The 223rd Hunger Games: Trapped

Reapings 1-6:

District One:

Zink's POV:

"Honey, time to come down for breakfast!"

"All right, Daddy, I'll be down in a minute!" I finish putting my last hair tie in. My hair was so hard to take care of! I look at myself in the mirror and see that my brown eyes were framed by my long lashes. My golden blonde hair was in a perfect bun right now. It's usually down to the floor because it's seven feet long, but I prefer to keep it up in a ponytail. Now, I know what you're thinking, this girl is insane. However, I had always had a tiny obsession with the fairy tale Rapunzel. That story made me feel like I belonged! My hair was my prized possession.

I looked at myself again. My hair was the only good thing about me. I mean, I had these giant ears and I was 4'9: really, really tiny. My outfit was good, it was a nice brown skirt with boots, a green blouse, and brown jacket. Simple, but good enough for a reaping! I head downstairs and give my dad a peck on the cheek and my mom a huge hug. They're my only real friends. I was fifteen and had virtually no friends. I mean, I tried, but I just always seemed to fail at making friends. I was just a bit awkward with people that weren't my family.

I started to space out as I ate my food. My family owned the most popular jewelry shop in town. If only all the girls at my school knew that I made the most beautiful jewelry, then maybe they would at least try to be my friends! I continued to stare off into space and wondered what I was going to do after the Reapings. I could always come home and make that diamond broach I drew the diagrams for last week. My parents rush me out the door, into the car. We were on the richer side, which made all the poorer people hate us. Then, of course, the rich people didn't like me either. I tended to stand up for what right and be a bit of a tattle tale. I didn't mean to! It would just slip out!

We made it to the square and I went to the fifteen year old section. I didn't have any friends to stand with, so I spaced out. I could see some of the other girls give me the face I have dubbed as the "evil eye," but I don't glare back. If they only knew what I could do, what I did… Then Mayor Braun comes out on stage. I didn't exactly like him because he is very self righteous. He went on his stupid speech. It's not that I don't like the Hunger Games, I just wouldn't want to participate in them. I mean, I was really good at training for them, I just find them too violent. They're part of our life and I'm good with that. Then I hear my mother yell my name. Zink Heartfelt. She must want something. I turn to her and she is sobbing. Wait…what just happened? I turn toward the stage and see everyone staring at me. All the mean girls, Vladimire, our purple escort, even my mentors.

I start toward the stage. Someone else will volunteer, of course they would! As I wait for the volunteer, she never comes. Our escort moves on to the boy tributes. This so isn't good! I don't want to do this. Well, too bad. I got to suck it up and deal with it! I thought about last year's tributes. They both lost, both by stupid reasons. Tyler lost because some other tribute dragged him down into a pit which was a Gamemaker's trap. Then Sky died because she wasn't paying attention and didn't notice when some other tribute poisoned her. I wouldn't be like them hopefully. Then I hear the name of my future partner.

"Jacob Bottles!" I see a tall kid in my grade come up. Just great, he doesn't like me at all. Then I hear someone shout that they volunteer. Then I see a 6'1", tanned hot guy come to the stage. I had no idea who he was, but I wouldn't mind him watching my back… Our escort asked him his name.

"My name is Steele Stefanon, and I'm looking to prove myself!" He winked into the audience and I saw about ten girls swoon. Maybe I don't like this guy as much as I thought…before I know it, we are shaking hands. I look into his green eyes and realize he isn't to be trifled with. Well, neither am I. I may not want to be here, but I sure as heck won't let some pretty boy beat me. Let the Games begin, pretty boy!

Steele's POV:

I ran my hand through my dirty blonde hair. This was going to be some long good` byes… I looked in the mirror to make sure I was presentable. My hair was perfect, my tanned muscles defined enough, my green eyes sparkling, and my smile in charm mode. I already know I'll get plenty of sponsors based on my looks, now I just got to make them see I am strong too.

