Past Love

Chapter 1: Old Wounds Bleed Deep

In Story Brooke, Maine lived a beautiful sheriff named Emma Swan. She had a 10 year old son named Henry and a fiancée named Regina Mills, the mayor of Story Brooke. They were at Granny's Diner making wedding plans when something tragic happened. "So Emma what do you think of this one?" Regina asked her chocolate brown eyes glazed over with excitement. Emma was a 28 year old blonde with emerald green eyes. Regina was a bit older then Emma with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Emma stared at a white dress with long sleeves that went all the way down to the mannequin's feet. It had little pearls along the side and it was low cut.

"You will look very nice in that one sweetheart", Emma said lovingly. Regina blushed as she kissed her fiancée's cheek.

"Good I will buy this one then", she said with a smile. Just then Justin Price, Emma's best friend since she was young walked into the diner. He had jet black hair with turquoise eyes and a bronze tan.

"Hey Blondie and Madam Mayor how you two love birds doing?" he asked happily with a dazzling smile.

"We are just fine Justin how are you?" Regina asked with a smile.

"In a few minutes I will tell you", he answered softly. "Have you two seen Ruby?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah she is by the cash register", Emma said pointing straight ahead.

"Thanks Blondie I will talk to you guys later", Justin said as he walked over to the cash register to find Ruby. Ruby was a 23 year old woman with long red hair and grayish eyes. She was doing inventory when Justin came up behind her. "Hey beautiful miss me?" he asked sweetly.

"Justin hey baby what are you doing here?" Ruby asked excitedly as Justin kissed her lips.

"I need to ask you something very important okay so just hear me out", Justin told her. He knelt down on one knee and held Ruby's hand. Ruby's eyes began to water but she held it in while she waited for Justin to ask his question. "Ruby I have been with many girls as you know but I want to let you know that none of them make me feel the way you do. I know you deserve better than me and I don't have much but I do promise you that I will love and cherish you forever. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" he asked nervously as he held out to her a small diamond ring.

Ruby welled up with tears as she replied happily", Yes I will marry you". Justin was so happy he spun her around as he kissed her happily.

"I'm getting married everyone!" Justin cried as he held Ruby tight. Ruby's grandmother heard everything and wished the happy couple a good life. Back over at the table Emma and Regina watched the scene with tears in their eyes.

"I can't wait for our wedding", Regina whispered softly.

"Me too", Emma whispered back. They walked over to the couple to congratulate them. Suddenly something on the television caught Emma and Justin's attention. TV: Ladies and Gentleman I am Robin Jones and I am here at Boston Prison as we await the release of Carmen Stone a convicted felon now being released today. A pretty young blonde said as the prison doors were opened and a beautiful woman came out. Her hair was long and curly black. Crystal blue was her eye color and her skin was mocha. The reporter ran up to the woman and asked", Ms. Stone how do you feel right now?"

The woman just smiled and said", I feel very free and intend to start my life over". Then she walked out of the prison and into a black Mercedes waiting outside the door.

"How dare they let out that she-devil after what she did?" Justin shouted angrily. Then he turned to Emma and his heart stopped for a second. Emma's eyes were fixed on the TV and once she heard that Carmen Stone was set free the beer bottle she held in her hand shattered cutting into her flesh. Regina stepped back in surprise as blood dripped from Emma's hand. "Emma I'm so sorry I 'm so sorry", Justin cried but she didn't even appear to hear him. She just turned around and slowly walked outside pacing back and forth as if she was in a trance. Regina went to go after Emma but Justin stopped her. "I wouldn't Madame Mayor right now Emma needs to be alone", Justin said in sad tone.

"Who was that woman on the television and what does she have to do with Emma?" Regina asked.

"That was Carmen Stone, and she killed the woman that Emma was going to marry", Justin told her.

Regina's eyes widened with shock as she asked in disbelief", Emma was going to be married?"

"Yeah this happened right after the whole Victor Claw incident you see after Emma gave up Henry she was heartbroken. So we both settled down for a bit and Emma tried to grow some roots. She met a dance instructor by the name of Connie Summers and the two fell in love. I was working on another big case that involved Carmen Stone a Mafia Princess who had just taken control of her family's empire. Carmen met Emma by accident Emma took Connie to a dance club owned by Carmen's family. She heard all about Emma from the rumors of Victor Claw and offered her a job as her personal bodyguard. Emma refused and tried to help me put her in jail. Those two butted heads like bulls during mating season. But no matter how hard we tried to pin Carmen with something she fell through the cracks. After the last bust I was sent on another case and Emma continued courting Connie. Carmen however would not give up on Emma and began to stalk her. When Emma refused Carmen again Carmen said Emma would pay. So late one night after Emma proposed to Connie a dark car came out of nowhere and shot Connie dead. Emma was crushed and went on a rampage after Connie's death. She memorized the license plate number and tracked the shooter's down and they said that Carmen had hired them. After that Emma managed to trace Connie's death to Carmen and she was locked up till now," Justin finished saying.

"Oh my God poor Emma so what happened after the trial?" Regina asked with tears in her eyes.

"Emma went to counseling and two months later went back to bounty hunting and never spoke of the ordeal till now", Justin said. "When I looked at her I saw those eyes again the eyes of a killer", Justin said firmly. Back outside Emma leaned over her yellow bug car with both hands on the window as blood poured from her hand. Her eyes had gone as hard as stone as tears fell from her face.

To Be Continued….

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