Beating the Odds
Part One:

Rosalie was pissed as she pulled into Alice's driveway. She hated how her fiancée is never home when she's going to sleep, and how he's always gone before she wakes up. Rose knew deep down inside that if this is how he is when they're not married, it'll only get worse when they actually are. She inhaled a sharp breath and pressed down on the horn, long and hard.

Alice stumbled outside, holding tightly onto her portfolio of fashion sketches and print outs of the next article that will be printed in tomorrows edition of Fashion Weekly. A fashion columnist was always Alice's calling.

"Don't you have work today?" Alice asked, noticing Rose not wearing the white lab coat required to perform her doctorly duties.

"Yeah. My lab coat is in my office at work." Rose sighed, backing out of the drive way, "I really don't feel like going in to treat patients today…Maybe I should be a medical examiner, you know…for homicide victims. They don't do too much talking."

"So, have you and Emmett started planning the wedding?" Alice wondered, leaning her seat back, comfortably.

"Emmett and I aren't speaking." Rose informed, sighing, as she pulled into Bella's neighborhood.

"What did my idiot brother do now?" Alice jokingly asked, turning to face her.

"It's what he's not doing." Rose corrected, pulling into Bella's drive way, "He's never home Alice. How am I suppose to marry a man who's never home? You and my brother don't live together yet, but you'll see when you two stop beating around the bush and decide to further your relationship."

Rosalie honked the horn, multiple times before Bella made an appearance. She looked angrier than Rosalie did. Alice noted how Edward's car wasn't in the driveway.

"Where's your husband?" Rose asked, also noticing, "Let me guess…Work."

"How'd you know?" Bella asked, plastering a sarcastic grin upon her face, "Be honest. Do you guys think I'm old?"

"Yes." Rose immediately answered, earning a smack in the arm from Alice."What? She's fourteen years older than us Alice!" Rose remarked, ignoring the pain in her upper arm, "She's old!"

"You didn't have to be so harsh with it! Gosh, do you have a filter?" Alice exclaimed, covering her face, before peeping an eye to gauge Bella's reaction, "Sweetie…Bella, honey, you're 40. It's nothing you can do about it. You have three children, all over the age of nine. You should be proud about your age."

"But I hang out with two 26 year olds." Bella sighed, covering her face in shame.

"Yeah, that does make you look bad, it is a bit pathetic, but so what? We make you feel young!" Rosalie asserted, before glancing in the rear view mirror at Bella, "That's not the only reason you're upset…What else is wrong?"

"Edward and I got into an argument last night. He called me old! He's only five years younger than I am! He's childish! If anything he needs to grow up! Now I have to go to Forks University and teach a bunch of immature adolescents."

"Aw Bella!" Alice exclaimed, patting her friend's knee.

"Look at the bright side, at least you can kick them out of the classroom." Rose interjected, pulling out of the driveway, "I'll get fired if I even think about kicking my patients out. All they do is nag, nag and nag, but now that I think about it, I do want to go to work. I get paid to stab people with sharp objects."

"Rose you never and I mean never complain about your career. What did you do yesterday? How much sleep did you get?" Bella wondered, zipping up her brief case.

"I had one of the most complicated surgeries ever. I had to give this old woman, I mean old enough to be my grandmother, a heart transplant. Before the surgery even started, that lady was talking me to death. She kept telling me she didn't feel old. Hence, she doesn't act her age. She does things she's too old to do, which is wearing down on her, one of the reasons she had to get a heart transplant. I told her she's getting old, especially since majority of her mail consists of medical bills, insurance offers and information from the AARP. Then I talked to Emmett, and he tells me he's actually going to make it home for dinner, so I rush home and cook the best meal I've ever made, I wait and wait and wait, and he never shows. I didn't get a lot of sleep. I waited up for him. Emmett and I had one of the most biggest arguments in our relationship last night! I mean door slamming, curse words flying, shoes throwing type of argument. He slept on the couch." Rose asserted, pulling in front of Forks National Bank.

"Maybe you guys aren't on the same page." Alice sighed, waiting as Rose unlocked the doors.

"It's hard to be on the same page Alice when you're reading different books." Rosalie remarked, unbuckling her seat belt.

"Did you guys at least make up before he left for work?" Bella questioned, getting out of the car, holding tightly onto her purse.