First Halk comes in. He's my best friend in the world, and my wingman. He and I are the dynamic duo of flirting! We talk about how we don't even need to say goodbye because I am so coming back! These goodbyes are a waste of time. My dad comes in next and congratulates me, my mom seems happy as long as I'm happy, and my sister is thrilled because all the boys are asking her about her brother now. She is such a little flirt, like her big brother!

Then after my family Rose come in. We flirt a little and even kiss. Then after her is Sapphire. We just kiss a bunch. Then Glamour comes in and she just cries a whole lot. Such a drama queen! There are a few more girls, one of which I forgot her name. That was awkward. Then I'm whisked off to the train, with a huge smile on my face. I see that Zink girl. She seems like a nice girl, but dangerous. That's a lethal combination. I would need to take her out soon, unless my first impression is completely wrong. Well, I guess I'll soon find out. Hunger Games, here I come!

District Two:

Vivian's POV:

I looked up and down the mirror. Damn, I looked sexy today! Of course, I always did, but today I had to look especially appealing. Today was Reaping day. Today was the day that I was going to be aired on national television. Today was the day my competitors and future allies got to first see me, so I needed to give them something to see! I let my long, mahogany hair free today. It framed my heart shaped face perfectly. It went down to my mid back. I really needed to get it trimmed! I put on the last of my mascara and it framed my ice blue eyes and made them dazzle. Perfect! I finished putting on the rest of my outfit. Today I was going to wear a blue sequin skirt with a black top. Ooh, and my favorite black leather boots! It just screamed sexy! Just the angle I wanted!

I gracefully descended the stairs. Grand'Mere already had breakfast set up. I sat down and had some delicious stuffed bird with an omelet stuffed with crane. In case you couldn't tell, my Grand'Mere and I were rolling in money! We inherited it from my family…they died when I was younger in a fire…it was the only subject I was sensitive about. I pulled myself out of my daze. My Grand'Mere and I made small chat. She was just like me: manipulative, vindictive, and beautiful. She used to be quite the catch, or that's how she tells it. I have many gentlemen callers as well. Which is why I plan to use my looks to win the Hunger Games this year? Either that, or use my killer senses when it comes to people. People are like books to me, interesting and easy to read.

I finish breakfast and let Maya, our maid, clear the table. My Grand'Mere and I begin our walk to town. The weather is so nice that neither of us would want to be in a car. As we walk and chat, I catch the boys staring at me. They all wanted me, but it's not that they all got me! I only dated the wealthiest and handsomest people around, meaning I didn't date anyone that was below me! Ugh, the thought of dating Anthony Anderson, that poor, ugly piece of meat! We finally make it to the square and I give my Grand'Mere one final hug. The next time I see her will be in the Justice Building. I listen intently to Mayor Cynthia's speech. This is one of my favorite parts, the history behind the Hunger Games. That's all they are to me, a game that leads to instant popularity and success.

I hear her call my friends name. She will get so pissed that I'm taking her place. I scream that I volunteer and make my way to the stage. I receive jealous glares and lustful glances. As I mount the stage, I start beaming. I don't need the money or the popularity. What I need is to get out of this drab district. When I'm a victor, I can probably LIVE in the Capital! The Capital is where it's all at. There is next to nothing here.

"What's your name, honey," the escort asks.

"My name is Vivian Moonstone, and I can't wait to be in this year's Hunger Games!" I see my Grand'Mere give an encouraging nod. I did a good job.

I see our new escort, Sparkler I think, dig around for the boys name. Thank God they got rid of the other escort! He was such a party pooper! He acted all sad and glum. Then I hear his name. "Ore Rockfelt." I see a kid in my grade head towards the stage. We are both seventeen. It won't be hard to manipulate him. My thoughts quickly flicker to last year's tributes. Veronica killed Eric out of jealousy and then later died from some tribute from eleven. She was manipulative, like me. I had to be better than her, though. Losing wasn't an option.

"I volunteer!" I look over. This kid that I know I've seen before takes the stage. Before Sparkler can even ask his name, he's on it.

