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20 Reasons

"Oh come on Jason! Let me date Reyna! I mean, we both like each other… probably… I mean it works! I'm hot, she's hot. BAM! Instant hot couple." Jason gave Leo a "what the hell" face.

"Leo, even though you're my best friend-"


"I just think you might hurt her."

"What? No I won't. You're the guy who ditched her for Piper." Jason winced.

"Oh sorry bro. Touchy subject."

"Yeah. It's ok. But she's like my little sister… that's the same age as me."

"Ok… creepy."

"Whatever. Just give my 20 reasons why you should date Reyna."

"Pshhhh…. EASY!"

Reason 1: I'm super hot.

Reason 2: She's super hot.

Reason 3: I'm super sexy.

Reason 4: She's super sexy.

Reason 5: Because of reasons 1-4 we would make an extremely hot/sexy couple.

Reason 6: Because we are an extremely hot/sexy couple, our children shall be an extremely hot/sexy people.

Reason 7: I'm awesome.

Reason 8: She's also awesome, but not as awesome as me.

"Is it going to be like this the whole list?" Jason interrupted.

"SHHHHHH! You didn't let me finish!"

Reason 9: I'm the best at everything.

Reason 10: She's the only girl I like.

"What about Thalia?"

"Pshh… stupid whole eternally maiden thing. Don't worry I got over it."


Reason 12: Leyna sounds better than Jasper.


"YES IT DOES!" This went on for quite a while until Leo realized he had to finish his list.

Reason 13: I will personally set on fire any guy who tries to look at her.

Reason 14: I will personally set on fire any guy that tries to touch her.

Reason 15: We would look so awesome together.

Reason 16: "I'm really hungry."

"What the Hades does that have to do with the list?"


Reason 17: She can make me a sandwich.

Reason 18: I know where she lives.

"You freaking stalker."

"Stop interrupting me!"

Reason 19: We're both hot/awesome/sexy.

Reason 20: We make a hot/sexy/awesome couple.



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