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The Truth behind Omi

Chapter 1

Many years ago a horrific incident occurred changing the life of an unborn child forever...

Due to the acts of the evil Roy Hannibal Bean the Childs father- who was unaware of the fact that he and his wife was expecting- was tricked into drinking the Lao Mang long soup. This meant that his very soul was corrupted and turned from the purest of light to the darkest shade of black. He was evil. What no one realised was once someone drinks from the soup the memories of their most treasured ones are lost, so without hesitation he turned into a hideous beast and went to attack his closest of friends…including his wife the woman he loved.

After the attack everything was in disarray though luckily no one was hurt. His friends the xiaolin dragons were able to lead him away before any lives were taken, and were able to escape from his clutches as well. His wife laid heartbroken clinging to the necklace her beloved husband had given to her for her birthday when they were children. Shaking her head vigorously refusing to believe the truth of the situation at hand, she broke down into tears, hands clinging protectively across her still flat stomach.

Time flies by and soon the cries of a beautiful healthy boy can be heard throughout the land. Forehead dripping from sweat thanks to the agonizing but rewarding process of labour, giving birth to new life. The new found mother looked down at her child with adoring eyes marvelling at how striking a resemblance the babe had with his father. Shedding a silent tear at the thought she turned her head to see her best friend, twin sister to her husband, and god mother to her son smiling joyously at her little nephew.

"What are you going to name him Crystal?" the new aunt asked excitedly waiting for her friend to reply. "Well Chasity I think I'll call him Omi, I like that name and besides don't you think he looks like an Omi" smiling widely at her little Omi she turns to her protective older brother looking at the infant with sad eyes. Somewhat unnerved by this reaction to her son she questioned her brother. "Crystal I'm afraid I can sense a strong power emitting from the boy. I fear he is the one our late master was talking about" "No! Dashi you must be mistaken he can't be the one" frightened beyond belief at this news, because one month before the child's arrival into the world an old dying monk –their mast, laid on his death bed explaining what he had seen in his final vision. A young child and a group of his comrades will fight the evil chase young and bring back balance to the world…

"Dashi how could it be Omi? How could he be the one destined to fight his own father? Please you must be mistaken!" "I am sorry dear sister but I fear it is the truth and at this moment in time when Chase himself has caught wind of the prophecy and is out to destroy this child… It is not safe for Omi here. My only thought of how to keep your son safe from Chase is to keep him hidden where none of our enemies will be able to find him. I will change his appearance, so chase or anyone will not see the truth of the child's true paternity and send him forward in time to a safer era". Closing his eyes as not to look at his sister's broken face he circled his arms around her, embracing her into an apologetic hug.

"If, if it w-ill k-keep my baby s-s-safe then fine, b-but I want y-you to seal me into m-my necklace, so w-when the t-time is r-right O-omi c-c-can open it up a-and I w-will be there f-f-for him" she said sobbing into her hands trying as best she could to hide the obvious anguish in her voice.

Later that day the child's features were changed. Instead of his pale white skin he had sun yellow, instead of his lushes ebony hair he was bold, instead of his chocolate eyes he had black, but the most significant change was the size of his head which doubled in size, so instead of looking like his heylin father he resembled his maternal uncle. Thankfully to his mother's relief these changes were not permanent and when the time was right he would be reverted to what he once appeared.

And with that the babe was sent to the future by his uncle's sands of time. And his mother was sealed away with in her necklace which was entrusted to her cousin Guan so when the day came she would be able to reunite with her son.

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