Imagining dancing with a man will make your heart beats fast. The smell of a man with a suit and a tie, dancing with you, holding you close, so close you breathe the same air with him. As the song begins he will pull you closer to him dancing with the beat of the song. Slowly you move with him, you can feel him leading the dance. You will not able to think of anything else, all you can think of is the smell of his perfume, the way his hair move while he's dancing with you. When the music stops, there is a brief second when you and him look each other in the eyes without anything to say, waiting for the right time to speak, awkwardness. But you live in that moment, a second can be a lifetime. That brief second usually ruined by an alarm clock.

Caroline wokes up from her sleep, she always dreams about Tyler or Matt or her parents even her friends. But this night was different, she had a dream about Klaus. Klaus invited her to the ball last night. She couldn't stop thinking about him expecially after he sent her the drawing of her and the horse. Caroline Forbes never have been treated so special by anyone, not even her parents.

"Klaus is the one who killed Jenna, he's the one who's trying to kill Elena, he's the one who is making our life miserable", Caroline repeated the sentence over and over again but she can't hide the fact that she is thinking about Klaus and the night she had with him at the ball. She kept picturing the ball room with all the people dancing including her and Klaus, except in her mind there was no music, just people dancing, the only thing she heard was the conversation she had with Klaus in that ball room. That imagination kept bugging Caroline. She can't get Klaus out of her mind. And finally she admitted, Caroline Forbes has a crush on 2 hybrids, and one of them tried to kill everyone that she loves.