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The plot of this story is also loosely borrowed from another story that's title I can't reveal just yet as not to spoil anything, but it was done with the permission of the original author (sorry, another thing I can't reveal). It'll probably be obvious before too long for anybody who's read it. And finally, though the title borrows from a song, this is not a songfic.

Summary: Hermione has an unexpected guardian angel to keep her safe.

Author note: Welcome to my first rewrite of another's HP fanfic, so please be kind with any Reviews. When it comes to the confrontation between Wormtail and Sirius after the Potters' death, I know the former killed 13 Muggles, but I don't think it was ever said that all 13 died instantly, leaving the possibility that several died later from injuries. On a final note to anybody expecting me to start The Justice Crusade and Each night I dream of Krypton as well as starting the third year of Last son of Krypton, I'm trying my best to get them to where I can get them up, but I haven't really been able to focus on them for personal reasons. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading.

Someone to watch over me

By Lucas Harrell

Chapter 1

"How could you, Sirius?" a strange looking heavy set man said to another man standing a few feet away, tears falling down his face. They were in the middle of an alleyway, pointing what seemed to be sticks at each other. "How could you betray James and Lily like that? THEY TRUSTED YOU!"

"When I get a hold of you, Wormtail, I'll…" the other man said, but as he stepped forward, the smaller man pointed his wand over his shoulder and a light issued forth from it. An explosion was head behind him and he turned to find a good portion of the street behind him destroyed and people screaming and moaning.

Realizing it was a distraction, the man turned back around but his opponent was gone, though he did see a small rat scurrying down the alley. "Oh no, you're not getting away this time, you little shit," the man said, "ACCIO…"

"Sirius Black, you are under arrest," a voice called out as several robed men Apparated into the alleyway.

"On what charges?" Sirius demanded.

"Knowingly breaking the Statute of Secrecy by destroying a Muggle street as well as horribly maiming at least a dozen Muggles with said act," one of the men said, "But more importantly, you're under arrest for being an accomplice in the murders of James and Lily Potter and… ACCIO!"

Something shot into the hand of the man. Sirius was shocked to see that it was a finger and cursed when he Pettigrew family signet on the ring adorning one of the fingers. "Ah, make that at least 6 Muggles and a pureblood wizard," he said.

"I wasn't the one who destroyed the street behind me," Sirius said, "It was Peter Pettigrew. He's the one who destroyed that street. He was the one who betrayed James and Lily. I would never…"

"Save it for Azkaban," another of the men said.

"Azkaban?" Sirius said as a chill ran down his spine. "You can't send me there! I have a right to prove my innocence!"

"You lost that right when you betrayed the Potters!" the man shouted.

"I DID NOT BETRAY THEM, YOU FOOLS!" Sirius bellowed. Before anyone could react, he reached into his pocket and threw a pouch onto the pavement between them and before the others could react, a smothering darkness enveloped them.

Sirius used the distraction to turn into his Animagus form and used its enhanced vision to sneak down to the other end of the alley, where he started acted like a stray dog to trick the Aurors. 'Never thought being an unregistered Animagus would come in quite this handy,' he thought.

When the darkness faded, the Aurors were just standing there in shock. "WHERE DID HE GO?" the lead Auror demanded, "Spread out and find him. If we don't, we'll be lucky not to be thrown in Azkaban for aiding and abetting."

If he could, Sirius would have chuckled as the Aurors fell over themselves and each other to try to follow the orders of the lead Auror. 'I should find a quiet place to hide out and try to find that damn rat,' he thought. The Aurors seemed to fall for his ruse of simply being a stray dog, so he was able to just casually stroll out of the alley.

A week later, Sirius was holed up in what seemed to be a small, rundown Muggle house that had a "Condemned" sign on the front lawn. He had gotten the idea of the glamor from a movie Lily had made him watch. 'What was it called again?' he thought, 'The Money Pendulum… the Cash Hole?'

However, that was just a front. The house was actually a good sized one, but it had everything short of the Fidelius charm to hide its lone occupant from Aurors and keep Muggles away. Sirius thought about using it, but it brought up too many bad memories. 'Besides, all of the other wards offer almost as good of protections,' he thought.

