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Cyber Men 1

Sometimes Spencer wondered why he had only female friends. Yes, they were very supportive of him and his sexuality, but when they went out they always talked about these types of topics,

"The most mind-blowing orgasm I've ever had, I swear! It was like Kevin and I on our two years anniversary combined with his 29th! I'm talking epic proportions!" JJ and Emily watched the exuberant Penelope critically.

"You came that hard from online sexting?" Emily asked, obviously disbelieving and JJ nodded along. Spencer tried silently to be the first ever man to teleport.

"I did. Of course it wasn't just from talking about having sex with some stranger, but you know, combined with a pair of my favorite toys, it just gave masturbation that extra edge."

"But, it could have been anybody," JJ exclaimed, looking thoroughly horrified. Spencer deduced that JJ and Will's sex life was very vanilla.

Not like his had been. When he had a sex life last time. So long ago, he could hardly remember, and he had an eidetic memory!

"Exactly, he could've been anyone," Penelope parroted, although with a smug tone as opposed to the horror JJ's had held. "He could've been Brad Pitt for all I knew. Or that gorgeous guy from your gym." JJ got a slightly glazed look in her eyes.

"And he was very... good? At writing the sex?" Emily asked, now sounding curious.

"He was, yes, but I had to browse a lot before I found one worth my time. But there were so many guys on the page, it was amazing."

And so maybe, the stand still in Spencer's sex life made him more prone to erratic behavior and if anybody would have known they would have stopped him, because clearly he was going insane, but that same night Spencer was faced with a horrifying and intriguing new web page and a dilemma he never though he would have to solve.

What would he call himself?

He was about to enter into a series of online flirts. Sexting, really, because damn it, if he weren't going to masturbate the moment he had anything worth masturbating too. He was entirely too tired of his right hand and the muscle magazines Penelope had gifted him as a prank for his 25th birthday.

He turned into a very unpleasant person when he didn't have sex regularly, and he was so awkward when he tried to meet new people. And the longer he waited the more high-strung he got and suddenly he wasn't himself anymore but his evil twin, trying to pick up some poor guy.

Evil Twin, though. It had quite the ring to it. Although he could be a bit evil as it were, like that time when he had tricked JJ into meeting half an hour early for their coffee date because she had tricked him into a blind date with a guy she worked with.

That was pretty evil if he was being completely honest with himself.

Eviler Twin, then.

Nah, not really. But what if he just...


Not taken.

Well, now it was, Spencer thought to himself and clicked the green Enter-button.

EvilerTwin: Male seeks male for online sex-session.

Straight to the point, just like Spencer liked it.

BigDick87: fuck of fag

8inches: fuckin homo fuck off

RealWoman11: get out of here fag noone wants to talk to abomination

hotguy123: Fuck off fag!

It was discouraging, really, the line after line of hateful slurs and rejections until

TllDrknHnds0me to EvilerTwin: private room?

TllDrknHnds0me to EvilerTwin: just the two of us ;)

Spencer narrowed his eyes at the invitation and the following link, but opted to click it, prepared for an attack of hatefulness, but hoping for something else.