes to vex me, or to be generous. But I'd prefer a servant's room after all. But she did supply me with a desk, which would be quite good for the paperwork. I'd have to ask her about that tomorrow. And it looked like she didn't have any servants either. I'd have to find some as well.

I sighed. So much work, so little time. Oh, well, I'll work on it tomorrow. Even though sleep was a luxury, I did enjoy it in the human world. It would be a waste not to use this chance. I didn't bother undressing, I just took off my shoes. I lay on my side. It had been one of the most interesting days in a while.

Later, when even the sun wasn't awake yet, I opened my eyes and stretched. "Ah~ It was forever ago since I slept so well." I hooked the back on my shoes and put them on. I also slipped on the gloves that covered the Faustian contract mark. I could never be too careful in the human world. I've known humans to appear out of nowhere.

"HEY LUCIEN!" I never heard the door open, but THAT girl stood waving in the hallway. "Ms. Ivory, why are you up so early?"

"I make breakfast every morning." She answered.

I sighed. "No, no, that will not do. You are not only a heiress, but also a young lady. Young ladies most definitely do not cook for their servants."

"But you can't cook, can you?" She questioned.

"Of course I can cook." I snapped.

She looked skeptical and answered with, "I'm keeping my food, and if yours doesn't turn out well, I'm throwing it away and you're never allowed in the kitchen again."

"Fine. It's a deal." I said.

Down in the kitchen, I worked quickly, flipping the pages of a cookbook. I made pancakes, a quick, delicious food, and Earl Grey tea. I laid my work down on the already set table. "You did this?" I accused. It was perfect looking, but there were two spots set out, not one. "There's probably not a guest coming, is there?" I asked.

She laughed. "It's for you!" Bad, this is bad. Any more, and I'll fall in love with you too.

"That's not proper, you know?" I said cautiously.

"So what? I'm the only one here." She waved her arms towards the empty table to prove her point.

"But only if your food tastes better." I resigned myself to my fate.

She sat down. "Bring it forth."

I grinned. "Yes, my lady."

She glared at me. "Is that your new way of addressing me? I think I liked Ms. Ivory better."

I said nothing, but my grin stretched a little bit wider. I laid the plate down, barely making the china clink.

She lifted a fork up and cut the pancake, and put it in her mouth. She chewed for a while, swallowed, got up, lifted up the plate, walked to the trash, and threw it all away.

I glanced at her, shocked. She didn't say a word until she brought her dish from the kitchen, and sat back down. "Sit." I sat. "Eat." I looked at the dish. Souffle. When exactly did she get up?

She glared. "EAT!" She commanded.

"Alright, alright. I'll eat." I took a bit of it. And another. And another. IT'S SO DELICIOUS!

"This is so good! How did you become so good at cooking?"

She smiled sadly. "I've had to cook alone for a long time."

"Certainly you could have-" I stopped. I had promised to myself I wouldn't. I couldn't. I could not become interested in this girl because that might lead to affection. And I couldn't ever let myself feel affection for a human.

I continued eating as if I'd never said anything. It seemed like that had become my new motto. Don't become interested, don't ask questions. But the fact of the matter was, it was really hard to do that.

In order to steer the conversation away from uncomfortable matters, I said lightly, "Why did you throw away the food I cooked?"

She took another bite of food, chewed thoughtfully, and answered with, "It was completely and utterly awful. It looked good, but the taste was…how do say it? Horrible. Just plain horrible."

Okay, maybe not less uncomfortable waters. More like a stormy, whirlpool-filled sea. "What are you talking about!"

She shook her head. "Just…just never cook for again, promise?"

I sighed. "A deal is a deal."

She perked up. "I've been meaning to ask; how good is a demon's word?"

I smiled. "Better than an angel's. You see, we'll tell you what we want, we won't hid it. Angels and Shinigamis and whatever else is out there; they'll lure you in with half-truths. But we, demons, won't break our word. Ever. If it's in our gain, for example, a soul, we will never betray our human. Until the bitter end. I may not know why you called me here, or why you asked what you did, but I will never betray you. I swear upon it."

"That sounded like a bunch of fancy nonsense." She said dubiously.

"I'll swear on the moon, if that'll help you trust me."

She waved a hand in the air. "I'm good." She finally broke into a smile.

I looked at her curiously. "For a human that was so close to death that you summoned a demon, you smile an awful lot."

The smile wiped clear off her face. She stood up suddenly, rattling the dishes. She picked up mine as well and walked to the kitchen. Odd.

She came back, and said this, "I've been very, very lonely, and you cured that. But I'm not happy. Not completely. I'm broken, and not even you can fill that gaps in my heart, my soul."

"Well, it is kind of my problem to fix, seeing as I'm the one eating your soul, am I not correct?"

"Typical demon, huh." She looked at me, scanning my eyes. She turned around, and spoke with her back turned. "I'm going out for a while. I'll be back before dinnertime to start it."

"Wait." She didn't turn back around, but she shuddered slightly. "What about teatime?"

She sighed. "I don't need it, ok?"

"Yes. Yes, my lady."

She didn't even answer to that, but walked away. I watched her leave. I know I tried to dampen the feelings, but it seemed like I'd failed. I want to know. I WANT TO KNOW.

But the reasonable side of me could never accept that. I am a demon, not some love-filled human. The only reason I'm here is to eat this girl's soul. Unfortunately, part of me could never accept that either. I think there's only one thing that the two sides of me can agree on. I put my head down on the table. I'm a complete and utter mess.

Author's note: Maybe something will actually HAPPEN next chapter. Keep your finger's crossed. _ And it seems like there's a lot of smiling sadly. I just like that expression, sorry.