drabbles about Shigure Sohma and Mayuko Shiraki.


the child and the adult

The resigned look on her face bothered him.

Her longing for something that was out of her reach, and her way of accepting it without so much as a fight.
He'd never tell her this,of course. Instead, he said, "Why don't you go out with me instead? You need someone on your side no matter who it is, right?"

He smirked, seeing the indecision on her face. "And I'm bored too."
Strangely, that seemed to settle it for her. The fact that his reason for asking her out was boredom, not real interest. She accepted his offer as one would take receipts at a supermarket counter. He supposed it was a good thing she harbored no delusions of what was to be their relationship.

Yet, when he sees the longing and the loneliness in her eyes, he feels a strange kinship with her, and also a reinforcement of how very different she is from him.
"Why did you never fight for Hatori?" he asked once, curiosity overwhelming him. He thinks he already knows the answer but nothing prepares him for the way she says it. "Don't be ridiculous. How can I win against Kana?"
It amused him that she said it with no self pity or depreceation.
Just a sad statement of fact.

And I'm bored too.

That wasn't the complete truth of why he had asked her out, but that was for her to figure out, isn't it?

Shigure smiled.

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i always wanted more scenes of them in the manga, but you can't always have what you want. of course the title of this drabble refers to them both. mayuko's unrequited feelings and the way she deals with them is similar to how hatori deals with his sadness after kana gets married. hatori believes an another woman would be a reckless wish, but shigure believes there would be more for hatori in life, the same way shigure deems mayuko being unwilling to do anything about her feelings as 'foolish'. so who is really a child? someone who is uncompromising about what he wants? is an adult someone who after being hurt, resigns themselves to whatever good they have in their lives? Fruits Basket makes you think along those lines, doesn't it? :D