Dark Dsurion

Stormrider is the dragon's name

Exiled from home and laying in shame

A set of violent purple scales

With hints of pink as if impaled

A crown of royal horns protrude

But are stained from a blood feud

Protective of his once held realm,

Intruders will be rightly dealt

Intelligent, yet menacing

Calm, with a deadly welcoming

Lazily protecting his old home

While lounging on a dome of stone

Flying across the clouds of storms

A dance with lightning he will perform

The gluttonous king rotted away

A humble meal will be made

From far away lands he will eat

Ignorant knights who try to bleat

The mountain is his broken throne

The rocks are his destroyed gemstones

The birds, his newfound servants,

Help his eyes with keen observance

Even though banished disgracefully,

Stormrider will atone righteously

_Inspired from the painting "Dark Dsurion" by Gustavo "Ciruelo" Carbal.