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Spencer and the Work-Out God 8

Spencer had been doing his fair share of cardio during the couple of months he had been a member of the gym, so his stamina wasn't the worst. The fact that he was able to get hard the third time in as many hours when the second erection had lasted as long as it had was clear proof of that.

He wasn't completely sure if his ability to develop a third erection had more to do with his improved stamina or the fact that Derek had wrapped his cock in the warm, wet cavern that was his mouth. All he knew was that the feeling was as close to Heaven as one could possibly come while being alive.

If Heaven was not in fact just that.

He whimpered. Pulled against the restraints keeping his hands from straying from the top of the bed. He had been handcuffed for the better part of the last three hours, felt sort of happy that he got to eat the Chinese takeout before, free and with a fork.

Derek sucked hard on the crown of his penis and Spencer arched his back, a long moan forced from his lips on instinct.

"Derek," he pleaded, not sure if he needed more or for the other man to stop entirely. "Please!"

Derek let go of his cock with an obscene wet pop and grinned up at him. "Not enough?" he asked, sounding too aware compared to the wrecked state of mind Spencer possessed.

"No," he whimpered. "Yes? Don't know," he said, his thoughts eluding him, slick like eels and entirely not of any importance at the moment. "I need..."

Derek grinned again and drew his face away from Spencer's crotch to his great disappointment until he lied down next to him, drew Spencer onto his side.

"I know just what you need," he whispered in Spencer's ear and Spencer shuddered and leaned back, closer to Derek, to Derek's warmth. "Do you want it?"

"Yes, please," Spencer said pathetically.

"Say it, say what you want."

"I want your cock," he said readily, too worn out to let any of his usual limitations stop him from achieving what he needed. "I need your cock in me."

"As you wish." Derek slid in easily, Spencer's hole still loose from before, slick with lube and Derek's previous ejaculation and the feeling was glorious. Derek hissed when he was fully buried in him and Spencer' let out a content sigh, arching for more contact, to draw him in deeper.

"Derek, please," he whimpered when Derek didn't move.

The plead helped that, and Spencer yelped in surprise when Derek drew out and thrust back in violently, hands tight on Spencer's hips, mouth sucking marks on the back of his neck, the smooth skin of his shoulders.

"Oh, Derek, please, Derek, more! Please, more Derek, oh fuck, Derek, fuck, fuck, fuck. Derek, there, right there, don't stop, please don't stop, harder, Derek, harder, there right there, oh God, Derek, DEREK!" The words flowed freely from Spencer's mouth, his mind not present to sort through and restrict him, the sensation of Derek's cock in side of him too much for his mind to fully comprehend. When Derek started hitting his prostate again he saw the proverbial stars, his voice going thin, high, pleading and begging and he grasped blindly at the handcuffs for something to hold on to. His orgasm felt like it was being torn from him, sudden and so strong it made him see white when it hit him.

"Derek," he whispered when he came down from his high, his voice broken and hoarse from screaming, and Derek stilled the movements behind him, pressed his face against the nape of Spencer's neck, and came quietly.

The lied for a while, both breathing heavy and Spencer feeling completely unable to move in any way.

"Are you alright?" Derek asked softly, breaking the silence around them.

"I think the term is 'you have just blown my mind'," Spencer said. He couldn't muster the snark he felt the comment deserved but Derek chuckled behind him anyway.

"How about your hands and wrists? Are they okay?" Every word was uttered against the nape of Spencer's neck, and the exhales wafted over his skin, hot and damp. It was almost enough to make him shiver, if he hadn't been so spent.

"I don't have much feeling back in my fingers," Spencer confessed.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Derek said and moved his arms away from Spencer's waist, like he was about to pull out his dick so he could reach up and undo the cuffs.

"No, don't," Spencer said quickly and clenched his muscles around Derek, making him groan weakly. "Don't pull out, not yet," he clarified and the groan turn into a growl.

"Alright then," Derek said behind him. "I can do that, I can stay." he still reached up above them and somehow undid the handcuffs, bringing Spencer's hands down to softly massage the feeling back in them. "How's that?"

"Perfect," Spencer replied, happy Derek wasn't in a position to see the blush on his cheeks. He hoped it hadn't spread to the back of his neck. "Is it too soon to say that if I could I would spend my entire life with you in this bed?" he asked.

Derek wrapped his arms around him, pulling him tight against his chest. "Not by a long shot," he said quietly, right next to Spencer's ear. "If it was up to me to decide I would never have you leave." Hips started thrusting lightly against Spencer, who whimpered softly and covered Derek's hands with his. When he turned his head he was able to catch Derek's lips and they kissed, chaste and close-lipped, Derek's hips not stilling, thrusting, shifting, managing to create friction even if he was still flaccid.

It didn't last long in that state.

Spencer had no idea what Derek did in the gym when he wasn't teaching boxing or walking around looking like a wet dream. Apparently he had done some cardio too, Spencer realized when Derek grew thicker inside of him, fully erect, and began to pump in earnest, their kisses turning open-mouthed and wet and into desperate licks when Spencer' hardened too and Derek wrapped their hands around his cock.

To Spencer's horror, that was when he drew back, drew out, drew away. But then he was flipped to his back, and Derek looked down at him with almost black eyes, heavy with lust, and he slid back in. Spencer almost arched of the bed when Derek hit his prostate in the first thrust. His back never relaxed as every deep thrust battered his prostate and he threw his head back, wanted to scream, to cry and yell, but he had no sound left in his throat and he came, surprised he was able to yet again.

Derek slumped down on top of him, and Spencer knew he had climaxed too, welcomed the weight of him, wrapping his arms around him, holding him tight.

He vaguely wondered how much Derek wanted from him.

"All you've got to give," Derek said against his clavicle and Spencer realized he had spoken out loud.

He couldn't bother to be troubled by that.

All he had was already Derek's.