"No. He's never home when I wake up." she declared, sticking her keys into her purse.

"Why are we here again?" Alice wondered, getting out of the car.

"I need to cash my check. It won't take long." Bella replied, leading her friends into the bank.

"Alright, you look upset. Whose ass am I kicking today?" Jasper asked, while handing Emmett his morning coffee.

"Your sister's." Emmett laughed, before taking a sip.

"Yeahhhhh, that's not going to happen." he remarked, flopping down into his desk chair.

"I kind of figured." Emmett responded, shrugging his shoulders.

Jasper stared at Emmett and squinted his eyes. Emmett seemed to be in a deep thought. He shrugged his shoulders and turned around to face his computer. Jasper continued to stare, waiting for Emmett to say something, anything.

"Well!" Jasper exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air, "What happened?"

"I thought you'd never ask." he commented, turning back around to face his partner, "Last night Rose and I got into one of the biggest arguments-"

"I doubt it was that big." he interrupted, as Emmett glowered at him for the interjection, "Sorry, continue…"

"It was stupid, really! It was basically about me never being home anymore. She doesn't understand that my job is very demanding-" Emmett continued, before Jasper cut him off again.

"Her job is demanding too Emmett. She's a doctor, who's on call 24/7, but she still makes time for you." Jasper cut in, earning another glare from Emmett.

"Do you want me to finish or not?" Emmett shouted, slamming his coffee mug down onto his desk.

Jasper's eyes grew wide as his hands immediately flew into the air, as if he was surrendering.

"She's been complaining about it a lot lately, and last night it just blew up. She waited for me to get home. Your sister is crazy Jasper, once I walked through the door, a plate smashed into the wall right next to me and then she took off her heel and threw it at me. She started screaming and hollering about me being an inconsiderate bastard. She called me every name in the book. I only got a few words in and then she made me sleep on the couch." Emmett finished, running his hand stressfully down his face.

"Did the heel hit you?" Jasper asked, completely astonished.

"Yes! It hit the back of my head! I had a headache the rest of the night." Emmett explained, as Jasper looked at him like a proud father.

"That's my girl." he whispered, smiling menacingly, while biting on his bottom lip.

"Seriously Jasper? You're approving this behavior?" Emmett questioned, standing up out of his seat.

"What? No!" he quickly retorted, crossing his arms, "I'm simply admiring the courage behind the act."

"So basically you're approving of it?"

"Yeah, pretty much." he admitted, shrugging his shoulders.

It was a normal, boring day in the bank. It was about five bank tellers and six security guards at the front entrance. This bank was one of the most heavily guarded. Out of Forks, this is the only bank that has never been robbed, because it just can't be. This bank is where majority of the town keeps their money. Guards are positioned at the entrance, one guard is posted in front of each window.

"I love Emmett dearly, it's just he can be so inconsiderate sometimes." Rosalie stated, standing behind Bella and Alice in the second line.

"I understand. Edward is the exact same way. He doesn't understand that I'm not superwoman. Yes, he has a demanding job, but so do I. I am a college professor for ten hours a day, and I am mother of three for 24." Bella admitted, pulling an envelope out of her purse.

"Well I have nothing bad to report about my Jasper." Alice added, proudly smiling.

"That's because the two of you are only boyfriend and girlfriend." Bella remarked, as Rose nodded along.

"Yeah, wait until my brother pops the question and you two decide to live together. Then you'll see what I'm talking about. Emmett and Jasper both work for the CIA. He's going to be about as absent as Emmett is." Rosalie asserted, crossing her arms, as they moved forward in the line.

Rosalie didn't want to continue the conversation. She listened in as Alice tried to come to Jasper's defense. She didn't feel like arguing. She argued all last night. Rosalie stared at each guard at their post. In all, it is about ten guards on duty currently.

Bella was too consumed in her conversation with Alice about Jasper to see three figures walk through the entrance of the bank. Once inside, the three pulled dark ski masks over their faces. The leader of the pack, Marcus, shot three bullets into the ceiling.

Rosalie glanced towards the banks guards waiting for them to do what was in their job description. This bank was impossible to rob, unless you're working from the inside, and every person paid to protect the bank came together to rob it.

"This is a stick up!" Marcus shouted, in a deep foreign accent, "Do as I say, and I'll think about letting you live!"

