Kerry's eyes widened as she checked the current weather for Palm Springs, California on her iPhone for the last time.

"112 degrees, Kim? And we're sure that's in Fahrenheit?"

Kim smirked, in a way enjoying the reaction of her wife to the always shocking weather of her favorite desert paradise.

"Well, Ker, it is a desert…" Kim responded with a laugh as she shoved a last pair of denim shorts into her suitcase. Grabbing a lace bra out of her dresser, she walked towards the redhead, playfully twirling it around her index finger. "However, I doubt the air will be the hottest thing about our trip," she whispered into Kerry's ear.

The shorter woman blushed, placing a playful kiss on Kim's lips. "I can't wait," she replied, her own voice low and filled with desire.

Rekindling their relationship was, in a way, the whole purpose of this getaway. After 10 years of commitment and two children, they were no less in love, but time and the consistency of day-to-day life tended to get in the way of romance. They needed some time just for themselves, and a stay with their friends in Palm Springs, sans children, seemed like just what the doctor ordered.

A doorbell interrupted the women's romantic interlude.

"That must be Nana," said Kerry, breaking the embrace and heading towards the door. "And only 15 minutes late, she must have just set a Legaspi record."

While Kim's family could count cordiality, enthusiasm, kindness, and height among their collective talents, punctuality was definitely not one of them. Still, Kerry loved that Kim's mother was able to watch Ava and Oliver, even if it meant she had to tell Patricia to arrive at least half an hour before they actually needed to leave. The kids loved when Nana came to stay, which Kerry knew was due not only to her loving and fun personality, but also the numerous baking projects she conducted that tended to involve chocolate chip cookies.

Making her way down the stairs, Kerry heard the faint sound of Sesame Street coming from the den, and she began to reminisce. If only her own parents were here to see this, how happy she was, and the family she has now, she was sure they would enjoy having grandchildren just as much.

"Kim?" Patricia called from behind the door. "Kerry? I'm here!"

Kerry reached the door, and, pulling it open, embraced her mother-in-law in a warm hug.

"I'm so glad you made it!" she said, ushering the older woman into the foyer. "Ollie and Ava have been so excited to have their Nana watch them while we're gone."

"I'm so glad I could do it," replied Patricia, pulling in her small, printed suitcase. The bright rose and sparrow pattern perfectly described the woman: traditional, yet bright and vibrant, and always full of fun.

Just then, a pajama-clad toddler with an orange splash of hair entered the room, running right for his nana's feet.

"Ollie!" she said sweetly, setting down her suitcase in order to scoop the boy into her arms.

A blonde girl with a head full of curls appeared around the corner of the staircase, and was greeted by a similarly voiced "Ava!" She bounced into the room, also met by her nana's welcoming arms.

After all the greetings had been exchanged and Kim had come downstairs with some luggage, Kerry began to list off some final instructions before they would say their final goodbyes.

"The most important thing is that Ollie gets to bed by 8 at the latest, because otherwise you really won't want to deal with him in the morning," Kerry said with a bit of a laugh. "And Ava has piano on Tuesday and soccer on Thursday, and please make sure she practices all of her pieces every day. Other than that, I'm sure you know the routine, and I've made a little calendar of everything that absolutely must be done, so I'm sure it will all go fine."

"Kerry, dear," Patricia said to her daughter-in-law, placing her hand on the shorter woman's shoulder, "we've done this scores of times before. You needn't worry. I did raise six myself, you know."

"Of course, of course, I'm sorry. Thank you again for watching them."

"It really is my pleasure," Patricia assured Kerry as two Legaspi-Weaver children pulled her into the den in search of their newest toys.

"This is the last of it," Kim said when a humongous suitcase met the floor with a thump.

"Kim, how much did you bring?" Kerry asked, pretending to nag. She had to admit, however, that the blonde must have listened to some of her packing advice; otherwise they'd be dealing with at least 3 similarly gigantic containers holding most of Kim's wardrobe.

"Oh, you know me. My packing mantra has always been 'better safe than sorry!'" Kim said, pulling the navy blue luggage that seemed to weigh as much as a baby elephant. "I was a girl scout, you know."

After Kim somehow managed to fit the last suitcase into the trunk of their SUV, Ava and Ollie rushed into the garage, suddenly realizing that their mommies were actually leaving.

"Mama," Ollie said, held up on Kim's hip. "You have my picture? With the train?" he asked, referring to the paper he had given her earlier with a jumble of red and black scribbles.

"Of course, Ollie. I will look at it every time I miss you. Nana will take care of you, but just remember how much Mama loves you, okay?" she told him, placing a kiss on his forehead.

She set him down and he ran to his mommy, who had just finished giving Ava a hug and a goodbye. As Kerry picked up her son, the six-year-old skipped over to Kim.

"Be nice to your brother," she reminded her, tousling her light blonde curls.

"I'll really try Mama, believe me I will," the girl said earnestly. She looked up at her mother, who she so resembled in both appearance and stature. "I'll really miss you a lot, but I know you'll have fun. I will too! Nana brought me a new Beanie Baby and she said we would bake cupcakes this time!"

"I know you will, Ava," Kim said, lifting up her daughter and giving her a tight hug.

Letting go, her miniature beanpole and her little minx ran off to their Nana.

"Come on, you silly goose. You were going to show me your new teddy bear, right?" Patricia said, holding the two-year-old's hand as she led him out of the garage.

Getting into the car, the women waved their last goodbyes before rolling up the windows and pulling the car out of the driveway. As they drove down the street, Kim took her right hand off of the steering wheel and placed it atop Kerry's left.

After a few moments, Kerry spoke.

"You, Kim, are truly the only person I would brave 112 degree heat for."