It was the summer of 1959 and Diana was moving to a new city. Not even somewhere exciting. She had lived in Chicago and that was a real place to be, but no, her parents left Chicago to move to Castle Rock, Oregon. Not that they cared too much for her interests, even though she was a teenager having to leave her friends. But at this point, there was no turning back because they were already there. As they drove through town, she was shocked at the modesty. All of the little quaint houses and family owned stores made her want to throw up. At least her parents had the decency to buy the biggest and best house in the whole town, even if it was still country.
They were very rich too, which is all the more reason why the move made no sense. She just hoped that eventually she would enjoy it.
Without bothering to help with unpacking, she decided to go explore downtown, or, what one could consider a downtown around here.
It was here that she met a boy, and her first friend in Castle Rock.
As Diana sat on the sidewalk, bored and alone, a boy approached her.
"Are you new around here?" He proceeded to sit next to her.
"That obvious? Yes I'm new and just thrilled to be here."

"I can tell," he smiled at her. "I'm Chris."

"Diana." She noticed immediately that he was kind of rugged. His clothes seemed dirty and cheap, she guessed he was poor. But he didn't seem all that bad or dangerous or anything.

"So where did you move into?"

She paused a moment, contemplating her next move. Diana questioned if she should tell him or not.

"Uh I don't know."

"Oh come on. You can tell me. It can't be much worse than where I live."

"It probably isn't. It's that really big one up on the hill."

Chris' eyes widened. "Wow. Impressive."

"As long as you don't change the way you feel about me because of it or something."

Chris stood. "Nah we're cool. I liked you already anyways. And if you ever want to see me again, just stop by the tree house up there. I'm there most of the time."