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Crystal P.O.V

He knows… he knows, he knows the truth and he just fled he didn't offer a word not even a ferocious roar of anger from what I've kept from him. No he just left me standing there with our young son staring at me with eyes of confusion, unsure of how to respond to the events that just past. Do I tell Omi? Do I tell him the truth? Know that Chase Knows he probably won't keep it secret from Omi, considering his heylin position he may even try and use that information against us… against me.

"Mother may I ask what just happened?"

"Something which could affect everything, especially you" Its everything to do with you.

I stare at him waiting to see how he will respond, waiting for the mass of questions I imagined he would ask, but instead he just stands there quietly confused waiting for me to explain myself more fully. It is at this moment I am truly reminded of his young age, how that despite his quest to protect the world from evil he is still just I child with his whole life ahead of him. A life that shouldn't be filled with mystery or lies or withheld truths, no he should live a life were those around him should be honest and open with him… even if the news isn't that great.

"Omi lets go to the temple and I will tell you everything, and I mean everything"

"What do you mean everything?" He seems worried and I guess with this bombshell that I am about to detonate on him he has every right to be. This isn't some trivial information. This could warp his whole way of thinking, how he looks at the world, people and even himself.

"Sweetheart trust me when I say that this isn't the place for this conversation "

"Mother you like Master Fung is most wise and I trust you with my heart hole"

"Omi do you mean whole heartedly?" I couldn't help but giggle at my little boy and his little quirks. I hope that this news won't change that.

"Oh! Teehee this is most embarrassing" chuckling with his face turning red with embarrassment. Watching him almost lets me forget that I haven't seen him for many years and missed his growth, it's like he never left me and our lives have been full of these sweet carefree moments where there isn't an epic battle between evil and good, yin and yang.

"Mother why are you staring?" I didn't even realise I was staring at him. This whole situation is literally taking away my senses.

"Sorry darling I was… deep in thought"

"What about?"

"How I'm going to break this news to you whether it really is for the best" I really do hope that I'm doing the right thing by my little boy.

"What are you going to tell me? Why is it such a sensitive subject that we can't talk about it here?" this is it there's no going back now not when he is eager to know.

"I'm going to tell you about your father…"

Chase Young P.O.V

Smashing glass, crashing chairs into the walls, and even fighting my own feline warriors and not even an ounce of destruction can quench my anger, my frustration about this whole damn situation. For evils sake when did my immortal life become so complicated it used to be so simple, so easy. My life has never been so mentally taxing before a little chaos here, a little tormenting there, and a bit of world domination in my spare time simple really. Sure scheming took a bit of intelligences and creativity but both things came naturally to me. I know how to be evil, but to be a father? The father to an xiaolin warrior, an enemy no less. But apparently I'm also a husband, a twin, and brother-in-law and I remember it (at least now anyway) and thinking back at the time it all came naturally to me back when I too was on the side of the xiaolin.

"Ohh Chase my deliciously evil partner in world chaos and domination, what's got you so stressed?" for all the times for that conniving witch to stick her nose into my business she chooses now when I need all the space and time I can get.

"That is none of your concern Wuya. Now leave me to my thoughts"

Instead of heading my order she walks towards me swaying her hips seductively staring intently into my eyes in till she comes to a stop standing behind me, wrapping her long thin arms around my neck whispering softly into my ear.

"Now, now what's the hurry to get rid of me so quickly who knows maybe there's something I can do to um how do I put it… release you from this tension" she says while messaging my neck. I have never felt more disgusted.

"Or you can do as I ORDER! LEAVE ME ALONE NOW!" roaring into her face watching as her eyes alight with fear as to what I shall do to her if she doesn't. The message that her advancements are nothing but a nuisance to me is finally starting to sink in, but still she doesn't leave the room.

"You know Chase Young even those of the heylin don't like to be alone without a 'companion' forever even the immortal ones like yourself, and think of it you a powerful overlord and me the most powerful witch, greatest nemesis of Dashi himself. Imagine what we could accomplish together truly united. We could be the most evil power couple the world could ever know!" Well I can't knock her for her persistence.

"And who says I'm alone hmm?" lifting my eyebrow prompting her to think of what I'm implying. I might as well divulge a little piece of information anything to shut her up.

"What do you mean? Aren't you?" hahaha I love to see her so flustered so frantic it almost puts me in a good mode… almost.

"Well it has recently came to light that I'm married since before my turning to the side of evil, and I did say, promised in fact that I will stay true to her for all of eternity and you know I always keep my world"And as I say this an idea of what to do starts flicking into my brilliant mind…