Bella noted how she has never heard the accent before. Alice watched each armed guard pull their caps off, and pull dark ski masks over their faces. Each guard was foreign. She could tell from their appearance and accents.

Marcus stood proudly in the center of one of the greatest banks. Getting inside was always the hardest part. No one has ever really survived because once the sight of a gun was visible, the real guards were ordered to kill on the spot. Marcus actually pulled it off.

"Aro and Laurent, direct everyone to the center of the bank. Caius grab each cell phone, purse and wallet." Marcus ordered, clipping his gun back into its holster, "Guards make sure no one gets in or out."

Aro was Marcus' younger brother. Aro's entire demeanor was unpredictable, which made him an extremely dangerous man. He acts out more on emotion than reason. Aro was probably the most wanted man in the United States. He has been the lead suspect in a terrorist attack that happened a few months ago in California at a popular bank, such as the one they're at. No law enforcement agency was ever able to catch him.

Caius on the other hand, was the middle brother. He acted out on pure reason rather than emotion. He believed in any and everything that could be proven. If he couldn't see it, it didn't exist. If there isn't a logical explanation as to why something happened, in his book it didn't. Caius was more involved in the attack in California, than Aro was, but no one knew. Caius knew how to stay hidden.

A few shrieks and pleads filled the large bank as people were pushed to the center of the building.

"Where is the lockdown button?" Victoria asked, stuffing her red hair under the ski mask.

No one dared to speak. Marcus sighed to himself as he glanced towards his brother. Aro shot two bullets into the ceiling, before aiming the gun at a pregnant woman, who looked to be in her last trimester.

"I'm going to ask again. Where is the lockdown button?" Victoria repeated, as Aro pulled the trigger back on his gun.

Bella held up her hands. She didn't know where the button was located, but she refused to sit back and watch a young, soon-to-be mother be killed. She could at least stall, or maybe look for the button herself.

"Where is it?" Aro growled, grabbing onto Bella's arm.

"I…I don't know. I don't work here." Bella whispered, watching the young woman rub circles into her belly, "But I can help you find it."

Aro sighed, before shoving Bella back into the middle of the floor. Alice and Rosalie quickly crawled over to their best friend before anyone could see. Aro smiled at the group of hostages before aiming his gun at Alice. Alice bit down onto her bottom lip as she stared down at the ground.

"Where is the lockdown button?" Victoria asked again.

No one dared to answer. Marcus turned and nodded at Aro. Aro quickly aimed the gun at a man in a suit, sitting in the back. The bullet pierced his suit as it injected itself into his chest. He died instantly. His wife beside him immediately started to crawl closer towards his body and weep.

"Who's next?" Victoria questioned, grinning mischievously.

No one answered once again. Aro grinned mischievously before releasing two rounds into the recently deceased man's wife, who was dressed to impress. The only reason she was in the bank was to make a big withdrawal for a vacation her and her now deceased husband was suppose to go on next week.

"Where is it?" Victoria screamed, aiming her gun at an old man.

"I know where it's at." a young bank teller whispered, as he stood up.

"Good. Show me." Marcus demanded, shoving him, forcefully.

An alarm blared through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Edward slammed his office phone down, before grabbing his vest. He's been trying to call Bella to apologize for the argument last night, but she wasn't answering.

"Did you reach her?" Mike wondered, zipping up his vest.

"No. I'll just try later." Edward sighed, locking his gun in its holster, "Oh, I forgot to say congratulations on the new baby!"

"Jessica didn't have the baby yet. She's actually due any day now!" Mike proudly asserted, locking his gun away.

"I wish you all the luck. You're going to need it. I have three children, a ten year old, a thirteen year old and a sixteen year old. They're sweet when they're little, but once they reach double digits you're going to be pulling your hair out." Edward warned, laughing as he saw the panicked look on Mike's face, "Hey it'll be alright. Pulling your hair out just shows you're doing something right."

Edward zipped his bullet proof vest up tight before exiting his office. He saw his boss, Jason Jenks shouting into his office phone.

"Sir, what's happening?" Edward questioned, approaching the worn out man.

"The lockdown button was pressed at Forks National." he informed, grabbing his walkie-talkie.

"What are we going to do?" Mike asked, following the boss and his partner out of the building.

"What do you think we're going to do? We aren't going to sit here and just allow them to take majority of the city's money!" Jason hollered, hopping into his FBI assigned vehicle.

