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Summary: It has been four years since Train Heartnet left the Vollifieds. Oh yes, Eve was officially adopted by Sven as his daughter. She's in eleventh grade now next year she'd be graduating from high school. She's seventeen, Sven thirty-four and Train well, I'm guessing his age to be 27. Please Review.

Chapter 12: The Magic of the Dream Weavers

"… Yes, did you see him? Wonder who he is…"

"He's so handsome…"

"If looks could kill, then this carnival would've turned into a homicide…"

Train walked in amidst the whispers and discussions about the sudden entry of this gorgeous stranger.

Ellene was busy supervising and helping put up the decorations in the ground floor corridors. She recognized the familiar stature, "Hey!" she called out to him, "You're the guy from other day, isn't it?" She paced towards him, and saw the packages in his hand, she gave him a suspicious look as Train sweatdropped and let out, "Where's your friend? Her father sent lunch and well… it's urgent." She said in a distrusting tone "Eve's up there in the second floor; be careful not to damage anything as that floor has been cordoned off until the party. Go quickly someone might notice you and-"

Train started walking towards the said direction as Ellene stood staring at his fading silhouette. Hope everything goes alright… she still didn't quite believe him.

Train noticed the bright blue and silvery white shimmering decorations on his way. A big blue background wall with a shimmering white moon and an angel hanging from the ceiling caught his attention as he reached the end of the first floor corridor.

Eve was busy lighting up the party hall suitably so that the theme of the party could be highlighted. The dance floor looked picture perfect, just like a living dream. She was standing atop the steps of a ladder fixing up the lightings. Eve cried, "We're done here. Let's test it once."

Train walked in as the place lit up in heavenly glow and the bluish silvery hue engulfed the entire hall. Train's all-black appearance stood out sharply, starting a storm of murmurs about who this stunningly attractive guest might be. Eve turned behind to find Train standing at the center of the dance floor.

He looked up at Eve; her porcelain skin shone in the light and reflected the same creating a heavenly aura around her. Her long white legs were clearly visible in her school uniform, now that she didn't have her socks on. He stood there staring at her for quite some time when her voice brought him back to reality.

"What are you doing here Train?" she asked as she came down from the ladder and walked towards him. "I thought you were out with Sven…" Her eyes fell on the package in his hand. Train was all the while studying her every movement with an unfaltering gaze. He realized the presence of the package in his hands and handed it out to her.

"Sven sent it for you, said you'll need it."

As the exchange took place their fingers lightly brushed against each other, causing both of them to color slightly.

"Oi Vollified, how's it going? Need some help? I'm already done with the food arrangements." Zine called up from behind. Both Train and Eve tried to look the other way as Zine walked up to them. He continued as his eyes fell on Train, "Who's your friend here?" He then looked at Train and smiled, "You must be the guy the whole school's been talking about! Nice to meet you, I'm Zine." He held out his hand. Train shook his hand and said, "I'm Train Heartnet, a sweeper."

"I know. Ellene told me. She doesn't quite trust you though, well you know, girls…" he smirked, "You look a pretty decent chap to me, after all Eve's choice can't be that bad, can it?" he said.

Eve stiffened at his words and wished that the ground would open up and swallow her so that she could escape the embarrassment. She somehow managed to gather herself quickly and said, "Well, Zine, Ms. Kurosawa's been looking for you since ages. She wanted to talk to you about your speech…"

Zine's face showed he remembered something important and exclaimed, "Shoot! How could I forget that? Thanks Eve, see you around Train." He left immediately. Train stood there quite surprised.

Eve and Train came out of the hall together. Eve had the packages in her hand. Train suggested, "Let's find a quiet place where you can have your lunch. It's nearly half past four. Quick, let's sit here." He pointed to an empty classroom. As they sat down, Eve quietly munched on her lunch while Train thought out ways to approach her about last day's incident. Finally after much thinking he looked straight into her eyes and said determinedly, "Princess- "

Suddenly the door slid open and two girls stepped in, Eve recognized the two of them to be from her class. They quickly retraced back their steps when they saw the two of them already sitting there.

"We're very sorry to disturb your private conversation." They bowed and closed the door behind them.

Eve closed her bento and quickly got up from her seat quite flushed, and opened the door, "We're leaving Train. I still have some work left. As I go about it, you can look around the school."

As Train walked about, he heard whispers from here and there.

"… Yeah he's with that strange girl from class 2-B."

"Vollified? Who's she?"

After about an hour later, he finally met up with Eve.

"Are you finished with everything, Princess?" Train asked.

Eve sighed, "Yeah almost done, just wait for fifteen more minutes and then we'll set out for home."

Train looked puzzled, "Home? Aren't you going to attend the ceremony and the party after that? No, Princess, I want to stick around a bit longer… I like the ambience here." Eve looked a bit down at his words. Train continued, "Well did you open the package? What's in it that you required so urgently…?"

