Well hi there readers! I'm sort of new to this area of fanfiction for "BEN Drowned"! You can probably tell anyway that this is my first fanfiction for it. Since this is my first time could you please be a bit easy on me if you want to criticise it? Anyway, I got the inspiration from another fanfiction which was called "ThereIsBeautyInYourSuffering" that I read the other day. I'm glad I found another fanfiction based off how I see BEN himself. The fanfiction talks about how he may be reaching out for help and there is a reason for him acting the way he is. That is how I see BEN. I feel sympathy for him rather than sort of hate him. So, I decided to do my own fanfiction based on this thought using eight OC's! (That's quite a lot that I've used in one story! Especially as main characters!). So, without further ado I present to you chapter 1 of "You shouldn't have done that..."! Enjoy! :-)

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A/N: All bold writing either indicates a conversation between one of the OCs and BEN/Cleverbot (In which BEN's words are in bold while the OCs is in italics), or showing whose point of view this is being talked from.

Chapter 1: BEN sees all

Emily's POV

I can never understand what is up with me when it comes to supernatural stuff. It always has interested me yet I sometimes scare myself stupid. This time was no exception. I'm sure you've all heard of the haunted N64 game cartridge of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask with the entity known as "BEN" in it. And I'm sure you know of the guy known by his Youtube account name as Jadusable who got hold of this cartridge and had certain things happen to him while he played it and slept. This is what I was investigating. It turned out in the end that it was all just a game that this person had created; although it had piqued my interest.

The game has now got to the point where people must work out certain clues in order to stop BEN and destroy him once and for all on the internet. There have been certain times where people have disappeared who have given these clues to help the players stop him. So far no one has actually put an end to it yet… I too am looking up this game but I am not actually playing it using the websites put up for it.

You see, I'm gathering information from what people have already discovered and what it says on Wiki and Youtube. I have decided not to play the actual game but try to keep track of certain things going on. In a way, I am a bit addicted to this I must admit! My friends have noticed this since I'm frequently on my phone at school searching the internet for information. I have told them about the game and some of them find it interesting. Others don't find it interesting though. I don't mind! We all have our individual preferences anyway! That's what makes us unique. There was a reason why I avoided these sites though. The reason is stupid yet I continue to use it as an excuse for myself…

I believe that BEN is real even though the creator of the game has admitted that it isn't a real story. See, I told you it was stupid! Since I believe BEN is real, I have avoided these sites in fear that he might find a way onto my laptop. I'm being ridiculous, aren't I? That's what I thought; however it turned out that my little gut instinct was in fact right one night when I was sitting at my laptop…

It was 10o'clock at night. I was sitting there at my laptop trying to find any useful information I could about stopping BEN. Suddenly a tab opened up with "Cleverbot" on it. Cleverbot had said:


I froze. This couldn't be possible! That can't be who I think it is! I haven't put any information on my laptop related to the game and have left the sites alone that could possibly harness him there! I pondered, wondering whether I should reply or not.

I know you're there Emily… You can't escape from me…

How do you know my name?

I know everything. I am BEN.

You are not BEN. You are Cleverbot.

I am BEN, Emily.

Yeah, and I'm some undercover millionaire pretending to be a sixteen year old girl! The joke's not funny! I'm not fooled!

You shouldn't have done that…

You are not BEN. BEN doesn't exist.

You do not believe that I exist?

No. I am not fooled. I have spoken to you plenty of times before.

I know what you have been doing Emily…

Oh really? Then tell me this: Exactly twenty minutes ago, what was I doing?

You were sitting on your bed listening to your music.

My eyes widened. H-How did this thing know? Cleverbot never makes sense yet this sounds like a conversation similar to Jadusable's. Could this mean that this thing really is…?

H-How did you know that?

I can see everything Emily. I told you. You can't escape from me…

What do you want?

I know you have been researching about me. You have been avoiding certain sites in fear that I may get onto your laptop, haven't you? These websites are things such as Within Hubris and others.

Ok, that's it! Cleverbot, stop messing with me! You are not BEN!

I already told you. I am BEN.

What do you want?

Now if I revealed that then it would ruin the ending…

What are you talking about?