It was one of many houses Sirius had bought in the Muggle world back during the worst parts of the war against Voldemort. While Gringotts had it listed as one of his properties, they were under orders to keep it secret so it was completely off the Ministry radar for now and the only ones who had known were James and Lily.

They had been suspecting Remus for a while so Sirius hadn't let him in on the secret and was glad too, since the he now probably thought he was a traitor as everyone probably did. 'Have to find a way to see Dumbledore,' he thought, 'He can help me get out of this mess and get a hold of Wormtail for me. But how can I get to him without getting caught?'

Deciding to put it out of his mind for now, Sirius transformed into Padfoot and left the house. He did this most nights to keep from going crazy with cabin fever. He was a few blocks away and crossing the street when he was suddenly blinded by bright lights as a car came bearing down on him.

Sirius tried to jump out of the way, but it was too late, though he was lucky that the car just hip checked him and spun him around. He tried to get back up but found that his hip felt like it was dislocated and he was in too much pain, which quickly gave way to darkness.

Clark and Lois Granger were singing a silly little song along with their daughter Hermione when suddenly a big black dog ran out in front of them. "Clark, look out!" Lois shouted. He tried swerving, but they were horrified to hear a thump as their fender smacked the poor thing in the hip.

"Daddy?" Hermione asked, trying to sit up in her car seat to look out the window back.

"Stay in your seat, sweetheart," Clark said, "We have to check something and we'll be right back." Hermione nodded and settled back into her seat as her parents rushed to get unbuckled and step out of the car. They saw the dog try to get back up but immediately collapsed. "Oh god, I didn't see it until it was too late. What do we do?"

"We can't just leave the poor thing here," Lois said, "The neighbor a couple of houses down is a vet I think, so we maybe should take him to her and see if she can't do something for it." Clark nodded.

They took a tarp from the trunk they had used to go on a little picnic earlier and carefully wrapped the dog in it before Clark picked it up and carried it over to the car. Lois opened the back door. "A doggy!" Hermione exclaimed when she saw what her dad was carrying.

"That's right, sweetie, a doggy," Lois replied, "But he's hurt, so we have to take him to the vet down the street from us to see if she can do something for it."

Clark carefully placed the dog inside the car. "Don't do that, sweetheart," he said when Hermione started to reach over and pet it, "If he wakes up he'll be in a lot of pain and might try to bite you."

Hermione reluctantly nodded and pulled her hand back. Carefully closing the door to make sure it didn't hit the dog or close on its tail, Clark and Lois climbed back into the car and started down the street.

Sirius could tell he wasn't still on the street and a giggle just a few inches from his head confirmed it. He lifted his head a little and saw an adorable little girl with bushy brown hair sitting in a car seat. She reached out a tentative hand and giggled again when he sniffed it and then started licking it. "Silly doggy," she said, reaching over and petting him.

"Hermione, don't do that," the girl's dad called from the front seat.

"It okay, daddy," the girl, Hermione, replied, "He a good doggy, aren't you?" Sirius let out a little bark to confirm it.

"We can see that, sweetie," the girl's mum said, "But he's still in a lot of pain and might accidentally bite you if it gets too bad." Though he would never willingly bite Hermione, Sirius had to admit that it was possible. The girl nodded and retracted her hand as he lowered his head back down onto the seat.

It didn't take long for them to get back to their neighborhood and they got out of the car. Lois ran over to the house and quickly came back with their next door neighbor, Tiffany Bernard.

"Good thing I keep a few things from the clinic here in case I come across hurt animals," Tiffany said as she studied the dog's damaged hip, "We'll move him in there and I should be able to set the bone." With that, she took a hypodermic needle out of a mini-backpack she had on.

When he saw the needle, Padfoot tried to struggle, but the pain in his hip had him howling softly. "I know it's scary, boy," Tiffany said, "But this will take most of the pain away. I'll try to be as gentle as possible, I promise."