Eve silently started to walk away as she felt the blood rise to her cheeks, after she had moved quite a distance she opened her mouth, "Fine, Train, we'll stay back."

She returned some time later, "Here's a pass for the party Train. In case you're asked, show this. I won't be there with you since I'll be busy backstage. I'll join you later, okay?" She left soon after.

At about six thirty the opening ceremony started. Fireworks exploded across the sky as the Principal entered the school grounds with the Chief Guests. The welcome speech was an inspiringly warm one given by Zine. Ellene clapped loud and hard as soon as he finished. Many other girls did too, sighing and nearly swooning over their soccer team captain. Amidst the loud cheer and applause Train couldn't find Eve anywhere. He thought he caught a glimpse of her amidst the backstage crew but then there was no sign of her again. The crowd then moved to the second floor hall.

By eight the party had started. Ellene took the center stage.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the 15th annual carnival has begun… Please put your hands together for your hosts tonight, the Dream Weavers. These are the students of both junior and senior sections who've been working hard for the past three weeks to make this event a huge success. Let the party start!"

As soon as she finished girls and boys under masquerades walked in waving and bowing to the guests. Amidst them, Train recognized a pair of magenta eyes and golden hair that were too conspicuous to not notice.

She was in a white off-shoulder embellished evening dress that ran just a little above her knees. The dress girded around her waist and the sheer organza fabric nearly blurred into her porcelain white skin. Her long blonde hair was left open; the sides were clipped, with a few stray strands, which cupped her face perfectly.

Soon after, people started moving towards the dance floor in pairs. Eve purposely started to make herself busy with the food arrangements and making sure that the guests were getting enough of their hospitability. Train joined her, "Hey Princess, are you still working? I wanted to-"

"Just a minute Train, I'll be back in a moment."

When she returned, the mask around her eyes was not there. Now her beautiful big magenta eyes were clearly visible. Ellene accompanied her.

"So are you enjoying the party Train?" She asked. Train nodded. Zine waved at them from the other side of the floor. Ellene waved back at him while Eve and Train smiled back.

Two girls suddenly came up to them, looked at Eve and said "Well, Volli- anyways won't you introduce us to your boyfriend here?" By this time Zine too had come over. Eve remained silent and as Ellene was about to open her mouth when Train said quickly, "Oh no, I'm just a friend… She already likes someone else." As he spoke, he felt a sudden pain crippling his heart. Eve's face fell at his words.

A tense moment passed on between the six of them. Just then one of the girls spoke up, "Well good for you." She said to Train and they left. Something about the eyes of Eve's best friends forbade them from asking Train to dance with them or any such questions for that matter.

Zine suggested, "Come on Eve, Train, lets hit the dance floor."

Eve was still recovering from the fresh wound inflicted on her heart, she added lowly, "You all go ahead, and I'll pass. Anyways I need to look over the food and the drinks."

She walked away from them, out of the party and into an empty classroom.

She shut the door behind her and walked over to the window. It was a starry night, the moon was big and high up in the sky.

"… Actually, I also wanted to see how you were doing, you know school and friends and everything…"

"I know you're strong Princess and that you can protect yourself and take care of yourself as well as the people you care for. When I did that, I didn't do it out of pity, it's just that I didn't want to hurt you…"

"… The rooftops were lonely and the stars were sad that their admirer was not there anymore. So I thought that I could probably erase their pain in my own way."

For you, so that our bonds never break…

"Oh yeah… No matter how old it is, it's very precious. It reminds me of my bonds, you know… Bonds that I never wish to break or let go of…"

"Please, Saya! Wait! Don't…"

"…I think you should forget him and move on. He doesn't deserve you…"

"Oh no, I'm just a friend. She already likes someone else."

She was lost in her thoughts when the door slid open. She turned around to see who it was and recognized the pair of cat eyes that were scanning the dark room. She turned back to face the stars. Train closed the door behind him.


"How'd you find me? I thought you were at the party…"

"Picked up on your scent. I can recognize your sweet smell anywhere…" Fortunately the room was pretty dark, for Train blushed heavily as he spoke. Eve however was too hurt to listen to any of his words.

"I'm sorry Princess for what I said the other day. I was just being stupid. I think you should at least let him know once. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try…"

Her eyes widened at his words. She kept on looking outside the window. He continued, "I've wanted to talk to you since the morning, but something or the other stopped me. Moreover ever since I stepped into your school, I've been putting you in embarrassing situations with people thinking me to be the guy you like, even your friends thought so- I'm sorry, Princess."

"What if they are actually right Train? Did you ever give it a thought that the guy I liked could be you? What if you were the one I fell in love with, Train? I was the one who was being stupid Train, not you... I should have done this long ago. You were right Train; it wouldn't hurt to give it a try…"

This time her emotions didn't burst out in her voice, she spoke calmly. But the tears streamed down her cheeks in silence as the darkness played on with the moonlight.

… to be continued.