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Naomi was running. She had enough evidence against them. After six months, she finally hit pay-dirt when she found documents with plans to take over the whole alien planet that they were camped out on. During that time, she had to worm her way into everyone's graces: the cooks, the mechanics, the scientists, even the miners! It took forever for the higher ups to trust her and allow her clearance. Even then, she had to hold that position for a bit before making a break for the surface.

Ore Industries had found this planet and sent a team to start mining. They found another world, underground, with easier access to the metals they wanted. They dug in, and stayed. They grew like a tick on blood and began to expand, both outward and upward. The locals did not like that and began to retaliate. Ore recruited soldiers to defend them, and soon massed an army. Soldiers from all over Earth began to swear loyalty to them.

The United Nations began to worry about all their missing troops, so they sent one volunteer to do the job. Naomi was the only one who signed up; the United Nations were to send ships soon after she left. After three year of cyro-stasis, she had infiltrated Ore's mining center and began to earn people's trust. She had to follow orders, defend the perimeter, and scout. The one skirmish that sealed her loyalty in Ore's eyes was when she "killed" a lion man with just an arrow.

She had been behind him with others attacking from the front. Their guns were molten heaps of slag from some sort of lava attack. She had brought her quiver for comfort and the other soldiers had knives. She didn't want to truly kill any locals, so she made tranquilizer arrows, powerful enough feign death. She fired one of those arrows, and it hit home on his shoulder blade, close enough to be called a kill shot. One roar was all he had before he went down, and didn't get up again. She had raced over while he fell, close enough that he grabbed her neck before into unconsciousness, and said that he was dead after listening to his steady heartbeat. She didn't bother to look for his pulse under that shaggy mane. They left the body for the fast approaching locals.

That was the night that she was granted top clearance. That was the night she had all the evidence she needed or wanted at her fingertips. A week later, she drugged everyone while on kitchen duty and slipped out, copies of documents in her pack.

Naomi looked at the opening to the underground she had been living in. It was a simple slope up, but to Naomi it was the path to safety. She raced up it to the open night air, passed the rock with the strange symbol on it (a circle with a dot in the bottom corner with a carved slash close to the dot), and beyond. She soon reached a village with farm land and several barns full of animals. She saw a moving skeleton, assembled like a horned horse that would be perfect for travel. But she wasn't just going to steal it. She had to leave something behind as a trade, as was Comanche custom.

Her knife, sheathed in a beautifully beaded sheath, was to be left behind. She left it in a child's room and took the steed from its stall. She only bothered with a bridle and a blanket before riding. She set off at a gallop for open plains.

-3 days later-

Naomi pulled her steed to a halt at the first rumble of thunder. She listened carefully, then grinned. She looked up to the bright blue sky and saw the ship land not two miles away. More ships followed its example.

Naomi "Little Cougar" Hunting Pride, recognized warrior of the Comanche tribe, smiled, eyes hard. Time for the war to begin.

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