M-O and the Rejects follow behind Eve as they rush across the gangway.

Buggy meets up with Eve climbs up onto Wall-E and doesn't understand why his master isn't responding.

Eve urgently scans the landscape then locks on to Wall-E's truck in the distance as she takes to the air.

M-O and the Rejects chase after her down the gangway then across the trash cover land.

"Eve! Wait!" M-O yelled.

The Captain respectfully removes his hat "Good luck, friend" he said.

Inside Wall-E Truck the interior is dark and still then suddenly the junk jingles and clinks as the back door opens and Eve flies inside with Wall-E then sets him on the floor.

She scans the rotating shelves at high speed grabs a mat and lays Wall-E down on it then scans again.

Spare parts were being grabbed by Eve off selves frantically as she pulled apart his shirt and installs the new parts into Wall-E.

Her arms a blur of precision in motion as she replaces his damaged circuit board then closed his chest and for the final piece energy, Eve pulls out her gun and blasts a hole in the ceiling.

Out in the empty bay the rejects stop and see the roof of Wall-E's truck explode.

"Oh no" M-O said.

Back in the truck

The sunlight beams down on Wall-E chest as his eyes still remained closed as Eve holds her breath and watches and waits.

A beep was heard as a part of Wall skin turned into a small rectangle and flipped over to show Wall-E's meter fully charges as it turned back to skin.

Wall-E opened his eyes then stood up off the ground and stood up straight as Buggy hopped with joy.

A Eve was filled with joy and excitement as she holds out her hand to him.

"Wall-E" she said with much love as Wall-E gives her a blank stare and his eyes looked cloudy instead of fully of curiosity like they were before as he turns away from Eve and walks out the truck.

Eve then grabs him and turns him back around to face her.

"Wall-Eit's me! Eve!" she said as Wall-E just stares at her.

'He doesn't seem to know who I am' Eve thought then remembered something.

"Here, look at these!" She said as she grabs the Rubiks Cube and light bulb from the shelf and held them before her as the light bulb glowed in her hand as she gives them to Wall-E.

Wall-E had no reaction to them as he looked like a brainwashed zombie.

"Do youremember? Wall-E?" she asked

Wall-E looks blankly at the junk on the shelves then in his hands.

"Oh! I know!" Eve said as she hovered over to the video player then played Hello Dolly as Eve looks back to see if it has any effect.

Wall-E is over at the shelves and has scooped all his prized possessions into the air and crushed them into a cube.

Eve felt like she'd been punched in the gutas Wall-E walks outside and steps on the cockroach on his way out.

The insect pops back to life and watches his friend in shock.

'He stepped on me and didn't even check to see I was safe!' Buggy thought.

Outside Wall-E walks up to a nearby trash pile and uses magnetic force to scoops up trash into the air and compress it into a cube.

Eve hovers over to him still in disbelief.

"No" she said as Wall-E continues to stack his cubes as she stops him and lifts his head to stares into his eyes to see nobody was home.

Eve presses his play button on his tape recorder but nothing but static as Eve begins to panic and shakes him.

"Wall-E...Wall-E! WALL-E!" she yelled as she got no response.

'He's gone' she thought as she stood in silence next to him for a long time.

Finally, Eve grasps Wall-E's hand and forces his fingers to interlace with hers then holds him close one last time as she leans her head against his and hums softly.

She touches her forehead to his as she got ready to make a painful goodbye.

"Goodbye Wall-E" she said as she brought her lips to his a felt a tiny spark between them and as Eve turns to walk away she jerked back.

Eve turns to see her fingers caught between his she checks his eyes again and see nothing but then hears a tiny servo noise.

She then looks down at their handsas Wall-E's fingers start to move slowly close around Eve's.

She looks back at his face Wall-E's eyes gradually come into focus as his brows rise up and down.

"Eve? What happened?" Wall-E asked.

"Wall-E!" Eve said at the point of tears as he notices their hands entwined.

'A dream come true!' Wall-E thought.

"Eve!" he said asshe giggled.

Inside the truck the "Hello Dolly" tape reaches the finale of Iotam.

"And that is all that love's about..." the actors sang while back outside Eve and Wall-E stare into each other's eyes as Wall-E brought his free hand up to touch Eve cheek then brought his lips down to her closing his eyes as she did.

M-O and the Rejects finally reach the truck and saw the sight as they begin to celebrate.

"Wall-E's alive!" a Reject said.

Then M-O realizes they need privacy and turns to the rejects, "okay nothing to see here! Let's go!" he yelled as he herds the Rejects away"You heard meGo! Go, go go!"

Wall-E and Eve's broke apart as their foreheads touch together now and ever more.

"...and we'll recall when time runs out..."


The Newly planted plant was now in the earth as small hands water it gently as it was surrounded by kids as the Captain instructs them as John and Mary help unload equipment from the Axiom as Cyborg and passengers stream off the ship.

"This is called "farming"! You kids are going to grow all kinds of plants: vegetable plants, pizza plants!" he said laughing "Ahh, it's good to be home..."


Wall-E and Eve held each others hands in his truck as he closed the door and took Eve into his arms while M-O and the Rejects were cleaning outside as the singers song finished.

"...To be loved a whole life long."

The End.

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