Padfoot quieted down at that. He had a feeling that there was no way Tiffany could hurt him. 'Awful cute too,' he thought. He flinched for moment as she injected him with the painkiller, but it was gone in a few seconds. "Good boy," she said as she petted him on the head and let him lick her hand.

"Doggy gonna be all right?" Hermione asked.

Tiffany couldn't help but smile at the adorable girl. "I think so, yes," she replied. She stepped away so that Clark could carefully rewrap Padfoot in the tarp, pick him up, and get him out of the car and up to the house with her a few steps in front of him. Lois grabbed Hermione and followed them.

Clark carefully placed Padfoot down on the table Tiffany directed him to and she set about fixing the dog's hip. He yelped softly as he felt the popping sensation of his hip going back into place, but he didn't feel any pain. 'Though it's probably going to hurt like hell when the pain killer wears off,' he thought.

Tiffany felt the bone and muscle at Padfoot's hip for a moment to make sure there weren't any noticeable complications before nodding. "All right, that'll probably hurt him off and on for the rest of his life, but that should do it as long as he takes it easy for a little while," she said, "So, what happened?"

"We were coming home after a drive in the country when he ran out in front of us," Clark explained, "We couldn't just leave him there and remembered you were a vet, so we thought we'd bring him here. Sorry for bothering you."

"Bah, it's not a problem," Tiffany said, "Anything to help an animal in need. Now, I know a no-kill shelter not that far from here, so do you want me to keep him tonight and call them to take him in first thing tomorrow?"

"No!" Hermione shouted, "Can we keep him, daddy? Please?"

Clark sighed before looking at Lois. "I don't know about keeping him, but it wouldn't hurt to take him in until at least his hip heals," she said, "I think we owe him that much since we were the ones who hit him."

"All right, but beyond that, no promises," Clark warned Hermione, "We'll have to put up posters too. Just because he doesn't have tags doesn't mean he doesn't have an owner that's looking for him."

"Yay!" Hermione cheered to the merriment of the adults present. She gestured for Lois to lower her so she could pet Padfoot. "Don't worry, doggy. Daddy will let you stay, you'll see."

Lois couldn't help but grin. She also knew Clark would let them keep the dog, since Hermione had him wrapped too tightly around her little finger for him to think otherwise. "Any pet store within easy driving distance would be closed this time of night, so do you have a few supplies to do until tomorrow?" she asked Tiffany.

"Uh, give me a second," Tiffany said. She went over to her kitchen and looked through the cupboards, eventually hauling out a big bag of dog food. "I had a dog until just a couple of weeks ago, so you can take this."

"Are you sure?" Clark asked.

"Yeah, go on ahead," Tiffany said, "It'll probably be a while before I get a new one so it'd just go to waste sitting around here anyway. Oh and you might as well have this as well." She leaned over and grabbed a nearby tray with two doggy bowls and handed it to Clark. "You might want to wash it out first, but it should make do.

"I'll be over early tomorrow after I go pick up some painkillers at the clinic and I'll also come by every couple or so days to check on him," Tiffany said, "While his hip will probably bother him for a while, he should be able to walk within the week."

Clark nodded. "Thanks," he said. After paying Tiffany for the dog food… she refused to take money for setting the hip… he took the bag of food out and put it in the trunk before coming back, gently gathered Padfoot in his arms, and started carefully carrying him back to the car, with Lois and Hermione following close behind.

It wasn't long before the Grangers were in their house with Padfoot. "Can he sleep in my room?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"I don't think that's a good idea until at least he can move around, sweetheart," Lois said, "You accidentally step on him during a late night trip to the Loo." Hermione pouted but nodded.

They decided to put Padfoot in the laundry room. It was a bit small but since he couldn't really move much, it was perfect for him. They took the bowls out of the tray, washed them off, and filled both and put them on the floor next to him.

Lois and Clark couldn't help but smile as Hermione gave Padfoot a kiss on the forehead. "Good night Snuffles," she said.

"Snuffles?" Lois asked.

"Yeah, 'cause that's what it sounded like when he was sniffing me," Hermione explained.