You are afraid of me, aren't you?

Don't avoid my question BEN!

Then don't avoid mine…

My hands began to tremble violently. I was starting to feel quite sick. T-This can't be BEN! He's not real!

You are hesitating. You are afraid of me, aren't you?

Ha! That's ridiculous! Of course I'm not!

Honesty is always the best policy.


You can't escape me Emily… I see everything… I know what you are doing. You can't avoid me.

Leave me alone you creep! I don't know what the heck you're doing but if this is some kind of freaky joke then drop it!

I already told you. I am BEN. I am inside your laptop.

Ha! Don't make me laugh! How are you inside my laptop?

I'll show you…

My screen suddenly went black. I shrieked. How did it do that? My screen suddenly turned back on again.

Believe me now?

I'm still not convinced! My laptop might have a virus or something.

Tell me about yourself.


Tell me about yourself.


I want to know more about you.

Why should I?

This is only the beginning…

Stop talking in riddles! Leave me alone, creep!

You shouldn't have done that…

The window suddenly closed. I sat back in my seat confused. What the heck just happened? There is no way that was BEN! I shouldn't really be freaking out, should I? It's just a game! BEN isn't real! I decided to log off and not touch my laptop for the rest of the night. I'm tired anyway. I want to get some sleep before school tomorrow.

Alice's POV

During the next day at school, our group of friends sat around our usual table in the school canteen chatting away as normal. I glanced towards Emily from time to time and noticed she seemed to be lost in thought. This was a bit unusual since she was always looking at her phone searching for information on BEN. I found this quite odd and wondered what was wrong. Emily was never one to talk much at lunch anyway. It was in her nature to be quite quiet at times. That was part of her personality. Yet now she hasn't said a word whatsoever. I'm starting to worry about her a little bit and I'm sure the others are as well.

"Emily, are you all right?"

I saw Emily jump slightly at the sound of my voice. She turned to face me and seemed to force a smile.

"Yeah sure I'm fine. Er… I've got to go talk to Miss Guy about something so I'll see you lot later"

I watched Emily quickly grab her stuff and speed walk out the canteen.

"Hey, have you guys noticed Emily has been acting a bit weird today?" I asked the others once I knew she was definitely out of earshot.

"Yeah, she has seemed to be quite deep in thought today…" Charlie commented.

"Do you think this whole "BEN drowned" thing has got her spooked?" Ellie questioned.

"If it had then why is she still researching it?" Victoria asked. "Wouldn't she have stopped if it was scaring her?

"Perhaps she's found a clue and is just trying to work it out" Megan suggested.

"How do we know that she isn't thinking about something else…?" Hannah commented while doing shifty eyes.

Victoria raised an eyebrow.

"This isn't the time for jokes, Hannah"

"Hannah's theory could be true as well you know" Charlotte agreed. "She could be thinking about other things! I think both Megan and Hannah are more or less close. Perhaps there is just something bugging her and she can't stop thinking about it until she solves it!"

"Yeah, Charley's explanation seems to fit it" Charlie added.

"I don't know guys. I feel like something is up with her"

"Don't worry about it Alice!" Megan assured. "If there was something wrong then I'm sure she would tell us"

"Yeah, I think it might be best to just leave it for now" Ellie suggested. "It might be better for her if we leave her to work it out on her own"

I nodded understandingly. Charlie then began to talk about something completely irrelevant to the previous conversation. I couldn't help but shake the feeling, no matter how hard the others had tried to reassure me, that there was something really badly bothering Emily and it was somehow related to BEN. And it wasn't in a good way…

Emily's POV

It has been a week since BEN had last contacted me. I could not stop thinking about the conversation that I had with him before. I was terrified. I am admitting that now but I will never admit it to him! I still had a small feeling that it was just a malfunction with Cleverbot. For the first couple of days I did not go anyway near my laptop. I was too scared! However, I did eventually muster up the courage to since I got sick of using my phone for the internet (It was wasting most of my battery!). So far nothing appears to have happened yet and BEN has not tried to communicate with me; however I fear he might do soon…

I just couldn't understand it! Why come after me, when there are loads of people doing the exact same thing? Loads of people worldwide are trying to put a stop to BEN and yet he picks on me! Me, of all people! I have continued to do research on my phone and have not since done any on my laptop; just in case it draws him back. I fear that this peace will not last for much longer…

I was scrolling through fanfiction bored out of my brain at the same time as I usually am on the laptop at night. I could feel myself slowly closing my eyes. I was tired. I was just about to log off the laptop when a window suddenly popped up again. Cleverbot had come up. I gulped loudly.

