I present to you, My First Kuroko no Basuke fanfic. And I can't believe my first story is kagami x kuroko since my OTP is Kise x kuroko. But anyway I'm happy that I finally made one for my current anime obsession.

"I won't"

Kuroko sipped his vanilla shake. Frowning like not his usual self. Kagami saw this…

"Oi… what's wrong?" he asked the boy in front of him.

"There's something bothering me for a while." He continued to sip before he continued speaking. "If kagami-kun will leave me just like what aomine-kun did to me."

Kagami almost chocked on his own burger. "The hell? What made you said that?" kagami asked in confusion.

Kuroko sighed and placed his drink down to the table. "If you get stronger… maybe even stronger than now… you wont need me anymore. And… you'll definitely leave."

There was a short silence after what kuroko said. Kagami tried to speak but no word came out from his mouth. He wants to tell kuroko how important he is in his life but seeing his sad face made him to keep silent. It hurts for the red haired guy to see him like this.

Then suddenly the silence broke.

"But Kagami-kun. I'll always be there for you. No matter what happens I will forever be your shadow. That wont change." Kagami widened his eyes. And smiled painfully.

"Idiot. I won't leave you. Remember? You're mine. So… rest assured." Kagami took a bite from his half maji burger he was eating earlier. Kuroko gripped his drink.

"But still…" his voice was shaking. "I'm… scared…" it was until then, kagami noticed tears were falling down to kuroko's blue eyes.

"O-Oi! W-what the! S-stop that!" kuroko wiped the tears from his eyes but there were still rushing out. It won't stop. "I-I'm sorry if I'm like this." He sniffed. Kagami clenched his teeth. He stood up to sit beside kuroko and grabbed to hug him tight.

"Listen, I won't leave you. Say anything you want but I will keep my word. I will never make you cry or make you suffer unlike what that bastard aomine did to you after being so damn strong for his own sake… kuroko… I… Love you so much… I will never hurt you. I promise." Kagami brushed his hair softly and smelled his hair. "I love you." Kagami whispered once again.

He noticed that the smaller boy has stopped crying and he felt two smaller hands wrapped back to him.

"Kagami-kun. You know, I was on the verge of breaking when aomine-kun left me. But this time, if you ever leave me. I'll surely die." Kuroko gripped the shirt of Kagami at the back. Kagami felt his sweat down to his cheeks.

"Don't say things like that. We'll die together. Don't worry." He chuckled. Kuroko pushed Kagami and sniffed."What's this? Some kind of Romeo and Juliet tragedy?" kuroko said with a happy tone on his voice finally.

"Yeah. Where Juliet is the shadow and Romeo is the light. Haha."The red haired scratched his head and put his arm over Kuroko's shoulder."Seriously… why would I leave you? When I'm with you. Everything is perfect for me. I need nothing anymore." Kuroko blushed as he heard this. Aomine was nothing like him he thought. Kagami is the person he was searching for. And he's happy he's finally here. Kuroko chuckled and kagami slowly turned his eyes to him. He blushed while seeing his one and only shadow laugh. He also smiled and continued to eat.

After they ate, they both walked together. Kagami reached out for kuroko's hands and held it. Kuroko who was surprised smiled after. "I love you too… Kagami-kun." He tightened his hold to kagami's hand.

"You better to. Coz I love you most." Kagami pulled him closer while they walk.

Haha… Sorry if that was short (And a bit emotional orz. I'm in the mood to write sad stuffs right now.) Coz it's my first time writing KuroBas. Reviews are welcome (not harsh ones ROLF.) but I'll definitely make my other KuroBas fics longer. After I finished updating my other Durarara / ao no Exorcist /Gundam 00 fics…

[A sequel has been made, please sure to check out Chapter 2]