Many centuries ago, when humans and fairy creatures lived side by side, there was a young shepherd who had small herd of goats. The shepherd's name was Dean. He was a very handsome and kind young man. All the young maidens of the village were in love with him, but Dean's heart did not belong to anyone.

While the goats were bleating, running around and eating fresh, dewy grass, the young shepherd would sit at the small lake playing his flute.

He knew many melodies, but he had a favorite one that he would play only at night, under the shining moon. As soon as the goats were taken home, he would return to the lake and play the tune.

The melody was so sad that it could make even a cold stone melt and cry. The spirits of the forest and all the animals would gather nearby and watch the shepherd with teary eyes, who would look at the surface of the lake in a strange trance.

But forest spirits and animals were not the only ones who were enchanted by the sweet melody. The lake had its own spirit – Castiel. He was the most beautiful creature ever born…

As usual, Dean was sitting on the shore playing his favorite melody. The night was special. Dean could feel it. His heart was beating faster. Unknown excitement had spread through his body and he could not lift his gaze from the glittering surface of the water. The music was creating a magical atmosphere around the shepherd.

Castiel was sleeping on the bottom of the lake when the melody reached his hearing. He slowly opened his eyes. The spirit decided to resurface and see who was playing the flute. He had heard the melody many times before, but never seen the musician.

Castiel tenderly removed his algae blanket from his beautiful naked body and slowly swam upwards.

There was a massive white stone in the middle of the lake and Castiel hid behind it. He cautiously peeked out from his hiding place and saw the musician. The spirit was stunned by the shepherd's beauty. He was so enchanted by the bittersweet melody that he forgot all about hiding and moved away from the stone. In the same second, the moon cast its rays upon the lake and Castiel appeared in the circle made of moonlight.

Immediately Dean saw the spirit and he gasped. He stood up and lowered the hand that was holding a flute. The shepherd stepped forward. His foot sank in the warm water.

Castiel realized that the shepherd saw him and instantly dived back into the depths.

"Wait," Dean shouted. "Who are you? At least tell me your name," the shepherd pleaded.

Castiel swam fast and did not stop. He was feeling strange. Something blissful and divine was forming in his heart. The lake spirit was captivated by those piercing, green eyes...