"My names Oliver DeSoto, and I'm so honored to be able to participate in these Hunger Games." Oh, that's right, I know him. The way his red hair shined in the sun and his green eyes twinkled. He was a year older than me, He seemed nice enough, but I never saw him around. I always trained with my friends and Grand'Mere. He always seemed to train with his father for some odd reason. I saw him slink about every now and then, and he usually kept a low profile. He was handsome enough, but he was fairly poor. I would never be associated with him anyways, until now that is. I had to play nice with my district partner. At least, until the Games started. I shook his hand and put on my best smile. Oh yes, I would play very nice with him…

Oliver's POV:

I sat down with a plop. That wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. This was my last year to volunteer, so I took it. I already knew who was going to visit me: my two twelve year old buddies, who were so sweet. Some friends from school would come. No family, though. They died a year ago. I miss them a little but I've learned not to care. You can't control other people. Sadly, your parents could control you…

I paced. I smiled. I couldn't even hear my own footsteps. My dad taught me the art of stealth, not strength. I wasn't going to go around bashing people's skulls in, but sneaking up behind them and stabbing them in the back. That was my dad's plan. That's why I volunteered. I had to see if it would work. His obsession, I just had to complete it otherwise all those years of training with him were for nothing…

My first visitors arrive and I smile because I was right after all. Tito and Jenny walk in. They made it past the first reaping, and I hoped they would make it past more. Tito came and patted me on the back, saying he would be cheering for me. He had a lot of spunk and I knew he wanted to be a Hunger Games victor. Jenny was crying a little. She was sweet and caring, a lot different from most girls in this district. I gave her a big hug, telling her I'd come back in one piece.

Then a few friends from school came in. They were nice and we liked each other, but we weren't the best of friends or anything. After they left, I just sat there strategizing. My plan was to make it in with the Careers for sponsors. That was the first step of my plan, anyways. I thought about Vivian. She was the first person I had to please. It was going to be difficult. I was good with guys and stuff, but when it came to attractive girls, forget about it. I would get so tongue tied around them and Vivian, she was very attractive!

I thought about that smile and look she gave me on stage. Maybe she liked me too. Maybe not. It didn't matter. What mattered was making it in with the Careers, no matter what! Maybe we could use each other…for the time being at least. As I was taken to the train, one thought popped into my head. She was my first objective. She was the beginning of the game.

District Three:

Dodger's POV:

"Bye mom," I yell as I rush out the door. I was late! I promised my friends I'd play a round of football with them before the Reapings, meaning that I would change afterwards. I finally made it to our alley. My friends yelled at me, saying I was late. I apologized with a grin and they grinned back. I was always late. Roscoe starts out by yelling out plays, because he's always the leader. Then Winston starts telling us to be careful, because he's the stuffy, uptight one. Georgette diverts his attention from the sidelines. She always expects to be the center of everyone's attention. Those three are the people I call my best friends.

We start and it goes pretty well. We win the first and the third game. We all cheer after the final touchdown and take drinks of our water. My speed helps, but it's really Roscoe's strength that solidifies it all. Then I see Bridget. She winks at me and I laugh. Just another girl. I just do the whole flirting game, but there's really no meaning to it. I'm too good to be tied down! All girls deserve a piece of this!

My friends and I head back to Georgette's house. Her parents don't mind if we change here because we've known each other since we were toddlers. I quickly change into a simple black outfit. It's not brand new, but it's nice enough. My family and I have average wealth which means I've never had to sign up or anything. I hurry out of the bathroom so that Georgette can change. These are really the only friends I got. The rest don't like me because of my pure awesomeness. They all are just jealous. Of course, there's always that nagging voice in my head that says they don't like me because I can be a prick sometimes, but I tend to go with the "awesome" theory.

