Title: Prohibited Desires - Part Five
Genre: NCIS – Angst/Romance/Way out there
Pairing: Abby and Gibbs / Gabby
Rating: M. Take it seriously.
Timeline: A/U Season Ten.
Spoilers: Missy used some, in her vague and amusing way.
Summery: Following instinct.
Disclaimer: It's nice borrowing someone else's toys – I'll put them back, I promise.
A/N: I had some interesting suggestions for pet names, thanks to everyone who submitted ideas – Missy has made her selection.
Beta: She seems to have disappeared. This was in her inbox for well over a week already and I still haven't heard from her.
Written: August – September 2012
Edited October 2012
Word Count: 4,440


The adult themed subject matter contained herein may offend sensitive readers.

Ahem – it's best not to read this at work.


Two weeks latter, Abby approached Gibbs's porch with reluctant strides, her heart lodged in her throat. This is not what I had hoped for when this had started, she thought as she came to a halt at his door, lifting her hand to knock. Things are too different now, and I can tell he doesn't really want to do this, doesn't really want me. Most people are bonking like bunnies, he hasn't even shown any interest. He walked away, won't let me pleasure him. Guess I'm just a toy for him to play with when he's bored. I can't even hug him anymore, because I might upset him. She knocked on the door, then stood back slightly and waited. I was so happy when he told me they've started on my lab, I really tired of the stiffs at Quantico, and I'll get to see him more. Not that it would make any difference, it's all hinky now.

He opened the door and smiled at her, drawing a smile from her in return, before stepping back to allow her to enter. Dropping her gaze, Abby knelt in front of him before addressing him, 'Master.'

Her heart started pounding when his hand gently touched her shoulder. 'You can get up, Abbs.' His calm command came, causing a tightening sensation to wrap around her heart, squeezing it. She pursed her lips, visibly swallowing against the pain. So this is it, we're done, she thought as she rose from her position and keeping her gaze lowered, not wanting to look at him, not wanting him to see how much his rejection hurt.

'Go through to the lounge so we can talk.' Gibbs said indicating for her to precede him.

She slowly, reluctantly, made her way there, noticing a box and sheet of paper on the coffee table as she came to a halt.

'Sit down,' His soft command came, and she nodded her head in response before settling on the sofa.

Gibbs joined her and she took a deep breath to steady herself for whatever he had to say.

'We need to talk about this Abbs?' He said reaching out to touch her thigh. Instant heat shot up from the contact, causing her to clench her jaw slightly in an attempt to control her response to him. It has always been instant. Making her aware of his proximity, the desire she had for him, and the want for his attention. She had hoped to gain all of those when they had started this. Abby lifted her gaze to look at him, it locking with his as he squeezed her thigh slightly before letting it go.

'Do you really want to continue?' Gibbs asked, and Abby lowered her head, swallowing against the desolate sensation taking hold of her. She has always known that he would be honest with her. And as much as she wanted to say to him that she did not want to continue this way, the part of her that wanted to hold on to him, wanted him to love her, was unwilling to let him go. 'Yes Gibbs.' She lowly answered.

'Okay, because I'm not happy with things as they are.' He started, causing her to look at him, 'And I want to make some changes.'

Abby nodded her head in reply, can't be worse than what we've had already, she reasoned.

'I need to know what you want from this?' He asked, looking pointedly at her.

Some sex would be a start, Abby's mind quickly retorted, her head tilting slightly as she looked at him. Some real all out grunting, groaning sex, where I know you've enjoyed it. I'm tired of waiting for that to happen. Then spending more time with you away from work. Knowing you're mine and that all the women can stare all they like, I'm the one going home with you and being fucked senseless. And then some more sex, because I really need it.

'Abbs' He called her attention to him, 'What do you want?'

'Oh, sorry, to be your sub.' She finally answered.

He looked at her for a moment, before continuing, 'I want to set some ground rules before we continue, and I need to know that you're gonna be okay with them.' He concluded looking at her. Abby nodded her head in reply.

'From now on you'll to be spending your weekends here with me, from Friday when we leave the yard, until Sunday afternoon.' Abby looked at him in surprise, Wait! What? She thought in response, you want to spend more time with me?

'It's not negotiable,' He firmly stated, 'The same as your duties are not.'

I now have duties? Since when?

'When you are here, you'll be in charge of the kitchen, so we'll need to go shopping. I'll get you anything you need, as long as you use it.'

