Dark Life


Was the Carpathian world with the twilight one? This a light cross over story, the twilight characters names are used, but it is in the Carpathian world, there is dark Edward, blood, and a lot of sex only over 18 should read this, this is a sequel to dark twilight.


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Last time;

"Bella, My Love, my life mate, you are with child. We are going to have a baby!" He smiled at me….

Chapter 1.

Bella P.O.V

How can he do this to me? Yes I am happy to be with child, but at the same time I am mad at him for doing this to me, sometimes he is such a domestic pig to me, however I've got to love him.

"You know I am mad at you right now." I said to him.

"That's the benefit of me being able to read your mind." Edward said.

"Your an epic son of a bitch." I vented to him.

"I love when you are mad, it makes me so hot." He said.

Then in one why or other, we end up in bed him making love to me, and very passionately I might add. It was very erotic and of course we took each other blood when we come. Every time we come we always come as one.

An; we will be back in there world and what is going to come next?

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