We head to the Reapings together. Georgette fiddles with Winston's tie. They act like an old married couple but they aren't even dating. We finally make it and we split up. Roscoe is sixteen, and Georgette is a girl, so it's just Winston and I. We don't talk much because we're both very nervous. Our Mayor goes on with his speech and I just zone out. It's the same very year. Can't we just rewrite it, to spice things up? Then our district's escort digs in the males bowl. His name is Markus, I think. He is pretty average voice wise. Doesn't talk a lot, but he dresses like a crazy man.

Then I hear him yell out, "Dodger Fagin!" and I freeze for a second. Not me! How could it be me! Then I just shrug and begin my way towards the stage. I can't change it now. I put on my smile for the sponsors. I'm going to need them. Then he asks for volunteers, none of course.

He claws for the girls name. "October Bendels!" I hear a scream. I expect it to be from the girl, but it comes from another young lady who seems to be her mother. October pushes her back and comes up the stage. Her beautiful, jet black hair is flowing down to her waist. She is wearing a pretty yellow sun dress with black flats. Very pretty, my kind of girl. She seems to be older than me, but that won't stop me! I look at her, and she doesn't seem that fazed, but she doesn't seem happy either. She seems bored.

I shake her hand and put on my best smile for her. She stands taller than me, maybe six foot and had a willowy figure. I'm not one for turning a girl down because she's taller than me! I give her a wink and her eyes widen a little. I glance at our mentor because it's a different one this year. Her name is Robin Grun and she was deadly in her Hunger Games. I see her looking at October, thinking. I sighed. Of course, who would think a pipsqueak like me would win?

October's POV:

I don't start to panic until the doors shut. Oh my gosh this shouldn't…no…couldn't be happening! I glance at the clock. My mother needed to get here soon. I sat down in a rigid position. My mom comes bursting through the door, startling me slightly. I run to her and hug her tight. Then I curl in her lap, sobbing. This was the only time I could be weak. This was the only time I could be young again. I felt my mother sobbing too.

I was, and would forever be, her only daughter. She had me when she was fifteen and dad left us to be on our own. We were both smart, though. She got a job in a factory and worked her way up to inventor. I followed in her footsteps. We weren't ever in need, because we were highly paid and we were both brilliant. I would win these Hunger Games on brains alone, but for right now I could be weak and cry. I cried and cried, letting all the surprise and hurt overflow. This was terrifying. Usually I only thought on logic alone, but right now I was feeling so much. I felt fear, that's what I felt!

I continued to act young again, even though I barely fit into my mother's lap. Being six-two and seventeen, these probably wasn't comfortable for my mother. I looked into my mother's eyes, my eyes since we both had startling blue eyes. They took her away and we both cried out to each other. I promised I would win. She promised she would be here waiting. I felt the loneliness seep in, but now that she was gone I'd stopped crying. I had to think strategy now. My allotted time for grieving has passed. I wouldn't be able to copy the tributes from last year's plan. Keaton died in the bloodbath, but Taylor almost made it to the end. However, she made an alliance. I wouldn't be able to do that, knowing I might have to kill them later.

I thought about that stupid kid that shook my hand. I felt like I was being molested! He was definitely off my list for an alliance. Hopefully there was someone as smart as me for an alliance. I kept thinking strategy until they came to get me. From now on I would be a machine. Cold, calculating, and unbeatable. I wouldn't become human again until I saw my mother again. Once the games were over, I could be me again.

District Four:

Aqua's POV:

I get up with a huge sigh. Another Reaping day. Just great. I hated this day…to see little kids go off into those wretched games! Of course, that's where my soft spot ended. I really didn't mind it when a sixteen-year-old got speared through the heart, but when you watch a small twelve or thirteen-year-old get strangled to death, its complete and udder torture.

I get up and brush the knots out of my dark brown hair, because they always tend to become super curly when I sleep. It's the reason why I spend a good chunk of time getting all the kinks out of it every morning. I look in the mirror and see my teal eyes staring right back. I do love my eyes, they are so pretty. I go into my closet and grab the nearest dress and come up with a strapless green dress that goes down to my knees in ruffles. It's really gorgeous and I decide to accent it with my sliver flats. Perfect. I wasn't all that into fashion, but on Reaping day I wanted to look my best.

