Pairing: Angeal/Zack/Cloud, Angeal/Cloud

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I don't have any profits.

A/N: Hello there :) I wrote it after my work (I was thinking about this drabble for 7 hours, it helped me a lot ;) ). Unbetaed, but I think I can write 100 words without making a mistake... Right?


Cloud's sure that in the mako isn't only mako. He doesn't think about the famous SOLDIERs' appetite or their ability so stay calm no matter what.

Just every time he's with his lovers and the heat is almost too much to bear – when he can only kiss, suck, lick, touch and can't have enough – Angeal growls. It's a needy, possessive sound of some kind of a predator which makes Cloud's heart skip a bit and Zack jumps on the bed, whining like a beaten animal, leaving the cadet's body for Angeal to devour.

Not that Cloud minds it.