Lois looked at Clark, who shrugged. "Good a name as any," he said, then leaned down and patted the newly christened Snuffles on the head. "Good night, Snuffles." She did the same and they closed the door behind them. Hermione was already nearly asleep on her feet and was out like a light in no time when they tucked her in.

'Well, at least I was hit by good people that took me in,' Sirius thought, 'It'll probably do me good to lay low for a while anyway. It'll probably be a matter of time before they find the house and checked it even with my house bought through a Muggle real estate agent.' With that decided, he allowed the exhaustion of the day overcome him and fell asleep.

Tiffany was right. It didn't take long for Snuffles to be healed. "As I said though, he'll probably never be completely healed," she warned the Grangers, "Even humans never quite get over a hip injury even with an artificial replacement."

When Snuffles could get around on his own better, Hermione talked her parents into letting him sleep in her room, starting with the floor when his hip was still not quite healed enough to hop up and down from the bed and gradually moving up to lie at her feet.

Meanwhile they had put posters up but no one came to claim him so on her birthday the next year, the Grangers surprised their daughter by giving Snuffles a bath and wrapping a ribbon around his neck and announcing that morning that they had formally gone through pet adoption and he was officially theirs.

At the first of summer the following year, Sirius knew that he needed to leave. He had discretely walked by his safe house to find Aurors all over it and while he didn't think they'd be able to track him in his animal form, he didn't want to run the risk. His hip felt to be healed enough to where he was able to get around quicker.

But it was a hard decision to make. Sirius became very attached to Hermione. After almost two years chasing her down during her many little adventures in her yard and later the neighborhood to keep her out of trouble and sometimes even gently drag her home giggling, she had won a place in his heart right next to his godson, whom he still needed to find.

But he knew it had to be done so one night after Clark and Lois tucked Hermione in for the night, Sirius hopped down and edged open the door with his nose. With one last look back at the little girl, he headed out.

Just as he was about to use the pet door to leave the house for the last time, Sirius heard a certain squeaky little voice call out "Snuffles? Where are you going, Snuffles?" He turned to find a sleepy Hermione watching him with tears in her eyes. "You're not coming back, are you?" He couldn't meet her eyes.

Hermione hurried forward and threw her arms around Sirius' neck. "Please don't go, Snuffles," she sobbed softly, "I won't mi… mis… I won't make you mad by leaving the yard again, I promise. You're my best friend and I love you."

Sirius' heart was breaking. 'I would be even more heartless as Voldemort if I left now,' he thought. He pulled away from Hermione and started licking her face, hoping she'd realize his intentions and thankfully she did. "You're not leaving?" she asked. He licked her again and she giggled and kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you, Snuffles."

Hermione stood up and headed back towards her room. Before he followed her, Sirius looked at the door. 'I'll find you some day, Harry,' he promised silently, 'But right now, my destiny lies here.' With that, he headed back to his favorite sleeping spot. Thankfully, she never mentioned anything to her parents.

A few months after that, Snuffles found out that Clark had bought a new house and they were moving. "It's supposed to be a really nice house in Surrey," their realtor was saying, "The street is called… let's see…" He flipped through the folder he had on the new house. "Oh yes, the house is located on #3 Privet Drive."

Snuffles couldn't believe his ears. 'Privet Drive?' he thought, 'Last I knew, that's the street that… Oh wow, talk about irony. I didn't have to leave after all, since I'm going to get the chance to watch over both my charges. And being right across the street will make it even so much easier.'

"Are you all right with this, sweetheart?" Clark asked, looking at Hermione.

Hermione was obviously a bit reluctant but nodded. "I have you, mum, and Snuffles," she said, "But maybe if I had a bigger room… or maybe a little brother or sister…" That had the adults laughing as her parents gave her a kiss on the forehead.

A couple or so months after that, everything was packed and they headed towards their new house. It was a couple of hours drive so the as always hyperactive Hermione was really bouncing off the walls by the time they got there.

When they got there, the Grangers went inside to check out the house but Snuffles decided to stay outside for now and turned towards the house across the street before lying down on the porch.