I head down stairs and talk with my parents a bit. I'm too nervous to eat. It's not that I'm afraid I'm going to get picked, I've trained just in case that happens. What I'm afraid of is two little kids are going to get sent off. That's always the worst… I get up and head outside. My two best friends are waiting for me. Eclipse and Griffin. We have been friends for as long as I can remember. Griffin catches my eye. He's wearing a very nice outfit that compliments his eyes perfectly. I blushed a little. I had a tiny crush on him, just a tiny one! He would never find out.

We walked to the square. My parents will catch up later. Everyone said hello to me because I was well liked here. Everyone thought I was this sweet girl that would never hurt a fly. If they only knew how mean I could be. Eclipse and Griffin knew. I could act sweet if I wanted too, but be just plain cruel when the time presented itself. We finally made it to the square and we split up. Griffin goes to his seventeen-year-old section, while Eclipse and I go to the sixteen-year-old section. We chat a little bit, but nothing much because we were both nervous.

Mayor Aquamarine made her speech and it was just as boring as usual. I respected it enough to pretend to listen, but I really zoned off into my little world. Then our escort skipped to the microphone. She was our district's favorite escort and would probably be here until they had to wheel her up the stage. She was super loud and bubbly, just what our district liked.

"Are you ready for this year's Hunger Games?" she screamed, "I know I am! Last year we almost won, so this year our tributes have to try three times as hard!" Yeah, easy for you to say!

She dug around in her bowl. I swear she got some work done. Her nose wasn't that straight…then I heard her cry out the boy's name. "Ethan Rowe!" Then I look over and hear a grunt. I know that boy, he's in my class. He's always distant and, well, cold. I never really liked him anyways…As I see him walk nonchalantly up to the stage, I see a quick eye roll. Ooh, looks like someone isn't as happy as he should be for someone who was one of the best trained for the Hunger Games. Maybe he's pissed he didn't get to volunteer when he was eighteen or something.

She asks for volunteers. There isn't any. Usually District Four has a good pool of volunteers, but recently no one has been volunteering. Probably just a dry spell. I think about last year's tributes. Seel was a weakling, died the first day. I felt bad for him, I always hated seeing the little ones die, but I've gotten more used to it now. Poor little kid… Sophia, however, was deadly and smart. Would have won if it wasn't for that stupid mutt! Then I see her draw out the next death slip. "Aquamarine Cromwell!" I freeze. What, no not me! Then I calm myself quickly. I may never have signed up for food, but I just got to suck it up. I've trained for this, and it's better than some little girl going. I walk up to the stage and put a smile on my face. I need to turn the sweetness and charm level up twenty notches.

I start to literally hop up the stage, but it seems to get some chuckles from the audience. They already think I'm sweet; they just need to think I'm adorable. I grab the mike and say, "I am so happy to be a part of these games!" Then a jump back two steps. I'm going to beat Ethan for sponsors, that's for sure. I play with my necklace. It's a gold chain with a pearl on the end. This would be my token. We shake hands and I put my best smile on. He seems a little fazed, but he keeps his face stoic. His blue eyes say nothing but calmness and his dirty blonde hair is tousled by the wind. As the Peacekeepers drag us in, I think of only one thing. I need to win.

Ethan's POV:

I paced the room. No one would come to visit me today. My friend Percy was at work and my parents don't care enough. Either that or they were completely wasted. They always were. That's how my sun disappeared after all. I shook the memory from my head. No time for mourning now, just strategizing. I start to fiddle with my necklace. It was a leather cord with a ring on it. This was my token; it was the only thing I had left of her…

Aqua seemed nice enough. At school, she was always so bubbly and sweet. She would be easy to kill, just like squashing a bug. Of course, I would use her to her full extent. After all, she had to be a decent career by now. If not, that just makes one less person to worry about. I sighed. This was going to be a long game. I sat down and continued to strategize. I needed to get in with the Careers, which would be very simple. Then I would lay back and let someone else become the leader. That way they would have the target on their back.

