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It was a normal day on the Argo Two. Frank was reading All About Animals, so he could transform into different animals. He had read the book twice already and knew it was time to test it out, but he didn't want to disturb the peaceful scene. Hazel was sitting on the couch next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. She was doodling on a sketchpad, drawing what looked like a horse. On the other couch was Percy and Annabeth. Annabeth was reading a tourists' guide of Rome. Percy was sleeping, his head on her lap. Once in a while, she would look down at him, smile, and go back to reading. The only actual noise was the flipping of book pages and the quiet clanging of metal that came from Leo, who was sitting on the floor building something.

Hazel looked up, her golden eyes piercing as always. Her gaze flickered around the room, taking in the quiet surroundings. "So...Jasper or Jayna?" She whispered to him. Those words were like a trigger. Annabeth looked up from her book, raising an eyebrow quizzically. Leo stopped tinkering. Percy opened his eyes and yawned.

"I ship Jasper." Annabeth said, going back to her book.

"Jasper, Golden Girl." Leo stated.

"Jayna" Frank said. Hazel nodded in agreement.

He noticed Percy looked confused. He had his eyebrows scrunched together as if in deep thought.

"I thought the ship was called the Argo Two."

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Not this ship, Seaweed Brain. Ship! What couple do you support together? Jasper (or Jiper) which is Jason and Piper, or Jayna (or Jeyna) which is Jason and Reyna."

Frank could almost see the gears jump start in his head. "Oh. Jayna."

"Why is that?" Annabeth asked, trying to sound like she didn't care, but he saw the fierceness in her grey eyes.

"Reyna likes Jason. They are best friends, like you and me. They can still become something more."

"Since when are you this observant, Kelp Head?" Annabeth teased, but Frank could hear a little sadness in her voice.

"Piper is better. She's more relaxed and their personalities are more compatible. Reyna's strict and has no personality." she stated.

"Actually, Wise Girl, Reyna is a lot like you." Annabeth reacted by glaring at her boyfriend.

"Not in a bad way! You're both smart, kick-ass and loyal!" She gave Percy a kiss. "You're getting better with that kind of stuff."

Leo looked up from his work. "Reyna is a fine looking girl, but she can date Octagon."

Hazel raised an eyebrow. "Octagon?"

"Octavian. His name sounds like Octagon, so I'm calling him Octagon."

"I think it sounds more like octopus." Percy argued.

"No. Octagon."







Annabeth rolled her eyes while Frank and Hazel laughed.

"Reyna went crazy looking for Jason when he went missing." Hazel said.

"She kept the Praetor's position open. She refused to believe he was dead. Besides, Piper is possessive and whiny." Frank added.

"Beauty Queen charmspoke Sparky back from Hades!" Leo spoke, while still arguing with Percy over Octavian's nickname.

"Piper can fight for an Aphrodite girl. She's nice!" Annabeth defended her friend.

"Well, Jason and Reyna-" Frank started, but Annabeth cut him off.

"Jason and Piper have more depth, and they compliment each other."

Meanwhile, Leo and Percy has started a new argument.

"JASPER!" Leo shouted.

"JAYNA!" Percy screamed back.



"WHAT ARE YOU TWO SHOUTING ABOUT?" Piper had walked into the room, and Jason was right behind her. The five froze. All arguing stopped. Frank and Hazel sped back to the couch and sat back down. Frank quickly opened his book and pretended his was reading his book. Hazel started doodling again. Leo went back to building whatever he was building. Annabeth and Percy went back to where they were sitting. Piper looked at them suspiciously, and took a seat next to Annabeth. Jason sat next to Hazel. A few seconds of complete quiet passed.

"So," Leo said. "What do you think of Makorra?"

Readers Reasons

- Piper is/ almost is a Mary Sue
- The pairing is cliche, the strong and poweful hero with the beautiful yet dangerous heroine.
- The pairing is cliche. The Roman Percabeth.
- Jasper is a canon couple, according to the first chapter of the Mark of Athena.

VERY IMPORTANT A/N: Before you all flame me for insulting your ships, I need to say that this chapter is about BOTH Jasper and Jayna and as the writer, I am obligated to show both sides. The Readers Reasons isn't my opinion. It's the opinion of shippers around fanfiction I've been reading. I really don't think Frank would say those things about Piper, or that Annabeth would say those things about Reyna, but we are debating ships, so... I am a JAYNA shipper by the way. Special thanks to Miss Scarlett Rose, squirrelLOVA, and SuavePanda for helping me with this. Next up, Frazel (Frank and Hazel) vs. Lazel (Leo and Hazel) What couple do you ship and why? Review please!

PS: Makorra is a ship from The Legend of Korra, Mako and Korra. I had to add that since I just watched some Avatar... :)