Dark Silver 3

Opening the great doors to Jorrvaskr Nero was greeted with many familiar feelings. The feeling of warmth from the many fire pits. The smell of a fresh feast and, the many, many barrels of mead. The sight of two of the companions in a fist fight with everyone else cheering them on or taking bets on who would win.

"Its like I never left."

Serana stepped in following Nero, and after giving the place a quick look over said, "These are the Companions?"

Nero turned around giving Serana a quizzical look, "What's wrong with them?"

"Seriously? The Companions were followers of Ysgramor himself. They were honorable warriors."

"We are honorable warriors."

Just as Nero finished Njada tackled Athis over a table, knocking off plates full of food and cups full of mead. The group following the brawl cheered in response to the fights escalation. Nero sheepishly smiled while Serana gave him a look of bemusement, "We're honorable…most of the time."

"Grab my ass again and I'll rip off your," what ever Njada was about to say was cut off when Athis head butted her.

"We're honorable…some times."

A scream came over the fight, "Are they fighting or having sex? I can't tell anymore!"

Nero opened his mouth to try again to defend them but Serana just shushed him, "learn when to just shut up dear."

Finally, after Njada socked Athis in the jaw knocking the elf out, the rest of the companions notice that their harbinger had returned. A chorus of cheers and shouts echoed inside the great hall as each companion walked up to greet their returning hero.

"I had heard that you summoned an army of dragons when you fought all of those vampires." Asked Ria.

"Is it true you closed an oblivion gate?"

After a bit Vilkas stepped forward to make the group give Nero some breathing room. Though, he had to promise that he would tell them all about at least one of his adventures. As they began to lead him away Vilkas finally took notice of Serana who was just standing in the door way trying to stifle a laugh at watching Nero get swamped by all his fellow companions.

"Who's this that you brought with you Nero?"

With a smile Nero introduced her, "this is Serana, my fiancée.

Vilkas shook Serana's hand, "I'm sorry but have we met before?"

"I think we bumped into each other back at Fort Dawnguard."

Vilkas thought back to his time at the fort, trying to remember her. As his memory cleared, he recalled that the daughter of the vampire lord was also named…

Vilkas stiffened and quickly pulled his hand back, "you're that-"


The companion turned when he heard Nero speak his name. There was no threat or hostility in Nero's voice but the warrior knew he had better drop the subject and be nice to the woman. Fortunately none of the other Companions noticed this exchange as they were too occupied with setting a place for their Harbinger to feast with them and so he could tell them of one of his great adventures.

Deciding to quickly change the subject Nero looked around, "So, where are Aela and Farkas?"

"They left yesterday on a job. A giant has been terrorizing a small farm recently. They should be back later today."

Nero nodded, "sounds like fun. Hey Serana why don't you go find our seats. I'll be right there."

When Serana was out of ear shot, Nero turned to Vilkas, "Say what you want to say right now, but after wards the topic is closed, understand."

Vilkas nodded, "She's still a vampire right?"

Nero sighed, "Yes she is."

"So how is she feeding? Knowing you, you'd probably let her feed on you."

"Yeah we decided that wasn't a good idea after last time." Nero immediately regretted saying that.

Vilkas blinked remembering back to something Aela had told him. Nero could tell Vilkas was putting two and two together. Sometimes he forgot that Vilkas had the smarts of Ysgramor.

"Before, back at the Dawngaurd's fort, Aela had said something had drained you. She was talking about Serana wasn't she?"

With a groan Nero nodded, "Yes she was, and it was my choice."

Deciding that, what's done is done, Vilkas moved on, "So what do you do now? Do you feed her bandits?"

Nero tried not to laugh at the idea, "No, no nothing so morbid. I found these potion recipes in the castle that Serana tells me she can drink instead of blood."

"What are they?" Asked Vilkas.

"Blood potions."

"… Potions of blood. I'm guessing you use your blood. So she's still feeding on you."

"I use more of my blood with my alchemy and mage craft work then I do when I make those potions for her. So you don't have to worry about her drinking me dry."



Vilkas ran his hand through his hair before asking his last question "Do you trust her?"

"I'm going to marry her Vilkas. I want to have a family with her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her by my side."

"Then I'll trust your good judgment then."

Nero gave a good natured laugh, "if I had good judgment I'd have stayed in Cyrodiil when I heard of the civil war here in Skyrim."

Vilkas joined Nero with a laugh of his own, "Come on then, I'm sure the others want to hear more of your stories. And I'll make sure to talk to my brother, though I'm sure he'll trust you as well."

"Thank you, but make sure no one else knows that Serana is a vampire. I want her to have a care free life. She can't have that if everyone around her is afraid of her all the time."

"Your secret will not leave the Circle."

-Later in the day-

Serana smiled as she sipped at her cup of mead. For almost the whole day Nero put his training from the bard college to good use as he told his fellow companions of some of his adventures. Serana had moved to a table in the corner since when Nero recounted his battles he tended to use his whole body to tell the tale, and after knocking into her a few times she decided it was safer to move so she wouldn't have to relive the adventures he told. Currently he was telling everyone about his dual with the two dragons Naaslaarum and Voslaarum on the frozen lake.

"The dragons came out from under the ice," someone asked.

"That's right. As I'm walking up to the dragon wall I'm looking up at the sky making sure no one is going to swoop down on me. It was a real shock to suddenly feel the ice from underneath me explode as one of them came at me."