Abby nodded her head at that, okay kitchen.

'You'll be allowed to wear whatever you like during the day, but in the evenings and in the bedroom you will dress for me in what I supply.'

Abby nodded her head, nothing different there.

'You will continue to wear only the collars I furnish, and on the weekends I'll remove them and put them on.' Gibbs looked sternly at her at that, and Abby nodded her head in reply before he continued, 'You may at any time freely address and interact with me, provided it's in a sincere manner, however you may not touch me in any sexual way without permission.'

Yeah, no change there, Abby thought.

'Gibbs reached for the sheet of paper on the table, 'These are amendments made to our previous agreement.' He said handing her the sheet of paper, 'You will only kneel when presenting me with something I have specifically asked for. Your new pet name is Kiera. When addressed as such, you will lower your gaze.' Abby nodded her head at that, whilst she continued to read down the list, her eyes bugging at the next alteration. 'You will in future address me as Jethro when away from the yard, and as Master Jethro when punished.' Abby nodded, her heart pounding in her chest as she looked up at him, 'And lastly, we will sit down once a month to reassess our agreement and discuss any changes.'

Abby nodded her head, glancing at the sheet again. 'You'll need to sign it.' He said producing a pen.

Abby took the pen from him and signed the sheet, handing both back to him once she was done.

Gibbs placed the pen and paper on the table reaching for the box. 'I got us a selection of toys; you are to pick out a few.' He said as he handed her the box, then rose from his seat, 'I'm going to go put this with the rest,' he said indicating to the sheet, 'And then I'll bring you your outfit.'

He halted at the doorway before turning back to face her, 'Put your selection on the table.' and with that, he disappeared.

Abby looked at the box in her hands, her heart pounding as she opened the flaps, only to find everything still within its packaging, What! Did he just order the entire catalogue? She thought as she looked into the box. Swallowing, she looked about the room, before upending the box on the couch next to her. You can do this Abigail, it's only toys. She chided herself as she lifted the first box. Oh god I can't let him use that on me! She thought, placing the first package back into the box and looking about the room. Okay this is not funny, this is weird, and I don't want a bunch of toys, I want him, she thought, releasing a sigh. Then looking at the contents on the couch; I can do this, I'll just start with what I'll allow. Lubricant, that's always welcome. He really did order the entire catalogue. She thought as she picked out the various types of lubricant and placed them on the table. Then took a deep breath and started working through the rest. The vast majority ended up back in the box, with some items placed on the table more out of curiosity than a desire for them to be used.

Gibbs returned a short while later, carrying a small pile of clothing with him. He glanced at the table for a moment before handing the outfit to her. 'You can go get dressed, and let your hair down, I'll meet you in the bedroom.' He instructed, and Abby got up from the couch and made for the stairs. She halted just beyond the lounge's threshold and glanced back over her shoulder, and saw him go over the selected toys she had placed on the table, picking up some of them. I guess it's toys tonight, she thought as she turned for the stairs, well I guess any attention is better than none.

Abby stepped into the guest bathroom, dropping the lid of the toilet and placing the pile of black lace and fabric on it. She looked in the mirror as she undid her pigtails, running her fingers through her hair to ease the slight tingling sensation in the roots. She massaged her scalp for a moment, and thought about the overnight bag she had in her car, wondering if she should go and fetch it, then finally shook her head. She was still uncertain if she even wanted to continue. Yes, she wanted to be intimate with him, she wanted him, but not like this. Not with him being able to do whatever he wanted and she was not even permitted to touch him, to touch his skin, to feel it pressed up tightly against hers, she wanted more.

She turned to look at the small pile of clothing that waited for her. Reaching out, she picked up the black lace corset with red ribbon ties. It was something she would have bought herself, had she been shopping. She tuned it over before returning it to the others, then systematically started striping her clothes.

Carefully she slipped into the corset tying the ribbons, before reaching for what she had mistaken for gaiters. She looked at scrap of lace in shock, remembering what he had said about that part of her anatomy, then noted they were crouch-less panties, which made her feel only slightly better. She slipped them on, smoothing them over her newly shaven mount – another thing that went hand in hand with her indecision, she wanted him enough to prepare her body for him, not even certain if she will ever have him.

