Diana was surprised with herself, but she felt so relieved. Now it was finally over with Chris and Gordie and she could focus on Teddy.
Teddy, however, wasn't so happy. He sat alone in the tree house smoking cigarette after cigarette. He couldn't believe she had kissed Chris. He was his friend and he thought that he and Diana had something together. Well, apparently, he was wrong.
Never trust women, Teddy thought to himself. This was why he never had in the past. All they did was take your heart and fuck around with it.
Then she walked in. Teddy didn't even look up. He couldn't even look at her. If he did, he just might punch a hole through the wooden tree house wall.
"Hey Teddy. What's up?" She moved closer to him, expectant, but he didn't respond to her.
"Teddy," she waved her hand in front of his face, "what's wrong?" She smiled. "I'm not leaving until you tell me," she said jokingly.
"Will you just leave me alone, alright?" Teddy answered angrily. Diana was a little taken aback.
"Why are you so mad?"
"Mad? Why would I have a reason to be mad? Oh, maybe because I thought we had something together! But apparently I was wrong! Apparently you like Chris better than me!" Teddy was ranting by now.
"What are you talking about?"
"Cut the shit. You know what I'm talking about. In case you didn't know, I saw you and Chris today downtown. Kissing!" He practically spat the last word out. "I thought I meant something to you but I guess not." Teddy said the last part quieter as if just saying it stung at him.
Diana realized immediately that this wasn't going to be easily fixed and she felt awful. "But I do care about you, Teddy! It's all a big misunderstanding. You see-" He cut her off.
"It doesn't matter anymore," he was done with his rant now. "I get it. You should be with Chris anyways." Teddy turned on their radio and a Paul Anka song started to play.
"Teddy I don't love Chris. I love you! Chris kissed me today because he liked me. I pushed him off because I love you."
"Of course I do." Then she leaned over and kissed him deeply. "Did I make it up to you?"
He winked at her. "You're forgiven." He kissed her again and again and again almost as if he was afraid that if he didn't, she would leave him for Chris or something.
"You know what's even better about this moment is the song," Teddy laughed.
Of course the song was fitting. It wasn't just any old Paul Anka song. It was Diana.

I'm so young and you're so old
This, my darling, I've been told
I don't care just what they say
'Cause forever I will pray
You and I will be as free
As the birds up in the trees
Oh, please stay by me, Diana

Thrills I get when you hold me close
Oh, my darling, you're the most
I love you but do you love me
Oh, Diana, can't you see
I love you with all my heart
And I hope we will never part
Oh, please stay with me, Diana

Oh, my darlin', oh, my lover
Tell me that there is no other
I love you with my heart
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Only you can take my heart
Only you can tear it apart
When you hold me in your loving arms
I can feel you giving all your charms
Hold me, darling, ho-ho hold me tight
Squeeze me baby with-a all your might
Oh, please stay with me, Diana
Oh, please, Diana
Oh, please, Diana
Oh, please, Diana