Not long afterwards, the door of the house opened and a tall thin woman and a large man with a moustache that resembled a walrus came walking across the street, along with what at first glance seemed to be a pig but turned out to be a very overweight boy that looked to be a about a year younger than Hermione.

Snuffles lifted his head and tilted it curiously as the three approached the house. 'That's definitely Petunia and Vernon Dursley,' he thought. 'But while the age is about right, that boy couldn't be Harry… could it?'

Sirius got an answer when he looked across the street and saw a little boy with messy black hair staring out the window and to his horror it looked like he had a black eye. He turned back just as the Dursleys walked up the steps.

"Well hello there, boy," Vernon said in a friendly way that was obviously fake. He tried to pet Snuffles, but the dog stopped him when it growled at him. "Why I never. You better watch it, mutt, or I'll see you'll be put down."

"Let's just do this and go back home, Vernon," Petunia chided, "We shouldn't leave the freak alone for too long or he might burn down the house." Sirius growled again as it was obvious who they were calling freak. 'Seems to me you're the freaks, not Harry,' he thought.

Vernon nodded as they stepped up to the door and knocked. Clark came to the door a few minutes later. "Oh hello," he said with a warm smile, opening the door and letting the Dursleys come inside.

"Hello, my name's Vernon Dursley and this is my wife Petunia and our son Dudley," Vernon said, shaking Clark hand as Petunia handed Lois a small basket of items. "We thought we'd bring you a little housewarming gift."

"Thank you, Vernon," Clark said, "I'm Clark Granger and this is my wife Lois and our daughter Hermione."

"Oh my, what an adorable little girl you are," Petunia cooed as she looked at Hermione, who suddenly became very shy.

"Thank you, miss 'Tuni," Hermione said softly.

Petunia sniffed in distaste at that. She had never liked being called anything but her full first name though she'd let it slide for Hermione since she was obviously too young to be able to pronounce it properly. "We'll have to set play dates with your daughter and our little Dudley," she said to Lois.

'Little?' crossed the minds of both adult Grangers. Even for a toddler, there was nothing little about the youngest Dursley. "Of course we will," Lois replied, "Oh and Petunia, your rose bushes are so beautiful and I was never good at them, so could you give me some pointers and maybe some starts off your bushes?"

Petunia glowed for a moment at the compliment. "Of course I will and of course you can," she said, "I'll come over tomorrow with the starts and we can talk about getting a garden started for you." Lois nodded.

"Well, I hate to be rude, but we can't really stay," Vernon said, "Our nephew has been bad and we need to punish him."

"What did he do?" Clark asked.

"That's none of your business," Vernon snapped. Clark was taken aback at the sudden change of attitude. "The one thing you better learn is that everyone around here minds their own business in this neighborhood or they'll face the consequences." With that, he made his exit. He hated when unreasonable people tried arguing with him.

"I'll call to arrange a play date," Petunia said in a wavering voice.

"Look, maybe you shouldn't go," Clark said, "He's obviously a violent man so you might want to stay with us a while with your son and especially your nephew. We're both dentists and I've had to fix and replace the teeth of plenty of battered women and children. We could get you some help."

"HOW DARE YOU?" Petunia shrieked, "I'll have you know Vernon hasn't laid a hand on me and wouldn't even think of spanking Dudley much less do anything worse, so while I would appreciate the offer if it was the case, since it's not, I'd appreciate you keeping your noses out of our business." With that, she left with Dudley.

"Nut jobs, the both of them," Clark muttered.

"Maybe we should call Child Welfare," Lois added, "She all but admitted that he beats their nephew and no matter what he does, no kid deserves that. And if they're that unreasonable, they might see even the smallest infraction as needing heavy handed punishment."

Clark wanted to agree but thought better of it. "I doubt that will do any good," he said, "From what he said, I'm pretty sure that people have tried in the past and he's been able to overturn it somehow. We'll just have to see if we can help at his least poor nephew in whatever way we can." Lois nodded reluctantly.

