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Lauren Jade Weasley

15th August 2033

Fred and Jennifer Weasley were the last of their generation to have a child.

Their little girl's name was Lauren and she had beautiful brown hair and dark brown eyes.

She was a delightful little baby, one that often made other adults jealous of her parents as she was such a easy child to deal with.

As both of her parents were Quidditch fanatics (an ex-professionals), Lauren grew up surrounded by the sport.

She inherited her mother's Seeker skill and from an early age was on a broom, beating everyone she played – even her mother.

When Lauren went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and made the Quidditch team almost immediately.

As her time was divided between studying, Quidditch and her two best friends, Lauren had very little time for romance.

She watched as her two best friends find love, she couldn't help but hope that her Prince Charming was waiting for her somewhere.

She left school with a contract to play with Puddlemere United (that she had first received the offer for when she finished her O.W.L.s, but being a Ravenclaw had been determined to finish school first.

As Dora had left to travel the world, it was only Alva and Lauren and they always made time to see each other.

When Alva began to plan her wedding, she asked Lauren to be her maid of honour.

Lauren agreed, but couldn't help but feel that she had only been asked because she didn't have a wedding of her own to plan.

She also felt that Alva and Tom would have preferred to have Dora and Will there, but were in such a rush to marry that they went ahead anyway.

On the day of the wedding, she knew exactly what she had to do, but still managed to forget everything when she saw who Tom's best man was.

Neil Corner had been Tom's best friend from his year at Hogwarts.

Lauren knew him, he had been a Ravenclaw chaser at Hogwarts and had always seemed slightly bitter that his Captain was two years younger than he was.

But despite that, he was incredibly good-looking and Lauren struggled to keep her eyes off him during the two-hour ceremony.

At the reception, he asked her to dance and she accepted, merely because it was almost a tradition for the maid of honour and best man to dance.

They ended up dancing together for the entire night, finding that they had an awful lot in common.

Of course, weddings supply quite a lot of alcohol and they ended up stumbling into bed together.

Lauren woke up the next morning with a pounding headache, a ripped dress and a naked man in the bed beside her.

She did the best thing she could possibly have done in the situation and ran out before Neil woke up.

Lauren knew that she had some feelings for him, but convinced herself that he didn't feel the same way and that leaving without having to face an awkward rejection was the best thing to do.

You can imagine her surprise when she walked into her apartment a week later, wrecked after a long training session, to find Neil sitting in her kitchen with a dozen red roses and a smile on his face.

They became a couple, much to Alva's delight, who found the entire situation absolutely hilarious.

They married three years later, surrounded by their family and friends.

And so the entire third generation were grown up, starting families of their own and passing down the Weasley traits.

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