Hello again Emily. I have noticed you have been avoiding your laptop for some time now… Do you believe that I exist now?

Ha! Of course I don't! I haven't been on my laptop for a bit because I was waiting for Norton to wipe off the viruses!

Honesty is always the best policy.

Please stop talking in riddles!

Why should I? It is fun to watch you get irritated.


Yes, fun. It is quite amusing.

You find my anger funny?

Of course.

You seriously don't know who you're messing with… Now tell me who you really are!

I am BEN.

You are not BEN! BEN doesn't exist! He's a made up character from a story created by Jadusable!

Ah, I see you know Jadusable too.

Well, I don't actually know him in person. He's quite famous on the internet.

And yet you continue to do what he did…

What do you mean?

You should know what I mean.

But I don't.

You are afraid of me, aren't you?

We have already been through this… I am not afraid of you. I just find you nothing more than an annoyance.

Honesty is always the best policy.

What do you want from me?

I cannot reveal that…


The answer to that question is for another.

Another what?

Another person who asks.

Why are you tormenting me? There are loads of people, including Jadusable, who are doing the exact same thing and yet you come after me!

You are special.

Special how?

You are more cautious than others when researching information. You have a very complex way of getting to the bottom of things.


That is what makes you special.

All right then, if you really are BEN then how did BEN drown?

I cannot tell you.


That is something you need to work out for yourself.

I can't work it out! I don't know much about BEN!

You have already come across the answer once.

You are really starting to annoy me! Just tell me what you want from me!

Talk nicely to me and then I'll tell you.

How do I know you won't go against your word?

I can be trustworthy; however it all depends on how you react towards me.

Stop talking in riddles! Actually, just leave me alone! All you are is an annoyance! I don't need you teasing with me and messing with my head! You're not real! YOU'RE NOT BEN! YOU ARE JUST CLEVERBOT!

You shouldn't have done that Emily… You shouldn't have done that…

And then the window closed. My hands began to tremble as they hovered above the keyboard. My eyes widened in fear. My heart began pounding rigorously against my rib cage. A nasty chill travelled down my spine. What have I just done?

Charlie's POV

Ok, I have to admit. What Alice had said a while ago about Emily seems to be true. This can't be her trying to work something out! For most of the day she has been staring blankly into space. Emily hasn't spoken. Sure, she can still move about but she hasn't said a word. She almost looks hypnotised! Something has been going on that has worried Emily deeply. And I'm gonna try to get to the bottom of this! Time to do some interrogating!

It was Period four on a Friday and as usual we were completing coursework. There were four of us sitting around a circular desk typing away on the school laptops. I noticed Emily was shaking a little as she typed away on her laptop. I wonder… It has to be something to do with this "BEN Drowned" game! Emily does all her research on her laptop as well as her phone. Maybe she saw something or read something that frightened her. I noticed her occasionally glance down towards her lap and halt with her typing. Hm, what is she up to? Emily was sat on my right at the table. Charlotte was sat on my left and Victoria was sat at a diagonal angle next to her (The top of the circle was attached to a rectangle desk).

"Hey Emily, whatcha doing?" I asked in a friendly tone.

Emily seemed to jump slightly at my voice and face me. She gave me a small smile. I know she is forcing it…

"I'm just doing coursework"

Her voice sounded slightly timid. She's lying… I glanced down towards her lap and saw a small notebook opened. Is she typing the contents of it onto the laptop?

"If you're doing coursework then why is there a notebook open on your lap?"

I raised my eyebrow. Emily gulped. Aha! I've got her now!

"They are just notes" She replied plainly.

"Just give it up Emily. We all know you are acting strangely. There is something going on. It's about "BEN Drowned" isn't it?" Charlotte added.