We would hunt down the competition and eventually break up. That's when I would strike. Kill the Careers, hunt down the rest of the stragglers, and come home with the title "Victor". Should be easy enough. I grinned. In my mind, winning these Hunger Games would be a breeze. Of course, things never turn out how you thought they would…

District Five:

Danielle's POV:

I get up and give a big yawn. Today was Reaping day. Ooh, oodles of fun! Not… I quickly put on a nice blouse and nice dress pants. I absolutely hated dressing up! Especially something as stupid as this. I run down stairs and out the door because I don't want to deal with my parent's crap today. They were always so bossy and mean. I knew it's because they want what's best for me, but sometimes I just needed to be free from them. This was one of those times.

I run into Briton's arms. We've been dating for a year or so now. We walk towards the square hand in hand. This was the one thing my parents couldn't influence. I glanced over at him, he's so big and strong compared to little Danielle. I was five foot and petite, but really smart if I do say so myself. He was big and strong, but not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box. We complimented each other perfectly. The only thing I worried about was his looks. You see, he was quite the looker, where as me. I'm not the prettiest color in the box. I glanced down at my bracelet. That's what I did when I worried about stuff like this. Look at the bracelet he gave me when we first started dating.

We don't talk a lot, because this was a hard year and we both had to sign up for tesserae. We talk about the weather and what we were having for dinner. This stuff helped calm both of us down. We finally get to the district square and have to split up. We kiss goodbye and then I stand, waiting. The Mayor comes up and gives her speech. I look over at our mentor this year. She was last year's victor, Memory Summit. She was as smart as me, but went on a killing rampage when her boyfriend died. I remembered thinking about how if Briton died I would probably just curl up in a hole and die, not kill half of the remaining competition.

Her red hair glinted in the sunlight. She looked so strong, calm, and…well…normal now that it's hard to believe she went off her wagon a year ago. Of course, she could have gone crazy just from her district partner! He was an ugly, annoying player who hit on anything that moved! I got sick watching him. Well, what matters is that Memory is sane now. She would do a good job mentoring this year. Then I hear my wretched name. Danielle Williams. I know I've just been reaped. I walked to the stage in slow, robotic movements. I make it up there and panic as my escort digs for the boy name. No one volunteered for me, but I knew who might get picked next. I hear the name come up before I can sigh. His name is Jeb Anderson.

I see a small blonde boy mount the stage. I felt bad for him but was still so relieved. Then I locked eyes with Briton. My heart started pounding again. Don't do it, don't do it or I swear to God…then I hear a resounding declaration that he volunteered. As Briton Shurtz mounts the stage, I hear the crowd give sighs of happiness. They think he volunteered to spare the poor boy, when he really volunteered to protect me. No, I wouldn't be the cause of his death. Then I panicked again. I glanced over at Memory. They target couples early on and I've seen it dozens of times.

They also target the smart, dangerous people. That's when I know what I have to do. I was from now on the poor, clumsy girl who got reaped. Briton was the brave boy who volunteered for the poor twelve-year-old. We've never met and take an instant dislike to each other. At least, that's the plan until the games start. Then I feel chills go up and down my spine. Another difference between Memory and I. She knew how to use weapons and all I know is acrobatics. I was a dead woman standing. At least Briton had a chance, if I played our cards right.

We shake hands and I give off a gleeful giggle. Briton looks completely baffled. I've never giggled in my life. I pretend not to know him and skip to the Justice Building, tripping twice along the way. I don't care if my mentor thinks I'm a dunce, if my family is confused, or even if all of Panem thinks I'm an idiot, at least Briton will be safe!

