Chapter 14

Trust the gluttonous redhead to know exactly where the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet was, was Sougo's first thought as he sat down opposite the redhead in a booth. He had never heard of nor seen this place before and Kagura also seemed unsure of what to do as she glanced around. She had probably never been in here before. Her eyes finally locked on something and the sandy haired man followed her gaze. She was staring at a sign. "All you can eat and drink, ¥2500 per person," the man read aloud and the girl turned her eyes to him and smiled, evidently pleased about not having a limit on how much she could eat. "You're lucky I'm such a kind and generous man or I wouldn't be wasting my cash on an idiot like you."

She laughed at his response, before retorting, "You are the lucky one, yes? Getting to pay for such a cute girl's meal."

"Huh? What do you mean 'cute girl? Did you bring a friend?" Okita teased.

"Tch, dumb brat, you are lucky you are paying or I would kill you, uh-huh!"

He smirked at her, "as if I'd let you kill me. Anyway, let's eat. Perhaps if you have food in your mouth you'll stop talking to me."

After around 20 minutes of non-stop eating the policeman decided he was full and was forced to sit back and watch as his rival continued to eat more food than he had ever seen anybody eat before. Finishing her plateful, the redhead looked up at him with a huge grin on her face and a few pieces of rice stuck to her cheeks, before announcing that she was going to get some more. As she went up to the buffet, the man smiled and watched her, piling up her plate once more. She walked back to the table, carefully so as to avoid her mountain of food falling over. Okita shook his head at her, muttering that she was a pig under his breath, but the girl sat across from him, stuffing her face as her mouth remained curved into a smile, didn't bother retorting even though it was evident she had heard his quiet remark.
In that moment, he realised that this was the happiest he had ever seen Kagura and, probably, the only time he had been the cause of her happiness. Strangely, despite his sadistic tendencies, her happiness made him happy as well. This whole situation had proven confusing for him. He could certainly admit that he was attracted to the redhead but he had had no idea that he was this… smitten. He realised then that their relationship could be tricky from here on out, unless he could ensure Kagura felt the same way. However, now Sougo knew he truly liked her to this extent, it would prove difficult for him to keep his hands off her.

"Oi, sadist," Kagura muttered and her rival looked up from his thoughtful state. "What is wrong with you, idiot? You have been staring into space for ages, yes?"

"Hm?" He responded, his usual deadpan expression donned on his face. He glanced at her empty bowl and her comically round stomach. "Are you finally done eating?"

"I could have eaten some more, but the chef over there said they were out of food, yes? The whole all-you-can-eat thing was a little bit deceptive, uh-huh."

Typical China. Sougo rolled his eyes. "Shall we leave then?"


The two wandered around, neither saying much, but neither quite in the mood to leave each other's presence just yet. Okita glanced at the redhead walking beside him, unsure how to progress. Kagura had never let on about whatever emotions she harboured towards him, except for her burning hatred which she expressed so very well.

Kagura in turn was forcing herself to avoid looking at her rival, hoping to elude any conversation that could possibly lead to what had become of his jacket. She had noted the man wore another one so he was clearly not in dire need of it, but she had promised to return it to the Shinsengumi compound… She just couldn't bring herself to give it back to him, it helped her sleep at night, it made her feel like they were back together in the Shinsengumi infirmary. She craved his presence, his now familiar scent at night, but she couldn't understand why. She couldn't bring herself to ask him to let her keep the jacket. That would be much too embarrassing and she couldn't face the shame. If he brought it up she would just have to-

"Oi, China," the man began in an attempt to break the silence, interrupting her train of thought. "Do you still have my jacket?"

Shit. "No," she lied, glancing at the ground. "I lost it."

"Oh," he mumbled. His fool proof plan to make small talk ruined. She had a tendency to ruin his plans… and life in general. "You must be really stupid and careless to lose somebody else's jacket." When in doubt, insult the girl you like. That's a great idea, Sougo.
Annoyed as he was with himself for that unnecessary comment, it did give him some glee to see the younger of the two's face contort into rage at his words.

"I do not see why you have any complaints, brat. You have a spare, uh-huh," she hissed in response, gesturing to his current attire.

"I suppose that's surprising for a cheap tramp like you, right?"

"Oi, you dumb brat, I am not a tramp, Gin-chan and I live at the Yorozuya!"

"Oh yes, you live in an old man's closet, how could I forget?"

"What do you get out of belittling such a cute little girl, you punk Chihuahua?"

"I like seeing your face get even uglier when you're angry with me, you pig bitch."

"You wanna die, brat?!" Kagura yelled, grabbing the man by his collar and preparing to strike him with her purple parasol, but was distracted by a soft laugh coming from behind her.

"My, my, imouto," came an eerily friendly voice, "Abuto told me you were suppressing your Yato instincts, but you seem more than eager to kill this weak little earthling."

The redhead released her rival with wide eyes and turned to the newcomer. Her eyes welled up as she stared at her older brother.

"Kamui?" She stammered, staring at his smiling face.

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