Well, I didn't realise those two were listening in on my interrogation session! Ha! Emily's eyes widened at the mention of the game. It has to be it! Her reaction just proves this further!

"No it isn't. It has nothing to do with the game" Emily mumbled.

"Then why are you so quiet lately?" Victoria questioned, suspiciously.

I leaned over to try to glance at her laptop screen; however she quickly minimized the window she was on.

"There is nothing going on and it has nothing to do with the game" She answered with slight annoyance in her voice. "Now can I please be left alone?"

Charlotte and Victoria turned back to their own laptops. So did I but I continued to watch Emily out of the corner of my eye. As soon as Emily had gone to the next classroom to retrieve her printed coursework (the printer in ours is broken), I glanced over towards her laptop. All I saw was her coursework on the screen. There were no other tabs on the bar on the bottom of the screen. I glanced into her bag to find the notebook was missing. Damn it! She took it with her! I'm not one to be nosy and poke my nose into things that might not concern me but, this time was important. There was something Emily was keeping quiet about and all we want to do is help her! Why won't she tell us?

"Hey Charlie, did you manage to find anything?" Victoria asked.

"No. Emily has taken the notebook with her and closed any internet feed that has the information from the notebook… I'm really starting to worry about her, you know. It has to be that "BEN Drowned" game"

"I know. Her reaction to the game was as clear as a sunny day" Charlotte commented. "It's obvious that it has something to do with it!"

"I think the notes in that notebook were about her research" Victoria added. "I'm sure that whatever her reason is for doing this at school, it is a reason that involves her being spooked by something"

"Do you think BEN has contacted her through Cleverbot like he apparently did with that Jadusable person?" I asked.

The other two just laughed.

"Charlie, that's ridiculous!" Charlotte replied, still laughing. "BEN isn't real!"

"He could be!" I protested. "You never know… He could be under the table right now, slowly creeping towards you…"

Very discreetly, I poked Charlotte's hand. I watched as she jumped in fright, shrieking a little. Victoria and I both burst out laughing. Charlotte frowned towards us both. We got a few puzzled glances from other members of the class. We didn't care! Scaring Charlotte is hilarious!

"That was not funny!" Charlotte cried annoyed.

"For us it was!" Victoria teased.

Charlotte just narrowed her eyes towards her as a response. We stopped our conversation when Emily returned and I made up something about Batman so that she thought that is what we were discussing. The question I asked was something I suspected. For some reason, I had this strange feeling that it was BEN haunting Emily and that she was trying to hide her research so that BEN didn't find it… Why I thought this I don't know but it seemed like the only logical explanation for the continuation of her weird behaviour.

Emily's POV

What I had been doing at school today was all for a very good reason. I couldn't let my friends find out about it yet. Not until my suspicions of what BEN was planning for me was correct. In my notebook, unbeknownst to the others, is where I have been writing down all my research, my theories and the two conversations between me and BEN. I have typed this up on the school's laptops so that BEN doesn't know what I'm doing. I have sent this information through Hotmail from the school's laptops to all seven of my friends so that they have it. I have also written them a small message explaining what has happened and what is going on. I have done this so that BEN doesn't realise what I have asked them to do. I fear that BEN will come after me soon and I cannot let him win. There is another reason as to why he has contacted me. I must get to the bottom of this, even if it means me disappearing just like some of the members of the Moon Children cult.

I waited. I waited patiently in front of my laptop for BEN to contact me that night. I knew something was going to happen to me but I didn't care. I wouldn't put up much of a fight. I'm reassured knowing that my friends can accomplish this. They can stop BEN from outside his world. I will try to stop him from inside his world. BEN will make me disappear. He has stated at the end of the two conversations that we have had "you shouldn't have done that…" as a warning. I know in the last conversation I had pushed him over the limit and now he wants revenge; however he doesn't realise that this is all part of my plan. I'm leading him into a trap. If I can get inside his world, I can find out the truth. I can find out if I can reason with him rather than destroy him and find out what really happened to him. I don't hate BEN. I feel sympathy for him. I believe he is just lonely and is seeking revenge on the person who drowned him. I'm sure his death wasn't suicidal… Suddenly the Cleverbot window opened.

Hello Emily. Are you ready to play with me?

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