You may have read alohamora080's story 'Children of the Future' or myhorserockyrocks' story 'Children of the Third Generation' (if you haven't I suggest you do, both are really good!) This is going to be like both of those, but a combination of NextGen and the Third Generation. This means that there will be nextgen OC's of mine that you won't recognise, but are important for the future.

My chapter style will also be different, the NextGen chapters will be done in couples (eg. Teddy and Victoire, Rose and Scorpius) and then the ThirdGen chapters will be each child individually. The chapters will be sorted in age order for everyone, using the man/boy's age for the couples.

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Ted Remus Lupin - 21st April, 1998

Victoire Fleur Weasley - 2nd May 2000

He was born in the middle of a war, named after his grandfather and father that he would never meet.

She was born on the second anniversary of the end of the very same war, named for their victory and the mother she loved dearly.

Teddy and Victoire were best friends from the day they met.

He was six and she was four – they bonded over mud pies in the Burrow's back garden.

The two years they spent apart while Teddy was at Hogwarts and Victoire wasn't were tough for both of them, they missed having each other close all of the time.

When Victoire arrived and was sorted into Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff Teddy was disappointed.

He thought this meant they would spend the next few years seperated aswell, not realising that Victoire would just join him at the yellow and black table for almost every meal.

They became a couple on Christmas Eve in her fifth year and his seventh, thanks to some enchanted mistletoe hung in the Burrow.

They were never hugely public with their affection (mainly because of all of the little cousins that surrounded them 24/7) but no one could deny that they loved each other more than anything.

Victoire and Teddy married on the 20th July 2025 after a seven year engagement.

They were blessed with three beautiful children, who they lived to see grow old.

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