Chapter 1, Lockdown

When Nick Fury gave the news that Thor would be returning with his pesky little brother, the avengers let out a collective groan. Apparently Odin had wanted nothing to do with his adopted son and sentenced him to Midgard. That was at least before he could come up with a more permanent plan.

For now, Loki had to stay in a "cell" of sorts at Stark Tower. This way the team could keep an eye on him, and still stay comfortable. Even though they only had to check on him occasionally, it was still a burden none of them wanted to bare. His makeshift prison was nearly the same as his earlier one. It was still translucent glass in the middle of the room, except only now he had a bed and a concealed door for the washroom.

Surprisingly Thor walked Loki into his cell this time, not an array of guards. The elder brother had a firm grip on the younger but he was not putting up a fight. When Loki was put inside, he immediately sat down on his bed. A blank stare settled on his face.

Tony Stark was the first of the crew to inspect the god. He strode over to the protective glass beside Thor and peered in at Loki.

"Oh look, they let him keep the antlers." Tony laughed, gesturing to the horned helmet that was still atop his head.

Loki glanced to Tony after his comment but said nothing. Noticing the rest of the avengers assembling behind Thor and him.

Clint's fists balled up at the sight before him and Bruce had to use his deep breathing techniques to stay calm. "Why's he even here?" Clint asked, cracking his neck.

"Something with his dad not wanting him." Tony said insensitively. He knew it hurt having 'daddy issues'. But hey, being thrown out of a window hurt too.

"The All Father has decided that Loki will stay a few Earth months with us, until he decides on another punishment." Thor shrugged.

"What?" Clint nearly yelled. "We have to waste our whole summer babysitting this joke!"

Loki sneered at Barton. The man named after a bird was calling the God a joke? He sighed inwardly, mortals were so naive. He decided to walk over to the mob of idiots before him, clasping his hands behind his back.

"I am in your presence.." Loki drawled, raising his eyebrows. Tired of being spoken to in the third person.

Tony rolled his eyes. "Yes, but we'd like to pretend you're not. The summer is the only time we get some sort of 'break'."

Loki felt some sort of gratitude by still foiling The Avengers plans some how, even it was as petty as being in the way of their vacation.

"I do not see how I am much of a bother," he lied. "You all seem to spend most of your time here, do you not?"

"Well, we actually had plans tomorrow." Steve spoke up, sounding a tad disappointed.

Loki just inclined his head, wanting an elaboration.

"We were planning on going to the beach." Tony said crossing his arms.

Loki laughed. "You are all pouting because you cannot go to a beach?" "How is that even possibly fun?" he scoffed.

Tony furrowed his eyes at the God in front of him, going completely serious. "Obviously you have never been on a jet ski."

Loki gave him a puzzled look, as the superheroes behind Tony all snickered. "What is this you speak of?"

Tony turned around at the group, eyes wild with excitement.
"Guys, I have a plan."

Loki gulped.

Alrighty, well I had the idea of Loki clinging onto a jet ski yesterday while.. on a jet ski.. and I thought it would be funny to turn into a story full of summer 'fun' for Loki. So, tell me if you think I should go ahead and post some new chapters! Also ideas and comments are always appreciated. Thanks! :)