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Kate Fitzgerald P.O.V

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had died, If I hadn't lived. Well for one Anna would still be alive, she probably wouldn't have been in that car crash and my family would still be happy. Sure I wouldn't be here. I'd be somewhere up in the sky maybe a star or one of those comets that only pass once a hundred years.

Anna was the one that held the family together, the one that gave as hope when everything seemed lost. When Anna died my whole family including me fell apart. My mum couldn't sleep at night, she would always wake up either crying or screaming from nightmares about Anna. I knew she blamed herself for Anna's death.

Jesse behavior was even worse than it was before Anna's death. knew that dad was aware that it was my brother who started those fires that where always in the newspaper or on TV. He didn't want to report him into the police or even speak with about it thought because he was afraid that it would make Jesse angry an do worse things like drugs or something.

My dad, he would always stay at the station, away from the house that seemed to small for us. And me, well I began to hate myself. I remember how I would lock myself in the bathroom, lift up my shirt to look at the scar from the kidney transplant and wish that the transplant hadn't been successful.

Anna did die though and I lived there's nothing I can do about it now. Even thought we're a mess now we're trying hard to put ourselves back together, trying to be happy again and thought dad, mum Jesse and I know that we can never go back to those happy times with Anna we're still trying.


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