Sirius had heard everything through the screen door leading out the porch and decided something did need to be done, so he headed across the street and looked into the window and saw the young boy he had seen earlier desperately trying to get away from his enraged uncle. He watched them for a few second before he couldn't take it anymore.

"No please, Uncle Vernon," the boy pleaded, "I don't know what I did wrong, but please don't hit me again."

"You dare talk back to me and now you beg forgiveness?" Vernon roared.

"I didn't mean to talk back, honest," the boy replied.

"And now you're doing it again," Vernon said. He grabbed the boy up and had reared back his arm to hit him when the door suddenly busted open and a crazed looking man came barreling through holding a wand.

A red beam of light came from the wand that hit the small dark-haired boy and made him lose consciousness before he could see what was going on, causing Vernon to accidentally drop him. Another beam shot out and kept the boy from hitting the ground. He knew that while it would be detected, it would just be passed off accidental magic or he wouldn't be doing it.

"HOW DARE YOU COME INTO OUR HOME, YOU-YOU FREAK?" Vernon roared as he started to step towards the intruder, but Sirius brought him up short by pointing his wand directly in his face.

"Give me a reason, Dumbarsely, and I'll be glad to make you wish you had never been born," Sirius growled. Vernon backed up as the wizard turned to Petunia. "Petunia, I would say it's nice to see you again, but seeing as how you were about to sit by let your shithead of a husband probably murder your nephew, you'll forgive me if I don't want to bother lying."

"You-You're Sirius Black!" Petunia wailed, "You betrayed Lily and that Potter freak!"

"You know as well as I do that I would have never done anything of the sort," Sirius replied, "You may be a Muggle, but I know for a fact Lily told you enough about familial magic to know that a godparent cannot cause harm to their godson or goddaughter, directly or indirectly, or that harm will be revisited upon them tenfold."

"What are you doing here then?" Vernon demanded, "If you've come to take that freak away, you're welcome to him."

"If only I could," Sirius murmured softly with a sigh as he looked down at his godson, "But until I get a chance to clear my name, I can only keep an eye on him from afar and trust that Dumbledore must have some kind of protection here to risk sending him into such an abusive environment like maybe blood wards."

"That's what he told us in the letter we found with that… with the boy," Petunia said, correcting herself in midsentence when Sirius glared at her when she started to call Harry "that freak" yet again.

"Then I will leave him here, though you can be sure I'll never be far away," Sirius said, "And if I even hear of you mistreating him in any way or if you tell anyone, you will be murdered in your sleep and he'll be placed with a good Wizarding family and your son will be placed with Child Protective Services, is that understood?"

"Yes," the two murmured softly.

"You will allow him to be a normal child," Sirius commanded, "He'll eventually have friends which you'd better encourage him to do so like normal parents… or in your current case, guardians… would. And for Merlin's sake, feed him. Boys his age aren't supposed to be so blatantly malnourished."

"We won't have him sitting around lazily," Vernon said.

"Nor should he," Sirius admitted, "Chores are all right, but no more than an average boy would at any given age. You know, stuff like helping clean dishes, cleaning his room… which had better be more than the bed I see in that cupboard… and minor chores like that for now and helping mow the lawn and weed the garden when he gets older.

"As any kid would, he probably won't want to do it for the most part," Sirius said, "But while you seem to think that the slightest little refusal warrants heavy-handed punishments, you better be getting over it if you don't want me to visit again. Ground him if need be and learn the meaning of light punishment if that doesn't work.

"And I can assure you that I have a backup plan in place in case you try to override this by getting me arrested," Sirius lied. He figured that they couldn't possibly know that being a fugitive he couldn't get back at them and was hoping they'd be too scared to try to find out.

"There is an upside to this, however. I will do research and if things have approved to my liking… and believe me, I will be checking in on him regularly…"Sirius said, "Than starting next month, I will give you whatever standard fee foster parents get. Last I knew, it was about 300 Galleons, which would be the equivalent of £1,500. I believe that's more than fair."

