A/N: A day late because I suck. A drabbly warm-up with no particular warnings. Although if Appendicitis triggers you, you should just skip to no. 2.

Surgery 1

Derek shoots up from the chair when a scrub clad man nods to the nurse who pointed at him.

"Mr. Morgan?" the man asks, and Derek can't help but let his eyes wander appreciatively down the man's form before he remembers just why he was in a hospital in the first place.

"That's me," he says and has to stop himself from letting his hand glide over his scalp.

"I'm Dr. Reid, I performed the surgery on your son-"

"He isn't my son," Derek interrupts.

"Oh?" Dr. Reid says and frowns, and damn if it isn't the most gorgeous frown Derek has ever seen. "Well, your brother then-"

"He's not my brother either." Derek can't help but smile a bit at the doctor's obvious frustration as the frown deepens.

"Cousin? No, stepbrother! Not that either – why am I trying to guess your relation anyway, that's not what's important here," Dr. Reid says, like he finally remembers that he's a figure of authority and Derek decides he really likes the guy.

"He's my ex-boyfriend's little brother, but his brother is a useless good-for-nothing and their parents aren't in the picture."

"Oh, well in that case – I performed the surgery on you ex-lover's little brother and everything went as expected. He's still asleep from the narcotics, but he will wake up in an hour. You can see him in his room, of which the nurse will provide you with further information. I will come around to check his stitches in the morning and if they haven't torn he should be able to go home, if he will be provided for appropriately."

"He lives with me," Derek informs him and thinks he sees just a tad of pleased surprised beside the shock on Cute Doctor's face.

All the different expressions is trying very hard to pull Derek's concentration from the urgent matters at hand, although it apparently isn't as urgent anymore.

Eric would understand if Derek hits a bit on his doctor anyway, the kid always says he needs to get out more.

"Well, in that case I expect that you will look after him. He should probably stay home from school for a week or so, but appendicitis isn't that tough to recover from and he is probably eager to return to his friends, to show them he scar."

"He's fourteen," Derek says and smiles at Dr. Reid's confusion. "He's more likely to sleep away the week and then whine like a little girl when I tell him he's healthy enough to go back. Teenagers tend to be like that, you know."

The look on the poor doctor's face tells him clearly, that he doesn't know, and when Derek watches him turn around to hide his obvious fluster, and hurry back where he came from, he decides to ask him out next time they meet.

He's pretty sure the doctor has a score of exciting new expressions, just waiting for Derek to see.