Forks wasn't a large city. Once the lockdown button was pressed, Marcus immediately heard police sirens in the distance.

"Caius, go hook it up. Now." Marcus ordered, watching his brother scurry away with a dark duffel bag.

When the hostages were forced to sit in the middle, Caius came around and took everyone's cell phone. Unbeknownst to everyone, Alice kept hers. Rosalie glanced down at her best friend, as she sneakily dialed Jasper's number.

"What are you doing?" Rose growled, keeping her voice low.

"I'm calling Jasper. He needs to know we're inside." Alice muttered, waiting for him to pick up, "Stall. Make sure no one sees me."

"Take the money and leave." Rose spoke up, glaring daggers at the foreign man, "You don't have to hurt anyone else."

Marcus erupted into a loud laugh, one that had him holding onto his stomach. He couldn't believe someone dared to speak, especially towards him.

"We are the Forks police. We have you surrounded." Edward shouted through the microphone.

Bella relaxed a bit at the sound of her husband's voice.

"Do you get a thrill out of this? You're never going to make it out alive." Rose taunted, glancing at Alice to see her attempt to call Jasper again, "You're stupid if you really believe you're getting out of here, untouched."

"I really like you, you know that. You're different. You're not a scared bitch like the rest of them. You actually stand up for yourself. I'm impressed." Marcus muttered, as Aro skipped towards him.

"What's she talking for?" he questioned, aiming his gun at the space between her eyes.

Rosalie hid the gulp she took at the sight of a gun aimed towards her. Alice continued to dial Jasper's number before he finally picked up.

"See! That's exactly why Alice and I aren't moving in together!" Jasper exclaimed, refilling his coffee cup, "That's exactly why I'm never getting married!"

"Oh you must not know my sister!" Emmett responded, holding his cup towards Jasper for a refill, "Maybe not now, but Alice wants to get married…She already has the location and guest list set."

Jasper's cell phone ringing interrupted the conversation. Jasper held his finger in the air as he mouthed Alice's name towards Emmett.

"Hello!" Jasper greeted, grinning at Emmett.

"Ja…Jasper." Alice whispered, quickly looking around to make sure no one was looking at her, "Help."

"Alice this isn't funny! What's going on?" he remarked, putting the phone on speaker.

Alice continued to watch Rosalie stall. Both Rose and Bella informed the guards that they had to use the bathroom. The two women immediately broke out into a fake argument over who should go first.

"We're at Forks National Bank." Alice continued, tapping her nails nervously on the ground, "There's a lot of guys with guns."

"Who is we, Alice?" Emmett asked, making his presence known with Alice.

"Bella, Rose and I." she answered, as Emmett sat back in his seat.

"I…I have to go." Alice muttered, before quickly hanging up.

Emmett ran his hand anxiously down his face. Jasper immediately began pacing circles around his partner.

"What are we going to do?" Jasper asked, turning Emmett to face him, "A bank robbery isn't a threat to national security! We can't just march down there and take over the case!"

"Don't you think I know that!" Emmett snapped, glaring at the blond, "Gosh man, I didn't mean what I said about Rose. If I could talk to her now I would apologize for everything I did, didn't do, and whatever I'm going to do in the future that's going to make her upset!"

"Call the bank." Jason ordered, hopping out of the FBI truck.

FBI sent SWAT up to the top of different buildings to have better vantage points, just in case it came down to the hostage takers holding a civilian at gunpoint.

"Hello!" Edward greeted, after hearing a male's voice pick up the bank's phone, "Who am I speaking to? What do you want?"

A cackling noise followed Edward's greeting.

"Marcus. What I want is simple…I want to see this country fall. I started with California, now the state of Washington, next I'll be moving to the east. This country will crumble. I see your snipers are taking positions." Marcus growled, watching as Aro brought Rosalie back from the bathroom, "If I hear a gunshot, if I think someone is about to shoot, and if I see any type of law enforcement within five feet of this bank, I'm blowing it up. I planted one bomb in the bank and by the time you all learn how to disarm it, we'll be long gone."

Click. Edward heard the sound of being hung up on. He waved for Mike and Jason to come over towards him.

"I heard an accent in his voice. He threatened to blow the building up." Edward informed, scrolling through his contacts, "I'm going to call the CIA. I don't think this is a bank robbery."

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