Chapter 8: Coming to the Rescue

The cops caught Joey Barnes and were holding him in the interrogation room. Regina was behind the glass wall watching Joey being questioned by the cops. He had dirty blonde hair with olive colored eyes. Joey wasn't saying anything without a lawyer so finally Justin asked if he could question him. They said yes and allowed Justin into the room. Regina wanted to go to for since Barnes worked for a woman maybe he would answer to one. "Hey Barnes remember me?" Justin asked nicely.

"Yeah you're that Price kid", Barnes answered in a rough voice. "Where is that hot little blonde who used to work with you?" he asked with a suggestive grin. Regina balled up her fist and wanted so desperately to smack that grin off his face but remained calm. "It seems she was kidnapped and we think your boss Carmen is behind it", Justin told him.

"I don't know anything about that", Barnes said turning away.

"Did you know that she is now a cop and if Carmen kills her you can be charged with murder as well?" Justin asked.

"Hey I didn't kill anyone!" Barnes cried.

"If you knew about it you are an accessory to murder", Justin said. "But if you tell us where to find Carmen your sentence might be cut short", Justin told him.

"I can't Carmen is insane she will kill me if I utter a word", Barnes said as fear grew in his eyes.

"Well then go down for drugs and murder or just drugs your choice", Justin told him. Barnes was beat so he sang like a canary and Justin told the cops where to look. Regina went with Justin and prayed that they weren't too late. Back in the basement Emma was chilled to the bone as a light penetrated the darkness.

"Alright Emma I am done waiting I am taking you by force", Carmen barked. "Carlos and Richard get her cleaned up and take her to my room if anyone thinks about touching her before I do will get their balls chopped off by me understand", she growled.

"Yes Ms. Stone", the two men said together. They grabbed Emma who tried to struggle but her energy was almost gone. They gave her a quick bath then dragged her naked body to Carmen's room. They tied her hands to the head board and tied her legs against the bed legs. Then they left her alone until Carmen came in wearing a black bikini and wearing a sickening smirk.

"I told you Emma one way or another you would be mine", she purred. Outside the cops were quietly arresting anyone at Carmen's house or leading people outside. Justin went around the back with Regina right behind him.

"I will look in the basement check around the hallway but be careful", Justin told her.

"I will be", Regina said as Justin handed her a gun. Regina walked down the hallway as her heart raced she saw a light in one room. She carefully opened it to reveal this scene. A naked and dripping wet Emma was tied to a bed while a dark haired woman who must have been Carmen was kissing her on the lips. "Get your disgusting lips off of her!" Regina yelled. As she grabbed Carmen by the hair and threw her to the floor and Carmen got up to face Regina.

"Well, well looks like we have company sorry but we are in the middle of something", Carmen said sweetly.

"You touch Emma again and I'll kill you", Regina hissed.

"Oh I plan on doing more than touching her", Carmen said with a grin. She leaped at Regina put she moved and punched Carmen's lights out.

"Nobody touches my Emma but me you got that you cheap hussy", Regina hissed to an unconscious Carmen. Just then Justin appeared with a cop and they handcuffed Carmen while someone called for an ambulance. "It is okay baby you are safe now", Regina whispered in Emma's ear as she wrapped a sheet around her naked body.

"I knew you would come", Emma said as she blacked out.

"Get her to the hospital now!" Regina cried as fear seized at her heart. Carmen was locked up forever and Emma spent a long time in the hospital. Finally she was released and was sent home. Henry nearly tackled her to death as he shed tears on her shirt.

"I am so glad you are okay Emma", he cried as he kissed her cheek.

"Me too kid me too", Emma said happily.

Regina gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and said "If you ever scare me like that again I swear you are never allowed to leave our house again".

"Don't worry babe I have no intention of going anywhere", Emma assured. "I love you Regina", she said sweetly.

"I love you Emma", Regina told her. A few months later they were married and then a year later Ruby and Justin got married. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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