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"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

"Beast Boy," She hesitated. Had it really been who she thought it was?

A remote anxiety gripped him when she didn't continue her explanation. "Raven, what is it?" He looked back down at his communicator and she was staring right back up at him.

"It's Slade. He's in the Tower."

Raven watched with slight satisfaction as he processed her words. "Bu– how? Where?"

She glanced toward the heavens for a moment before looking back at the communicator with a blank expression. "Does it really matter? He could be anywhere by now." Another glance upward. "Just wake Cyborg and Starfire and help me find him."

The backdrop of his frame became a grey blur as he began running down the hall, but her attention was on the faintly worried expression on his face. "Yeah, right. But Raven? Why don't you just stay where you are?" His background became clear again when he reached one of the Tower's many control panels. "You're not really in the greatest condition to fight, you know?"

Raven grimaced slightly at the truth of his words before answering. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine."


Having reached ground level, the elevator doors slid open revealing the Tower's dark entrance hall. The first thing she saw was the gigantic 'T' shaped front door directly across the way. The structure seemed to loom over her so she immediately tore her eyes away and inspected the dartmouth green chairs lining the walls on each side. They looked incredibly inviting as standing was quickly becoming a chore but she pushed the thought aside when Beast Boy began talking again. "Alright, I set off the alarm in Starfire and Cyborg's rooms, but what about Robin?"

She stepped out of the elevator and added one final remark. "I've got Robin. Just get the others and find Slade." And before he could say anything more, she promptly snapped her communicator shut.

The elevator doors closed behind her as she pulled her hood up and made her way toward the closest chair. So much for a healing trance, that thing barely did anything to speed up her healing process. She was already feeling completely drained, physically and mentally. She knew that she needed to call Robin and get to work, but all she really wanted to do was plop into that chair and forget everything entirely.

"But you can't do that now, can you?" The voice startled her a little but she quickly became more concerned with the eerily calm tone it carried. She whipped around and narrowed her eyes at the tall figure standing in front of the elevator doors.

"Slade." Her body shook slightly as she crouched into a ready position. "What do you want?"

"I was just coming to check up on you Raven." He placed his arms behind his back and took a few steps toward her. "I haven't seen you much lately and I wanted to make sure my favorite girl was doing okay."

The sound of his voice was enough to make her stomach churn, but it was his words that truly made her want to vomit. "I am not your 'favorite girl'."

"Oh, but you are." She could practically hear the smile in his voice. "You are my absolute favorite person on Earth."

Without bothering to answer, Raven stretched out her right hand all the while reaching inside herself to connect with her telekinetic powers. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

…Nothing happened.

Raven reached down into herself again and again, but it soon became clear that her attempts were futile. She couldn't connect with her telekinetic power. In fact, she couldn't find the bridge to connect to any of her powers.

"What's the matter Raven?" Slade said with that all knowing tone of his. "Can't call your powers?" He was only feet from her now and began pacing around her like a predator studying its prey.

Her back was to the elevator when he stopped moving and faced her. "I hear you've been having trouble with that area lately." He drew himself uncomfortably close to her and before she had a chance to recoil, he swiftly seized her neck. His grip successfully cut off her air supply and every time she struggled to detach herself, he clenched his hand even tighter. "How does it feel to have something so dark, so evil, lingering inside of you?"

His drawl had daunting undertones of knowledgeable menace that seemed to send electric shocks through her body. Could he be talking about the Tormentor? No, he couldn't, she had only just found out about it herself.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She lied through clenched teeth.

Faster than a lightning strike, Slade hurled her across the room toward the Tower's colossal front door. "Liar!"


Raven heard the noise but didn't give it a second thought as she shakily got to her feet and studied Slade's approach. His steps were calculated and deliberate, like everything else about him, as he advanced toward her. There was no way that she could best him in a fight, especially right now. It's not like she was incompetent at hand to hand combat, in fact, she was very good at it, but for obvious reasons, she was at a severe disadvantage. Regardless, she crouched again, ready to fight him despite the odds.