Sighing, she lifted the silky fabric that remained, having originally mistaken it for a pair of hose. The gossamer soft material formed a sort of translucent wrap, that once on, her made her appear almost ethereal. She smoothed her hand over the featherweight fabric. Its smoothness, the way it brushed against her skin, arousing. The effect of the outfit made her feel less exposed. She smiled, wondering if the image staring back at her had been the one he had envisioned when he had purchased the outfit.

Once done she picked up her clothes, drew in a deep breath, I can do this, before making for his bedroom.

She entered his room and almost dropped her clothes when she took in the sight. Her heart started thumping in her chest: there was no mistaking what he had planned for the evening. Even the slightest of changes was telling for Gibbs, who preferred things pro quo. She stepped into the room: the chair that had been there earlier was gone, so she placed her clothes next to the side of the bed she had slept on. She then reached out to caress the dark almost plum coloured silk sheets covering the bed. All the other bedding had been removed, sans the pillows. There were two large pillar candles on either side of the bed, which had been lit: casting a soft glow in the room. Glancing about the room Abby was suddenly overcome with shame, he's done all this for us tonight, and I could have stopped it all with a word… he's more committed to this than I thought. However, she did not get much of a chance to contemplate on it, as he stepped into the room. Without a single shred of vacillation she knelt before him, lowering her gaze. She had no idea what he had planned for them, but she would willingly submit, trusting that he would take care of her.

She felt him approach her, his presence radiating off him as he came closer. His hand gently stroked her hair, causing her eyes to close in appreciation. 'You can rise, Kiera.' He softly commanded.

Abby rose from the ground, and noticed when he tossed something onto the bed, her heart dropping slightly when she recognized the one vibrator and some lubricant she had earlier selected. He tuned his attention to her and reached out to stroke the sheer fabric covering her, his gaze fixed on her. He stepped around her, his fingers trailing down her back, drawing gooseflesh to her skin's surface in their wake.

'You're beautiful Kiera,' he husked behind her, both his hands brushing up her back before adding, 'in every way.'

'Thank you, Jethro,' she softly replied, a tingle running through her at the use of his name. It felt awkward, almost forbidden as it had rolled off her tongue.

He stepped closer to her, she could feel the head from his body. 'I'm gonna make you scream that name tonight,' he husked next to her ear. Her entire body erupted into tingles, her knees wanting to buckle at the thought.

His hands moved along her sides up to cup her breasts, 'Who do you belong to Kiera?' he lowly asked, his hands kneading the pliant flesh.

'You Jethro,' she gasped in reply, leaning her body back against his.

'That's right Kiera, you're mine,' he husked moving back slightly, 'All mine.' he murmured as his hands moved up to her neck, pushing her hair out of the way. He undid her collar tossing it lightly onto the bed, before rubbing her neck with his hands. Abby's head lolled forward at the attention, her breath catching at the possessiveness of his strokes.

'Turn round Kiera.' He lowly commanded. His words penetrated the sensual fog that had taken hold of her mind, and she tried to command her body to comply, it taking slightly longer than usual. Her gaze locking with his when they came to face one another.

His thumb brushed over her lips, leaving them tingling, as his hand moved to cup her cheek. Abby lowly moaned at the sensation, and was mesmerised by the alluring blue of his eyes, their shade darker than she could ever remember seeing them. Her breath hitched when he moved closer to kiss her, her eyelids drooping with every millimetre he came closer…until his lips softly brushed hers, ghosting over them, before they were gone.

A yearning moan escaped her lips, unchecked, as her eyes shot open, searching for him. She watched as he stepped back from her, her body immediately missing the heat of his proximity. Her lips were left tingling, almost burning from that light brushing. She instinctively stepped closer, seeking contact with him, swallowing against the nervous flutter that started at the base of her belly, an aching, yearning sensation burning there.

He reached out and opened the wrap, pushing it off her shoulders. His fingers trailing down her arms as the soft fabric dropped from her body. His gaze moved appreciatively over her body, heating her skin.

Her heart dropped slightly when he moved away from her, then sped up when he husked, 'I have another collar for you, Kiera.' She watched as he moved towards the bedside, taking a something from the side, before returning to her, indicating for her to turn around again. She felt the soft velvet like material caress her neck, his fingers brushing the skin as he pressed the two ends together. She felt his hot breath next to her ear, 'Get onto the bed, Kiera. I want you on all fours.'