With the Dursleys properly scared shitless, Sirius headed out of the house. To make sure no one him transform and head across the street, he disillusioned himself, Apparated a few blocks away to a luckily empty alleyway, and transformed into Snuffles there before heading back to the Grangers.

A few days later, Hermione was taking Snuffles for a walk when she noticed a small boy with black hair watching her from the porch of the house across the street. She waved and he waved back so she cautiously walked up to the porch. "Hi, I'm Hermione and I live just across the street," she introduced herself, "Are you parents and brother home?"

"No, they're not my parents but aunt and uncle instead and Dudley's my cousin, not my brother," the boy said, "I'm Harry. I like your dog. What's his name?"

"Snuffles and thanks," Hermione said. Harry made to pet him but hesitated. "Go ahead, he's a good doggie, aren't you Snuffles?" Snuffles barked and wagged his tail, which the boy took to mean agreement so he offered his hand for the dog to sniff before petting him.

"I'm a bit thirsty, so do you mind if I come in and get a drink of water?" Hermione asked.

Harry hesitated but nodded. "Just hurry," he said, "Aunt Petunia took Dudley with her to do some shopping and I don't know when they'll be back. But I'm afraid your dog will have to stay here. Aunt Petunia hates animals inside the house."

Hermione nodded. "I'll be right back, Snuffles," she promised as she tied Snuffles' leash to the porch and followed Harry into the house. They headed for the kitchen, where he used a chair to get up to the cabinets by the sink to get a glass, filled it with water, and handed it to her. "Thanks. This is a nice house."

Harry shrugged. "It's all right," he said, "Much better now that I have a real bedroom."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"Until a few days ago, I stayed in the cupboard under the stairs," Harry explained, "But then they all of a sudden decided that they'd allow me to stay in the smallest bedroom, though only after cleaning it as it was cluttered with Dudley's old broken toys."

"That's awful," Hermione said.

"Yeah, but don't worry," Harry said, "They're better to me now."

Hermione nodded. "Hey, would you like to come over for a while?" she asked.

"I don't think I can right now, but maybe when aunt Petunia comes back," Harry said.

"Just come over any time," Hermione said. Harry nodded. She finished her water and handed the glass back to him to rinse and dry. "Well, I guess I'd better head home. See you when your aunt gets home."

"Bye," Harry said.

As she left the house and untied Snuffles, Hermione couldn't help but beam. After being ignored by pretty much every other kid, she finally had a friend. Beside her, Snuffles was also happy that his godson would be getting along well with his other young charge. Both hoped that the friendship would last.

To be continued…

Author's note: So, what do you think so far? I'd like to think I'm not doing a bad job so far, but I'm always open to feedback either way. I know I'll probably get it for making Hermione act too cutesy, but I think I'm justified for having her act that way since she was only roughly 3-4 years old at the first part and about 5-6 years old later. Anybody who's read the stories Emma Black and Hermione Black by Love109 have probably recognized that that those are the stories I'm loosely basing this on.

Does that mean Hermione is going to be Sirius' daughter? Maybe, maybe not. I haven't quite decided, but that could change at any time. I also borrow ideas from the "Mindy and Buttons" side stories on the old Animaniacs (always have been a huge fan) cartoons when it comes to the way Hermione acts during her early years under Sirius' watchful eye. I was going to save the part where the Grangers move to Privet Drive until next chapter, but this one was coming up a little short so I decided to write it in here. It's turning out to be better as a lead up to everything next chapter anyway.

And as anybody rereading this noticed, I put in a little extra bit there at the end because after reading Tsukiyo Tenshi's Review, I felt I should actually have Harry and Hermione meeting and it had to happen here as next chapter takes place a bit later down the line. I also changed a few things, mostly the time it took for them to buy the house to make it more realistic. And finally, since I'm not British, I might fumble on a few of the British terms sometimes as anybody who reads my other HP series would know (though I'd like to think I'm getting better at it) so if you noticed I missed something, please tell me and I'll change it. Anyway, Chapter 2 should be up soon, so until then, as always, Pueda el solitario Dios encuentra La Paz por ultimo.