The majority of this challenge for us has already been written out, so there's no need to worry about getting hooked and left hanging. :P I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it.

Disclaimer: Neither Cat nor I are a Mr. Michael Buckley. Last time we checked, we were both girls actually...

#1 Dream

My first thought, I'm in jail. Wait, why am I in jail? Anyways, All I know is that I have to get out. It's suffocating me. I try to slip through the bars, but as soon as I try, it seems the cell becomes smaller. No, doesn't seem- it is getting smaller.

I whirl around to survey my surroundings. On the other side of the bars there's... Charming?

He laughs at my misfortune. His almost demonic voice whispers 'Can't you see you're stuck? You're never getting out of this prison. You're my… captive- so to speak.'

My eyes snapped open. It was just a dream. A dream whose meaning I understood. I'm Charming's captive as long as I continue to work for him. Today I'm going to quit- for real this time, I think to myself confidently.

I look at my alarm clock- 4:30 a.m. Well, I got to get up in half an hour anyway, might as well start early, since this is my last day.

~~~~~Noon time!~~~~~

I just finished making lunch. I folded my 'Kiss the Chef!' apron and set it on the counter. Deep breaths, Seven. I think I can, I think I can! Ah, I always loved that book.

I marched down the hall, to Charming's quarters, with a bounce in my step and sandwich in hand.

I'm just going to walk up and tell him. Like a man! A very short man… but nonetheless a man!

I reach out my hand, ready to knock, when the door swings into my face. A very distraught Charming looks at me while snatching his sandwich.

"Snow doesn't know what she lost," Charming says, seemingly to himself.

"Uh, sir?" I asked, waiting for an explanation. Hey! I mean, I'm a butler, where'd you think all the maids get their juicy gossip?

Charming glared at his food and grumbled, "I don't want to talk about it."

OK…I can take a hint. Telling him that I quit probably would blow up in my face right now, along with some sandwich chunks... Maybe some other time.

I walked back to my butler- quarters. I'll just dream about it tonight.

A/N: Well, this starts our 100 HUNDRED WORD CHALLENGE! We realize we switched tenses between the dream and reality. It just seemed fitting. For the updating, it will be two-three times a week.