However, when Slade was only feet from her, his frame suddenly became a silhouette in front a bright blue light. He didn't seem to notice the illumination, but Raven did, and she knew for a fact that there was only one thing in the world that could produce such radiance. She instinctively sidestepped out of the way all the while Slade's eye followed her motion, but he was too slow to copy it. The powerful sonic blast hit him squarely on the back and he was launched toward the giant entryway.

"Raven!" Cyborg's familiar and joyous voice reverberated through the room as her ran toward her from the elevator. "Are you okay?"

Raven answered with a halfhearted, "Yeah." before looking in the direction that Slade had traveled. Later on, she would look back and think that she shouldn't have been as surprised as she was when she noticed that Slade was gone.

Raven backtracked slightly to meet Cyborg halfway and said with a monotone as to hide her dismay. "Where'd he go?"

Cyborg was standing next to her when she spoke and his demeanor suddenly changed exponentially at her words. His elated smile from seeing her relatively unharmed vanished and was replaced with a austere glare directed at the empty room. He immediately raised his sonic cannon again and glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "Get in the elevator."

She had half a mind to argue with him but decided against it when she remembered who she was talking to and what that entails. His expression was concentrated and unwavering which was a dead giveaway that he was in full on protective mode. Nothing seemed to be able to stop Cyborg when he gets into these kinds of moods. They can sometimes be very annoying, but secretly, she always thought the way he throws himself entirely into the things he does to be one of his most admirable traits.

Raven didn't dare turn her back to the room in order to walk toward elevator and instead slowly backpedalled toward the sliding doors. Cybrog remained steadfast in the middle of the room, seemingly as bait should Slade decide to attack, and refused to move until the elevator door reopened.

They both soon made it inside the elevator without any more sightings of Raven's assailant. Cyborg moved to hit the button that would raise them to the medical ward's floor, but was stopped when he realized that there was no button to be pressed. Actually, the only parts that remained of several of the buttons were the exposed inner workings and wires that normally went unseen. Cyborg looked at Raven and raised an eyebrow in question.

Raven blushed slightly underneath her hood. "Uhh… Sorry?"

His only reply was a barking laugh before he brought out his flashlight and tried to find the wire that would get them to the 19th floor. Raven watched in silence as he worked but kept her ears open for any kind of foreign noise. For all she knew, Slade could be sitting right outside the small room.

Although Raven continued to keep her ears alert, she began to let her mind wander. The broken buttons on the elevator had actually brought a troubling question to her mind: Why was she able to use her powers accidently, when her emotions broke loose, but not when she consciously called on them? The fact that she couldn't freely use her powers actually scared her more than she would ever lead on. The last time it happened, she was powerless to stop her friends from being taken from disturbing monsters. Sure, those monsters ended up being her own creations, but that didn't make the ordeal any less frightening.

"Alright!" Cyborg suddenly exclaimed as the elevator gave a lurch and began speeding skyward.

The two sat in companionable silence for a short time as the elevator moved before Raven spoke softly. "How did you know where I was?"

Cyborg met her inquisitive eyes with his own playful one and let a smile spread across his face. "I guessed."

To say his declaration baffled her would be the understatement of the century. "You guessed?"

He nodded his head and rocked back and forth on his heels slightly, that good-natured smile ever present on his features. "Yup."

Raven was about to ask how in the world he would have guessed where she was, but something told her that he would not enlighten her at the present time. So instead, she turned her head so that she was staring at the metal doors in front of her.

She would question him about the incident later, but for now she was just glad that he had gotten to her before Slade had done any real damage. She peeked at him out of the corner of her eye and saw that he still had that pleasant smile plastered on his face and couldn't help it when a ghost of a smile flashed across her features.

Not for the first time, she silently thanked the heavens for the intimate friendship she shared with the half robot.

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