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27. Epilogue (pt 2)

Hermione woke to warm hands caressing her back. "Draco… " she moaned out. Dexterous fingers worked the sore muscles, running from her shoulders and down to her arms. He paid equal attention to each finger before running his hands back up her arms.

His hands returned to her back and lightly caressed her skin, running lightly over her bare bottom before reapplying the pressure when her calves were reached. The blonde above her was silent other than heavy breaths.

Draco ran his hands up Hermione's legs and stopped at her arse, caressing and massaging the muscle and causing her to giggle. At a slight nudge she rolled over.

His hands returned to her shoulders and moved down her torso, massaging her breasts and avoiding her nipples. Hermione's back arched as she growled in frustration.

Draco's hands moved down her sternum and to her ribs, which he applied a light pressure to. He leaned forward and nuzzled at Hermione's neck, placing kisses that trailed down to her aching breasts. His hands continued moving lower and pressed into her hip, while his mouth finally latched onto the nipples that craved attention.

Hermione arched her back more and gasped at the sensation. She moaned out his name again while his hands continued lower still to the apex of her thights. "Gods please Draco…" she groaned in desperation.

He switched nipples and bit down lightly as he dips his finger into her. "Fuck!" she yelled out while Draco moaned at the sensation. His fingers began massaging her folds, sweeping past her clit rarely. Her moans were increasing in volume and pace, so Draco's fingers also sped up.

Suddenly her back arched and Draco's fingers became soaked. Hermione lay panting for a moment "Gods… talk about a full body massage…" she gasped out.

Draco chuckled as he hovered above her and nipped at her ear. He pressed his length against her soaked center and reveled in the gasps and moans she let out. "Oh, I'm not done yet" he said huskily.

He pulled back slightly and positioned himself at her entrance. Hermione stared into the deep gray eyes and wondered, for the thousandth time, how she ended up with such a wonderful man. She also wondered how he became such a wonderful man. She smiled at him and wrapped her legs around his waist as he slowly entered her, inch by inch.

The pace was slow and passionate. Kisses shared, caresses given. Soft moans escaped the throats of the two loves as they began to reach their crescendo. Draco shifted his hips so that he would hit her clit as he pumped deeply into her. With each slow thrust, he pressed upon her button and elicited a gasp from her. It only took a few of these torturous pumps to send Hermione over her edge, letting her walls milk Draco as he followed quickly behind.

Forehead to forehead they stared in each others eyes before kissing. Draco pulled out and moved to lay beside Hermione with his arm around her waist. "Mmmm Good morning Healer Malfoy" he said in a sleepy voice.

"Good Morning Healer Malfoy" she returned, kissing his head. "Time to get up and get to work!" She said nudging him.

"I'm sure they will be okay with one Healer home today." He mumbled back at her.

"Not their best Healer, love." She admonished, taking in his pink cheeks. "Besides, we have new patients today." She added somberly.

After her stint in the hospital and getting through her parents' funeral, Hermione began seeing a mind healer and came to understand her struggles as they were given names. Depression. Panic and Anxiety Disorder. Self Mutilation.

Along with her sessions, she also returned to Hogwarts. Hermione was at the top of her class upon completion and decided she didn't want anyone to suffer as she had. She began to tour colleges and schools about the seriousness of the mental illness and the effects it had on people. Her scars weren't readily shown to auditoriums of people, but in private sessions and support groups she was known to pull off her glamour bracelets. "Even the mighty fall" she would tell the people around her.

After a year of speaking, Hermione decided she wanted to play an even more active role in helping people. She went to University for certification in Mental Healing.

Throughout this time, Draco stayed with Hermione. He accompanied her on her speaking tours at the different schools and stuck with her at her meetings. As her supporter through her time of turmoil, Draco was also known to speak at the different events and meetings. He would help people understand the signs to look for and how to help. He also accompanied Hermione to University, but received his certification in Magical Massage and General Healing.

Draco stayed by her side, just as he had promised. Hermione still had a daily battle to fight, but he was there for her and she knew it.

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Please understand depression is a serious problem. It makes you feel, do things you would not normally do. Cutting is one of a long list of self-harm. It is addicting and not healthy at all to your physical and mental health. If you find yourself falling, please talk to someone.

There's always another day. There's always tomorrow. Your life is worth living. You would be missed if you were suddenly gone from this earth.

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