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Summary: This scene takes place when Train decides to leave the group and live as a stray cat. [Please note that this is my version of looking at the incident with some additions and deletions] Please Review.


It was the dead of the night, a soft wind blew in through the windows and the curtains ruffled. Eve shifted in her bed, unable to sleep. She slowly got up from her bed, tiptoed to her door and opened it silently. Sven was in his room sleeping. She stealthily crept into the living room. The room was dark and the only light that came in was the moonlight through the window. Train was sleeping on the couch. His breathing was light and there was no sound except for her trepidating heart. She quietly moved towards Train, and stared at him with her usual unreadable expression. He's leaving tomorrow, she thought. Her face remained as stoic as ever as she remained submerged in her thoughts.

I guess it's time… Her hands slowly reached for Train's neck. She was about to reach the collar when suddenly she felt a strong grasp on her hands.

"You should know Princess that I'm not Sven…" Train said with a grin. He went up and switched on the lights.

"So what are you doing at this hour, creeping up on me like that? I was scared you know." he pouted. Eve knew he was teasing. Her brow twitched but she quickly calmed herself, after all this would probably be the last time… She sighed.

Whoa, Princess that was quite a long sigh coming from you, anything wrong?" he enquired,worried that she was having one of her nightmares again that stopped her from sleeping. She quietly nodded her head replying No. "Then what did you want? Don't tell me you wanted to strangulate me or something?" He said in a false voice. This time Eve was not so considerate, she replied in her usual monotone, "I wish I could…" Train gasped. A small smile appeared on her face. She continued in her emotionless voice, "Relax. I just couldn't sleep, that's all." She paused; Train looked at her as if asking her to continue. "I was thinking about something, about that story that I read a few years ago. When you bell the bad cat it, it turns good… And I was thinking about that time when I tried to put that bell around you…" She pointed towards Train. He looked down at his neck and smiled, "Sure brings back memories…"

"You don't need it anymore…" Eve said knowingly. "It has served its purpose", she paused, and Train only looked at her in disbelief "You're a good cat now… you don't need it." Her voice was firm but Train felt as if he heard it quiver slightly at the last part. Her words were simple, but he felt there was more to her words than it seemed.

She slowly went up to him and her hands reached for the bell. Her hands were suddenly stopped by Train's. "Princess," he said gently, "I know what you're trying to say… It has actually served its purpose. But there's more to this bell than just that. It connects the cat to its master. To the people who care for him, to the people who are family. It is a symbol of the bond we share and I wouldn't let go of it at any cost, even if you came in your ultimate form asking me to take it off…" He grinned in his usual goofy grin and ruffled her hair affectionately.

Eve simply stared at him; Train couldn't decipher what was actually going on in her head so he said quite densely, "Goodnight Princess, go to bed now. Remember I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning."

She let out a small sigh as Train sweat dropped. Eve slowly walked away to her room. Strangely she fell asleep soon.

The next morning at about five in the morning, Train and Sven were up, they were busy with the last minute preparations. Sven was busy loading Train's bike with a carton full of milk bottles. He cried, "Hurry up, And Train don't daydream!" Although its better if he stays I think, he doesn't need to go he thought. "Shut up, Sven-daddy, it's not even day yet, I can't believe I'm up at five in the morning, even Eve would've fallen out of her chair right now in utmost shock!" he laughed.

He then remembered something; he slowly walked towards Eve's room. As he opened the door, he saw her sleeping peacefully, her golden hair framing her face beautifully and the early morning sunlight coming through her window gave her an angelic hue amongst her white bed and her white pinafore. She ruffled among her white blankets and Train smiled softly, he then leaned down to kiss her forehead, "Take care of yourself, Princess and Sven too, I'm counting on you. Goodbye." He then quietly closed the door behind him as she lay there peacefully on her bed.

Vroom! Vroom! Train's motorcycle roared. He put on his goggles. "Well I must be off then. Goodbye, Sven-daddy. Don't be too possessive about Eve now that she's growing up. You know teenage…" he chuckled. Sven smirked, "Is that parenting advice coming from you Train?" Train laughed, "I asked Eve to take care of you too now that you're growing old…" He winked.

"I AM NOT OLD! I AM JUST 30!" Sven cried. "See you later, Old Man. Sorry, Partner!" Train cried as he rode off. Sven smiled, "Yeah, see you soon partner."

...to be continued.