Serana sat back as she listen to Nero, and while some of what he said was a little exaggerated, she couldn't help but blush when he mentioned how she helped him in that battle. Several times when he pointed at her some the companions would turn and look at her. When ever they did she would try to hide behind her cup. While she was happy she wasn't forgotten in his stories, she just wished that all the ones he had told today hadn't involved her. It was clear he was making sure all the companions respected her as some great warrior and it was a little embarrassing.

As Nero continued his story Serana blinked in surprise when a large plate filled with meat was placed on the table, and the other chair at her table was pulled back. Turning she saw Aela sit down and drink from the large flagon of mead in her hand. She must have just gotten back, thought Serana.

Serana regarded the other woman calmly. She was one of the very few people who knew who and what she was. She had also made it very clear that she was not very happy that Nero had almost died feeding her. She was still surprised the woman's punch to her jaw hadn't knocked a tooth out. Of course maybe now after all this time she had let that go.

"You're looking well fed."

Or maybe she was the type of person to hold a grudge for a very long time. Of course Serana couldn't really blame her. Considering her past with Nero, something Serana still felt a pang of jealousy at, she'd probably feel the same way if their roles were reversed. So, Serana decided, she'd play nice. At least for Nero's sake. And since Aela wasn't beating the living hell out of her like she promised after seeing how hurt Nero got from the battle with her father because of how much of his blood she drank, she was obviously doing the same thing as she was. Playing nice for Nero's sake.

"Yes, Nero makes such a nice snack, I'm afraid I might be gaining weight."

"I could easily fix that for you. Hard to eat with a broken jaw," Aela said before she picked up a turkey leg and took a large bit out of it. Serana smiled, making sure Aela could see her fangs, "oh I would love to see you try it. Of course I'd give you plenty of time to put on that fur coat of yours."

"And I'd be sure to wait till dark. Hate for you to get a sun burn."

Both women glared at each other for a bit longer before returning to their mead. After a long gulp Aela put her cup down, "So, how has Nero been? I heard he got pretty roughed up after some adventure in oblivion."

"He was, but he's better now."

Aela nodded and took another bite from her meal, "So I guess you've already figured out how annoying it is to travel with Nero."

"You mean dealing with his unwavering need to put his life in constant danger just to help people he only just met?"

Aela snickered, "that and having to help carry all the crap he likes to collect."

Serana laughed along with Aela catching the attention of Nero who looked over at the two, slightly worried.

Aela smirked, "Yes we are Nero."

"You are what?"

Aela finished her drink, "talking about you."

Serana grinned at the look of complete dismay from Nero, "I think I'd like it better if you two were fighting."

-Later that Night-

As Nero and Serana started down the steps out of Jorrvaskr on their way back to Nero's house, Aela followed after them, "Nero where are you going?"

"Well back to my house. It late and I kind of want to get to bed."

"Your room is here Harbinger."

Nero looked away from Aela. Serana frowned, "if you want to spend time as the companions Harbinger, shouldn't you be staying here then?"

"It's not my room. It's Kodlak's."

Aela sighed, "Nero that room belongs to the Harbinger of the Companions. It's your room now."

Nero said nothing as he thought over what Aela was saying. As he did though, he didn't notice a figure garbed in black moving in the shadows. Nor did he notice the figure draw their bow and nock an arrow. A soft twang was the only warning as the arrow launched right towards him. While Nero hadn't noticed, Serana had. Reaching out she snatched the arrow out of the air. Nero blinked startled. Aela snarled after she noticed the arrow head was made of silver.

"A Silver Hand weapon."

Serana turned and pointed into the darkness, "there."

The assassin leapt out of the shadows and charged up the stairs a silver dagger ready to strike, "die monster!"

To Nero however, something was off. The assassin was small, and their voice was high pitched. Almost like a…

As the assassin closed the gap Serana reached out and grabbed the wrist of the would be assassin, stopping her silver dagger before it could do any harm to Nero. With a pull and a sharp twist she snapped the assassins arm, eliciting a scream of pain from behind the black mask, and let the dagger drop harmlessly to the ground. Serana twist the arm further back forcing the assassin to fall to a knee. The assassin kept screaming, all the while trying to claw Serana's vice like grip away. Reaching down Serana pulled the mask off the assassin, so she could see just who would be stupid enough to try to kill the man she loved, right in front of her.

A young girl looked back at her. She was still years away from becoming a woman. Black locks of hair fell around her face. Her eyes wet with tears as she cried and screamed from the pain inflicted upon her right before she passed out.

Authors Notes:

Yikes it's been a while. Unfortunately tests and a lack of ideas have kind of put this story in a rut. That and my goal of playing through all 3 Mass Effect games on their hardest difficulty. But with a break in between tests, I hope to get a couple of chapters out. So yeah a little Silver Hand girl just tried to kill Nero. I wonder what's going to happen next. Please leave a review and if you find any grammar errors please be sure to point them out.


Athis- Dark Elf of the Companions

Njada Stonearm- She's the one fighting Athis when you first enter Jorrvaskr. Is kind of a bitch.

Ria: A female Imperial and was the newest member of The Companions before the Dragonborn joined.

Naaslaarum and Voslaarum: These are the two dragons you fight on the frozen lake in the Dawnguard DLC.