Abby moved from him as if in a trance. Her hands brushed the soft fabric of the sheets, and she fought the temptation to crawl over them to have them caress her heated skin, easing the need she had for something to caress it. She heard him shrugging his clothes, glanced his way to make sure, her senses seemingly supersensitive. Her throat dried when she watched him approach the bed in his boxers and t-shirt, and she swallowed repeatedly as she settled in position on all fours: only remembering the revealing nature of her outfit when she heard his low groan.

She felt the bed dip as he joined her, his hand caressing her lower back through the lace corset. 'I see you've been taking care of what's mine.' He husked as his fingers brushed over her exposed labia.

'Yes, Jethro.' His name left her lips as a gasp, easier this time, as her back hollowed and she tried to push against his fingers.

'Patience Kiera, she'll get attention.' He lowly husked, his hands moving up her back. She felt him shift slightly, settling behind her. 'I've spent the entire afternoon thinking about this.' he lowly husked, his hands moulded over her buttocks, massaging them slightly: his palms lifting so that only his roughened fingertips brushed down the backs of her thighs. Her entire body broke out in gooseflesh as his fingers moved up her inner thighs, slowly brushing back up, purposefully missing her sex.

Abby felt a jolt of arousal course through her, the ache between her thighs, building, smarting. A slight frustrated murmur escaped her lips as his hands caressed her inner thighs, causing the muscles in her apex to contract, the heat , yearning building.

'Quiet now, Kiera. Or I'll have to punish you.' He commanded as he shifted slightly.

'Yes Jethro.' she gasped, clasping her hands in fists, clenching her jaw in an attempt to retain some control, not wanting to be punished; fearing his withdrawal from her.

'Keep your eyes forward.' He commanded. Her heart sped up as she tried to guess what he was up to. Knowing there was little hidden from his view. Her cheeks heated slightly at that, and at the thought of what they must look like, her body quivered in anticipation.

His movements seemed to still completely, causing her to hold her breath, listening… the throbbing between her legs intensifying, her fingers digging into the sheets at in anticipation on his touch, her pulse thumping in her ears. Her muscles contracted again, releasing a sudden gush of moisture with their release, still she waited for him.

'You're nice and obedient tonight,' his voice finally came, and with that she gasped for air, panting slightly, scrunching her eyes in an attempt to not look back at him.

His hand settled on her lower back, his hands circling her hips until his palms ended up on her thighs, applying slight pressure, and she moved to widen her stance.

'I want to do things to you Kiera, naughty things that will make you feel good.' He husked as his hands retreated along their previously explored path. 'Would you like that?'

Abby just managed to catch her oh god yes! reply, before it could escape her lips, remembering her past punishment for answering incorrectly. She swallowed before huskily replying, 'Your pleasure is my pleasure, Jethro.'

'Good girl, you remembered.' He replied, his hand settling on her hip. Her body quivered in anticipation, a sensation that only intensified when he once again stopped.

A few moments later, she felt his hot breath close to her, the way it brushed against her skin, sending a heat flush all over her body, her heart raced, sending more blood down to the area as it throbbed in anticipation. Her every nerve ending alight, waiting for, wanting his touch - only it didn't come. More moisture pooled as her core muscles twitched in anticipation. Her entire body erupted into gooseflesh, her breasts tingling, as his breath remained, lightly brushing over her sensitised skin.

'Does she want some attention, I wonder?' Gibbs husked, the air moving over her skin, the changes caused by his words had her muscles clench down hard,

God yes Jethro! She wants attention. She wants you to fuck her! Abby's mind screamed in response, as she gripped the sheets. Trying to form the correct answer, finally croaking, 'As you desire, Jethro.'

A light brush, scarcely touching her, caused her breath to hitch. Before another, slightly firmer brushed her labia. Her hands gripped the sheets in a death grip, as she hissed, gasping in order to take in air. Then she felt it his tongue, pressing between her swollen lips, causing her to gasp. Her body instinctively pushed back, wanting more, needing more, the ache demanding more. His touch, so anticipated, did nothing to ease the throbbing. Her thighs trembled, when she felt him move from her, felt his fingers probe slightly then slip into her. Her back hollowed, pushing against his hand, needing, wanting more.

'So wet, Kiera, so wet for me,' he grunted as his fingers withdrew.

The loss of sensation had her look around, only to gasp as the sharp stinging sensation jolted through her right buttock cheek. 'Eyes forward.' He commanded, causing her to whip her gaze back, swallowing hard, as a throbbing started in the area where his hand had struck her. He moved from her and she wanted to scream in frustration, from the corner of her eye she saw him reach for the lubricant and vibrator, biting her lip. She braced herself, knowing it would not take much for her to finish.

