A/N: I do not own Legend of Zelda or Chronicles of Narnia. I wish I did but I don't. LoZ is based after the end of Skyward Sword although I will include some 'visitors' from Ocarina of Time. I know that if it is based after Skyward Sword then technically these visitors aren't born yet but once you figure out who they are you will understand why they are here for this short period of time and yes Fi is still with Link because she is Fi and she is awesome. CoN is at the beginning of Prince Caspian. Also the title will be explained later in the story.

Chapter One: The Visitors and a Strange Poem

…..Normal POV…..

Link walked through the forest, away from the spot where his legendary battle had taken place many years ago. He wanted to get away from that spot. Even though he had won that battle years ago there were still many bad memories connected to it. Zelda falling, Groose barely catching her in time, the resurrection of Demise, and Impa…dying.

He sighed, pushing away the bad memories and instead focusing on where he was going. Over the years he had traveled through this forest many times and now knew every stone, twig, tree, and leaf…but something didn't feel right. He stopped and looked around. Something definitely didn't feel right, something felt evil and yet…not evil. Quickly going into a defensive stance he drew his sword and gently touched the tip of it to the ground before lifting it quickly back up. As soon as it had touched the ground the sword glowed and Fi came out of it.

"What did you need from me master?" she asked, her voice, as always, in an irritating calm tone.

Link simply stood his ground and looked at her, one eyebrow raised as if asking; Do you really have to ask that anymore?

Fi took in his defensive stance and his raised eyebrow without showing anything on her face. After that she simply turned around and a second later said, "I feel an enormous presence coming from in front of us." With that she started floating in that direction.

Link followed her, his sword still drawn, ready to fight at a moment's notice. After going in this direction for about half an hour Link felt his feeling of evil and yet not evil increase. Shortly after they came upon ruins.

Link looked around very confused. He had traveled this way and come to this spot many times but he had never found any ruins. He looked around some more.

The ruins had the feeling of being older than old…if that was possible. They were large and strange writing covered most of it. He could see the remains of an alter with three stones hovering above it. One stone was green, another was red, and the last was blue. Each stone had some gold on it, decorating it somehow. Past the stones was an entryway. He and Fi walked through it.

He saw a platform that was in the center of the room beyond. He looked at the floor of the platform and saw it was also decorated. In the middle of the platform was a giant triangle with three smaller triangles stacked pyramid style inside it; the all too familiar Triforce. What made him most curious about the decorations though was the six symbols around the Triforce. They were each hexagons but each had a different symbol on it. Each also released massive amounts of magic. He drew his attention elsewhere to shake his uneasy feeling.

He walked up to the middle of the platform where a stone block stood with writing on it. Surprisingly it was writing he could understand unlike the rest of the writing in the ruins. He sheathed his sword and took a closer look. It was a poem:

The Sages have been called,

To deliver a message.

A strange world needs help,

To send the hero for help.

Light to send him with courage,

Forest to send him with peace,

Fire to send him with strength,

Water to send him with intelligence,

Shadow to send him with open-mindedness,

And Spirit to send him with perseverance.

Long live Aslan!

"What a strange poem…" Fi mused as she read it over his shoulder.

Got that right Link thought.

"I wonder what it means by 'A strange world needs help to send the hero for help.' Does that mean they have no means of getting the hero to where they are? And who are these Sages and why would they give him gifts? And who is this Aslan?" Fi turned around to find Link staring at the symbols on the floor which had started to glow, "Master?"

Link spoke, his voice hoarse and rough after many years of not using it, "Quiet!"

The symbols on the ground started glowing even brighter, each a different color. One was yellow, one green, one red, one blue, one purple, and one orange. A person came through each of the symbols. Out of the yellow symbol came an old man in orange robes and white hair. Out of the green symbol came a little girl clothed with completely green clothes and short green hair that was held back by a dark green head band. Out of the red symbol came a giant rock, at least it looked like a giant rock but from past experience he knew it was a Goron. Out of the blue symbol came a blue girl with fins on her arms and legs; her forehead was wider than the rest of her head and a much deeper blue. Out of the purple symbol was a dangerous looking woman clothed in dark purple and black armor. And last but not least, out of the orange symbol came a tall and very tan woman with long red hair.

As Link looked at the strangers Fi started talking to them.

"Who are you?"

No answer.

"Are you the Sages mentioned in the poem?"

No answer.

After that each stranger raised their right hand and a small orb started glowing in front of it, each strangers' orb with their respective colors. As the orbs deepened and brightened at the same time in color and grew in size, Fi was forced back into the Master Sword somehow.

Each stranger then started speaking, in the same language saying the same thing. It seemed as if they were speaking with the same voice. Link couldn't understand them at all although he did understand that something very important was about to happen.

Then their voices were suddenly screaming and each stranger was saying something different. Link held his head in pain, unable to do anything to stop them. Suddenly everything stopped, but as soon as Link looked up each orb, they were now the size of a soccer ball, ran straight into his body making it explode in pain. While he was screaming in pain each Sage, for that's who they were, left him as they knew their work was done. Link had seen them leave but couldn't do anything about it as he was writhing on the floor in agony. As the pain seemed to increase he lost sense of everything and soon blackness overcame him.

…..Normal POV…..

"Hurry up Edmund!" Lucy called as she splashed her brother with the water of the ocean.

"No! Wait a minute." He said, looking up at the cliffs where he could see ruins.

"Oh come on Ed. Take a vacation for once." Peter joked.

"Wait! I'm just…wondering where we are…" Edmund said, looking very serious which was very rare for him.

"Where do you think?" Susan said at the same time as she splashed water at him but he was so far away that the water barely touched him and he didn't notice.

"It's just…I don't remember any ruins in Narnia…" He said and now all of them were looking around, three of them mostly at the ruins but Susan's eyes strayed farther than that.

Susan piped up as the three of them looked at the ruins with more interest than ever, "Or strange blue women hovering over unconscious men on the beach."

A/N: Ok chapter one done, hoped you guys like it, please read and review. The ruins that Link saw earlier were in fact the future ruins of the Temple of Time in case anyone didn't know. The sages brought it back for a couple hours to get Link and send him to Narnia. Chapter two should be up soon, already have lots of ideas for that one.