Summary: After Harry finds out that his father is alive, he also unravels lies that have kept him in the dark. With Hermione being one of the few he still trusts, will they be able to get through the challenges others have put before them? And not to mention the jealousy, angst, drama, and love, fourth year is not going to me any more normal than it usually was going to be. Elemental! Harry. Elemental! Hermione. Grey! Draco. Manipulative! Dumbledore. Molly, Ron, and Ginny bashing.

Warnings: character death, character bashing, violence, mild language, OOC moments

Authors Notes: Starts in the summer before fourth year during the Goblet of Fire. This is currently being rewritten as Revenge of the Phoenix because the author realized this version of the story was shitty.

Disclaimers: I do not own Harry Potter

Chapter 1: Leaving

Harry looked at the cracks on his ceiling. He wished he could at least be on the run with his godfather Sirius Black, instead of having to keep going to the Dursleys. It was about seven and they had about eaten already.

"BOY! COME DOWN HERE!" shouted his Uncle Vernon.

Harry dragged himself downstairs. Uncle Vernon was yelling at a man. He thought he was familiar. A man he thought to be dead. Harry moved his head before he realized who this man was.

"Dad?" Harry said.

Vernon turned to Harry looking the usual plum purple he was when he was angry.

"Mr. Dursley, how would you feel if you didn't have to watch that freak for the next three years? No contact. Nothing," the man smiled.

"Who are you?" demanded Vernon.

"See Mr. Dursley, I'm the boy's father. And I'm very much alive."

Vernon paled. Harry smiled. But he was still curious of this James Potter impersonator. Harry walked down to where Uncle Vernon was.

"Sir, would by chance know a prongs?" Harry asked.

"In fact I am Prongs," the man said.

"Who was believed dead first, my father or my mother?"

"Who was the secret keeper to the cottage where the Potters were found dead?"
"Peter Pettigrew."

Harry was shocked that this man was his father. He looked the opposite of what Sirius Black had looked like. Freshly shaven well kept. Harry was suspicious at first. He soon warmed up the man. Of course that was all in 10 minutes of interrogation. Then Harry went upstairs to pack his trunk before he came back downstairs.

"I no longer consider this home," Harry said before he left with his father.

He saw his Aunt wiping tears from her eyes, his cousin Dudley shocked, and Vernon looking a pale purple color. Harry and James got into James car.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked.

"To Potter Manor," James said.

Nobody told him about the manor? This day was just getting better and better. Sarcasm. At least he was away from the Dursleys.

An hour or so later, they arrived at Potter Manor. Large white marble bricks built the building. The lawn was a fresh alive green. Trees surrounded the manor. Harry walked into the Manor. The building had seemed inhabited. Like a grenade, Harry's anger exploded.


James sat in one of the couches.

"I wanted to. So badly. But when I woke up from the cruciatus and a stunning spell, the house was a wreck. I ran into your room, Lily, she was dead. Dead. And I couldn't find you. You were already gone. Dumbledore convinced me to go into hiding. I stayed here, but it was so lonely. Then I found out. Everything," James said.

Harry felt a little remorse for his father.

"What do you mean by found out about everything?" Harry asked.

"All in good time," James said.

Harry went into his room. The furnishings were a dark mahogany, a large queen sized bed sat near the center of the wall. A desk was in the corner. And Harry was shocked that one wall was entirely glass overlooking the back yard.

"You like it? Used to be my room," James said.

"It's great," Harry said.

"Night son."

"Night dad."

Harry went to bed that night looking out the window and falling asleep later.

Authors Notes: Harmony will eventually happen. And yes, it's the real James Potter, not Barty Crouch Jr. or a impersonating I'm trying to be evil so I get on Voldemort's good side, well bad because villains' don't have a good side Death eater. So what do you think? Criticism accepted. R&R please.