His tongue touched her again, its wet heat drawing a moan from her lips, before she pursed them together. She felt him shift slightly, before his wet fingers caressed her. Moments later, the area started warming as he pulled back from her. Her mind remained with the movements of his fingers, how they spread the lubricant over her, every once in a while dipping into her, the sensations maddening, causing her hands to clench in an attempt to contain her moans. A battle she lost when his fingers gently brushed over her clit.

'You may speak Kiera.' He grunted, as his fingers once again slipped into her, and this time she let out a deep moan.

'So ready for more,' he said drawing his fingers back, moving his hand to rest on her hip, before asking, 'What is your safe word, Kiera.'

Abby fought the passion-induced foggy recesses of her brain, for it. finally grunting, 'Tony, Jethro.'

'You know you can use it at anytime.' Gibbs husked, his fingers brushing the skin of her hip.

'Yes Jethro,' Abby replied. more lucent, her heart pounding. Gibbs has never asked her about her password, she had never needed it, and his asking got her concerned that she might not like what he was planning.

A moment later she felt something press against her lips, but barely had time to prepare for its entry when it was thrust in, hard and fast, stretching her suddenly, painfully. She was about to object to his treatment, when his thighs hit hers, his hand gripping her hips tightly, holding her in place as his 'ugh-god-yes' breached his lips and he jerked against her, the later part coming out a sharp hiss.

Her body was left pulsing around him. The shock having shot through her body on his initial entry, weakened her arms. His hand gripped her shoulder tightly, his grip biting, whilst the other remained on her hip, griping at the flesh.

'Brace for me Kiera,' he gasped as he pulled back. Stroking her overly sensitive nerves, his re-entry was just as hard.

Abby braced as best she could, with the jolts going through her body. His size, its strength, left her gasping. 'Tonight I'm taking what's mine.' He decreed before drawing back, and lunging forward again: repeatedly. 'God-Yes!'

Abby steeled as best she could, the wave of sensation that coursed though her at his words, the possessive undertone thereof. Take Jethro, more, god, that feels good, more, right there. Abby thought, grunting at every thrust he made, his thighs slapping firmly against hers. His pace picked up as his guttural grunts began filling the air. The friction, the speed, heightened her sensations, causing her to eventually drop down to her elbows to brace. His pace merciless as she pushed back, her body welcoming his: time and time again, burning from his actions.

His pace altered suddenly jerking, as his hands gripped at her, pulling her onto him, his body jerking hard against her. An animalistic bellow sounded behind her as he pulsed inside her, it tuned to a sharp hissing as his hands held her in place. Her body flushed with awareness, relief coursed through her at his pleasure, the sensation of him pulsing inside her, sparking her body's immediate response, as it gripped him tightly, drawing low grunts from her before slacking.

His arms came round her, holding onto her, his lips finding her neck. 'Lie down Kiera.' He whispered into her ear as he steadily lowered her down, holding his body flush with hers, reaching for a pillow to place under her pelvis. As she came to rest on his bed, he braced his weight over her his one hand moving her hair from her face.

'Sleep Kiera. I've got you,' he husked lowly, when her eyes started drooping. She fought the urge, gasped when he moved from her then heard some rustling. The next moment her barely there consciousness recognized a knife as he pulled her over, lowly commanding her, 'Lie still.' effectively stilling her and silencing any objection. She felt the blade slip under the corset's ties. Moving up as the fabric gave way. He pulled the lace garment from her, dropping it on the floor, possibly with the knife from the sound of it, before coming to settle behind her. His naked skin pushed against hers as he drew the soft sheet over her, wrapping her in his embrace, the fabric caressing her still heated skin. 'Rest Kiera, I'm not done with you yet.' He whispered against her shoulder, his lips gently brushing the skin as his arm closed around her again. 'I want more from you.'

'Jethro.' Abby husked moments later.

'Yes Kiera.' he murmured, his arm again tightening around her.

Abby remained quiet for a moment, before whispering, 'What does Kiera mean?'

He remained silent or a moment, before moving his nose into her neck, taking a long, beep breath. His actions confused her, had her wondering if it had some baleful meaning. She felt his kiss on her neck before his answer came. 'It means sweetheart.'