Roland's heart pounded as he heard the click of her heels on the wooden floor. A solid lump appeared in his throat and he wiped his sweat soaked palms on his jeans. He didn't turn his head, didn't dare acknowledge her until she slid into the secluded seat opposite him. God! She was beautiful. Her blonde locks tumbled down those perfectly formed shoulders and beyond. She wore the blue day dress her found so wonderful and the captivating smile she'd worn that first night when he'd discovered her on the way back to Hambry. His breath caught in this throat and it took nearly a full minute before he was able to speak.

"Susan." he said, his voice a mere breath.

"Roland." she nodded, "How can I help you?" her directness made him start. Straight to the point then, be it so.

"I need you to do something for me." he said.

"What?" she said, a frown marring that perfect brow of hers.

"I need you to get into Sai Thorin's sister's rooms and see if you can find something. It's a lot to ask and understand if you can't do it," he said, hoping that she'd agree despite the danger she'd be in.

"So long as you think it's important," she said after a brief pause. Roland nodded.

"I want you to look for a little blue notebook, I think it has-"

"Don't tell me. I'll do it but the less I know the less they can pry out of me if I'm caught." she said turning to stare at the wall. Sensible girl on top of all that loveliness, Roland looked into her pale grey eyes and sighed. "We shouldn't be here." she said.

"Go then," he said. Her slender fingers bumped against his hand and he looked down at the delightful digits. Oh how he wanted to seize them in his own, pull her close and kiss her mouth until she begged him to stop, begged for more. She remained frozen in place for a moment longer before gathering her skirts together.

"I'll leave a note in the usual place when I have something for you." she leaned over and whispered this close to his ear. A delicious shiver passed through him and he shuddered, letting his eyes close as he felt her breath so close to his neck. In another moment she was gone, fleeing from his presence and leaving a cold void in her place. Even before the catch in his throat subsided he began to feel bad for asking her to do such a dangerous thing. It would be as Ka willed. The door of the saloon drifted open telling him she'd left. A cold draft blew into the empty building; it was time to go, there was counting to be done, people to be observed and Big Coffin Hunters to avoid. He dismissed Susan from his thoughts with a reluctant sigh and got to his feet, time to work at a different task.