Briton's POV:

I was so confused. What the heck was Danielle doing? I'd known her for a couple years, dated her for one, and she's never done any of this. She had never giggled, never tripped, or even acted a little ditzy. Then it popped into my head. Danielle was smart. I mean, really smart. It must have had something to do with strategy. I'd ask her on the train, but for now I'd go along with it. Then my family bursts into the room. My father is the glue holding everything together, my mom is in tears, my older sister, Sierra, is acting tough, while my younger sister, Chloe, is a complete wreck. We all hug and sob, getting it all out of our system. When they leave, I leave as well. I make it to the train and Danielle has that look again. That look that screams unfamiliarity. I knew then that Danielle had started playing the games, so I needed to too.

District Six:

Willisity's POV:

I got up with a big sigh. The biggest day of the year, Reaping day. The day where I get to see two poor kids head off to their death. The day I see families broken and torn apart. The day of torture. I get up and rummage through my closet. I could dress nice for the Reapings, but where would the fun in that be? I put on my black shirt with a huge smiley face in the middle and some plain jeans. My friends are going to love this.

I head downstairs and give every member in my family a hug. I had two older siblings and two younger siblings. This left me stuck in the middle. It was just fabulous…not really. I never could find my place in this family of brainiacs. I mean, I was smart, but not the smartest. I was strong, but not the strongest. I was just Willisity. My family all chuckled at my outfit. They said I brought humor to the family, but I didn't that counted. It didn't compare anything to my older brother's brains.

I grabbed a quick breakfast and ran out the door. I'd see them later. I ran into my two best friends, Sage and Ebony. They were a set of fraternal twins. I had a lot of friends, but they were definitely the most trust worthy. We walked to the town square laughing. I was trying to ease the tension with some jokes. It seemed to be working to an extent. We then split up. I walked over to the fourteen year old age group, while Sage and Ebony walked over to the fifteen year old groups.

I felt my sandy blonde hair blow in the wind. I should have worn it up today… I glared at the mayor with my intimidating blue eyes as he took the stage. Why couldn't she just disappear? I glance at the escort and mentor. Naomi Picou was sitting there with a sad look in her eyes. It makes sense, her brother died in the same Hunger Games as she won. Then of course, she was all alone now. The other victor, Mitch Showhet, died of a morphling overdose this year. Not that he was much help, but he probably gave her some comfort of home. The she had the worst two tributes last year. I shivered with the memory of watching them.

There was Misty and Wesley. Misty seemed smart, but aloof at first, but when she poisoned Wesley we realized she was a snake. She almost won too, but was killed by another tribute in battle. Fighting wasn't exactly her strong suit. Then there was our escort, Singing Rain. Ugh she bugged me. She seemed less chipper this year though. Good, maybe someone gave her a reality check! I see Singing Rain dig around for the girls' name. It won't be me. It can't be me. Somehow, it is me. I freeze, but then put on my act. It's all good. I put a smile on my face. I got to make the best of this, for my family. I keep smiling, even when no one volunteers. I keep smiling even when my district partner heads up the stage. His name was Austin Olson.

I had heard of him. He had a weird family, but seemed nice enough. Too bad nice people get killed first. I shook his hand. Maybe we could be allies, but I doubt it. We would probably just be polite, but nothing major would happen. I headed into the Justice Building. Let the Hunger Game's begin, whether I'm prepared or not.

Austin's POV:

My family barged in and we cried it out. I had two older siblings. One was my half brother, Derek. His dad died sometime when he was born. Then my dad came and out came Rose and I. We were really close, even though we had to go through hard times. Now being one of them. I had to sign up for food a few times, but not enough to tip the scales. I guess it was enough to get me picked. We continued to cry until the Peacekeepers forced them to leave. I then sat down and tried to gather my thoughts.

The girl seemed nice…what was her name..? Will something. Maybe we could be allies…or not… I don't know how she feels about me. I would need allies to make it past the initial blood bath. I wasn't the fastest or the strongest. Maybe I could convince someone to be my ally. I was pretty likeable, I think… as I left for the train, all i could think of was one thing. I was so screwed.

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